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Dream of the Chinese enterprises to create high-end lighting, light industrial environment

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One side and 2SC2412K datasheet and water raising children, because the environment can create a rule, can transform a person. Bridge, the discarded rubbish to get people to give up the moral bottom line about health, readily throwing litter on the streets; and 2SC2412K price and shopping malls, clean litter the ground so that people will be thrown into the trash consciously. The same is true lighting industry, lighting, Wenzhou 90s last century, fell to the counterfeit industry in the soil, the town is in the "city management" concept in the lighting industry, business environment, Fangshuiyangyu, to cultivate a "lighting capital of China."

In the "town" of the industry leader, driven by the development so far, China has the worlds largest lighting industry, lighting manufacturers, brands and 2SC2412K suppliers and the most abundant lighting products in the domestic mass consumer market, the brand is also firmly of national lighting dominated, in terms of scale of production or from the point of view, China has become the worlds largest producer of lighting products, lighting products are the worlds largest consumer market. But the Chinese lighting industry has a heart: in the lighting industry, the most central light source technology, Chinese companies are far behind the international lighting giants, such as LED, OLED, lighting design software, lighting systems development, especially in the stadium light efficiency design, lighting, lighting control and other systematic services, China has been the absence of lighting companies. Have global impact of lighting brand, its core competencies are concentrated in the electric light on.

In the hot lighting projects the Beijing Olympics, the NVC, the three national brands such as male although Aurora has begun to challenge the giant international lighting and lighting projects started with them snatch a big cake, but to undertake the lighting project from a few outside, more of a complete lighting projects such as office space, restrooms and other places, the real stadium lighting, is still dominated by giant international lighting. Because the Chinese enterprises in the stadium lighting technology lighting and lighting control systems can not meet the International Basketball Federation, FIFA and other departments in the United Wada light standards can not meet the needs of television, this is the pain of national brands.

Light source technology and high-end lighting control system is the future direction of the lighting industry, but also the core of the companys future competitiveness and market growth, now is the lighting business the biggest competition in the international market weakness, and this soft underbelly of Chinas electricity generation and light industry has been the lack of fertile soil has a lot to the industry.

After years of development, Chinas lighting industry in the capital, technology, talents have been developed with very good conditions of light source technology, but the lighting industry as a whole still remain in the lamps, lighting and other traditional assembly stages of production, although some outstanding companies has been the high-end light technologies for R & D efforts, but more in the spontaneous state, alone. Especially in the unregulated market environment, lighting companies in research and development costs, market efficiency, business concerns and there exist many counterfeit, and no system of development, nor the formation of industrial climate.

Not selling products, but the next light effects, is life experience, Philips, GE, Thorn, Panasonic, OPER and other global giants have been the lighting into lighting design (design is divided into lighting design and system design) products (mainly reflected in the lighting effects and light effect), the three most of the lighting control system, Philips Lighting business focus is shifted from a technical point of life style.

Chinas lighting industry can place in the world, depends on whether China can cultivate the most influential business group. In the first incandescent lamp, the second generation of fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, the Chinese national brand has been lagging behind the global lighting industry, has launched the third generation of LED light source represented by the battle, Philips has been to the OLED and other more light into the area for the avant-garde, in the new round of competition, the Chinese lighting industry can not be left behind.

Primary processing and assembly has become the initial state lighting industry has been unable to meet the lighting needs of modern people, and the financial crisis is to allow enterprises to find high-margin products, light industry, electric light source occupying the high ground, has more and more recognized by the lighting industry insight, and has made unremitting efforts.

Companies continue to seek the one hand, most top research institutions and experts, and the ongoing design of modern lighting systems software development, but the Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University is only one, and can not form a complete lighting industry R & D, manufacturing systems.

Fortunately, the electric light industry has been more and more government attention, and actively support the electric light industry. Banfu Zhongshan, Foshan rout, Jiangsu Jianhu Wanzhou, Chongqing, Zhejiang Kai and other local governments are in the integration of resources, aimed at the electric light industry, this attractive sunrise industry. Opened this year, the Fujian sky is that "light efficiency Experience Center," This new concept of electric light industry base, which will plan a set of light manufacturing, light corporate display, light shows, light training, light effect Category theme display, light source information platform, light fittings, engineering results, product testing light source, light source technology research and development, various scenarios show, the light source export trade, light distribution, light construction and light technical workshop is one of the electric light industry base .

Give the county the power source for the global enterprise security a home, this is a great concept, but also for the electric light industry to provide a new development ideas, which even the electric light for China to upgrade the lighting industry offers a new opportunity and development platform.

Because China is the lack of high-end lighting industry, lighting industry environment

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