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China to build high-generation LCD panel line first to the layout of Sharp

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Recent news that talks with Sharp, SVA is preparing to build Shanghais first Japanese co-generation LCD panel production line. The reporters found that the electronic information industry with the introduction of the revitalization plan, China is attracting the attention of global TV giant, with the advantage of the industrial chain for foreign brands to build a good investment platform, the current mode of foreign manufacturers will be the panel to reach agreement on how Factory "Whispering" Chinas key.

LCD panel industry in China, great game

2 18, the State Council executive meeting examined and MAX3222ECAP datasheet and approved in principle the electronic information industry restructuring and MAX3222ECAP price and revitalization plan. Among them, the increase of new shows and MAX3222ECAP suppliers and TV industry is the transition into the revitalization of one of the priorities mentioned in the plan.

China Video Industry Association executive vice president Lin Yuanfang in an exclusive interview when he said: "We strive to 3-5 years to technological innovation as the leading flat panel color TV sets to build TFT-LCD (LCD TV) high-generation production lines, PDP (plasma TV) production lines display the breach, initially supporting the chain of flat panel display industry. "

In the interview, the reporter found that the domestic flat panel display industry chain is becoming more perfect, it is attracting increased foreign brands in China, one of the main investment. Currently, the Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region has formed a flat panel display three regions, and focus all of our areas of flat panel display manufacturers.

In the Yangtze River Delta, the international panel manufacturers in the module production plant, backlight modules, LCDs, laptops manufacturers have established production bases here. Such as LG Philips, HannStar Display, TPO Nanjing; Sony, Sharp in Wuxi; CPT in Wujiang; AU Optronics, Samsung, Hitachi in Suzhou; have established in Ningbo Chi Mei module production line, from the material to the module, a collection of the Yangtze River Delta, many flat panel display industry-related links.

Pearl River Delta region is concentrated Konka, Skyworth, TCL, Great Wall and other terminal companies in mainland China can digest more than half of the LCD panel production capacity. Meanwhile, Guangzhou LGD, Foshan, Chi Mei, Huizhou TCL-Samsung has begun construction of Phase II, only Guangdong Province to form a thousand flat-panel machine and supporting enterprise groups.

"The reason why foreign brands and domestic enterprises, not only optimistic about our domestic market, and more value to our industrial chain advantage." DisplaySearch director of Chinas TV market research Zhang Bing said in an interview. Sharp move chess


Heard SVA Sharp plan and build 6th generation LCD panel plant in the news, reporter called Sharp Business (China) Co., Ltd. is responsible for media liaison YANG Xiao-li, her telephone interview, said: "We do not get this aspects of the message. "Then contact the reporter

SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. Sales Assistant Sun Yawei confirmed Sunya Wei said: "not heard the news, if there is cooperation Sharp and SVA, it should cooperate with SVA Group, instead of SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.. "Then contact the reporter

SVA Group Presidents Office spokesman Chen Dong, he said in a telephone interview with this reporter said: "The news has been seen in this area, but there may be unilateral in Japan reported on the Radio and TV here and there is no news in this regard. "

In fact, Sharp and cooperation is not on the radio and television news. In 2006, the industry will be heard on the radio and television joint venture with Sharp to build 6th generation LCD production line of the message. But the reporters found, with very different three years ago is that the parties in the interview and did not deny the existence of the incident.

It is understood that in January this year, Sharp has already begun on the restructuring of the LCD panel manufacturing business, which closed in Mie Prefecture, factories and small and medium-size panels in the city of Nara Prefecture justice as part of the factory production line, and manufacture of small displays and mobile phones size of the task panel, transferred to the 6th generation Kameyama plant the first line, the 8th generation Kameyama plant the second major manufacturing lines with a large-size TV panels.

Sharp Business (China) Company Limited Chong Tai Tian Pat, said in an interview: "Sakai City in Osaka Prefecture to build the 10th generation of the worlds largest LCD panel factory lines building is almost complete, has begun the installation of production equipment Sharp will put into operation as planned. "

In addition, because the global slowdown in demand for LCD screen and its own heavy losses, Sharp and Sony has recently announced that in April 2009 originally set up LCD module and LCD module extension of the joint venture plan.

Every indication that Sharp is the shift of production lines or even 10 on behalf of the 8th generation line of low co-generation panel production line doing active preparation. SVA

scheduled from September last year, at the groundbreaking ceremony for 6th generation line suddenly stop of view, on the radio and television is most likely waiting for the outcome of negotiations with Sharp, Sharp and SVA cooperation if the final negotiated, LCD TV screen in the market will be rewritten, Sharp will greatly enhance manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers against strength. SVA and Sharp


Good major premise of the policy, the Chinese market is becoming the focus of the global TV giant. In 2009, SVA, BOE, the Rainbow Group 6 Line settled in the three plans to accelerate the Yangtze River Delta, and construction of IVO has submitted applications for 7.5-generation production line, in Beijing BOE also made plans for the construction of the 8th generation line . In addition, the Changhong Group, the investment plasma panel production line will be officially put into operation in March this year.

It is reported that the 6th generation LCD panel production line invested about 20 billion U.S. dollars, set up the first 7.5-generation lines require about 30 billion U.S. dollars, the 8th generation of the formation of a 40 billion U.S. dollars. Whether the government or businesses, this series of funds needed for the project is not a small number, then seek cooperation with foreign brands to be the best way to domestic enterprises.

Sunya Wei told reporters: "As the LCD technology is no longer mysterious, building panel production line is most important is the investment of funds as well as cooperation between partners."

According to report, Sharp and co-operation on the radio and television currently has two programs: one is the first Sharp Kameyama plant will be located in the old production line on all equipment sold to radio and television, while providing technical process, and asked SVA production of LCD screen. Another option is a joint venture between Sharp and SVA company, voted to build new factories around Shanghai.

Sharp Sharp hopes that by cutting in favor of cash assets and get the first option, while China is more inclined to absorb the introduction of advanced technology in favor of the second program. At present, the cooperation has become the choice of domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers of cooperation is the key to success. "In the cooperation model is in fact the negotiating parties on the game." For Sharps case, the PRC, market research firm, Peng Yu, director of marketing, told reporters during an interview, "Although the 6th generation line of significance for the Chinese color TV industry, is large, but from a global perspective, 6th generation line of competitiveness is not large, choose to create a joint venture company will undoubtedly help Chinese enterprises to avoid the risk of subsequent development of its very favorable. "

Present, the internationals first 6th generation LCD panel production line with 10 or more, if only on the acquisition of a production line for radio and television seem meaningless.

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