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FPGA is the financial tsunami, a lifesaver

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This is because: the financial tsunami, so that all CEO who had an early test with the National Taiwan University, is the real moment look at CEO level. We do not write their own imaginary version of the executive into the cottage, in charge of our universe, because we no "props" sacrifice to the financial industry ah!

Let these "called upon to, marching orders to" extras, it was suggested a number of further benefits. Early February, I attended the meeting of two giants FPGA area, think of some of their recent participation in relevant meetings, Suddenly, that is a valuable FPGA straw!

Programmable imperative

One reason, the author collected the next financial disaster to live a good company also found that several star enterprises. Qualcomm, Broadcoms turnover last year, more than 15% in profits, not to mention. In addition, the recent giant from Xilinx FPGA companies have found that Silicon Valleys Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has named the 2008 outstanding fablessIC companies, Xilinx and DS1225Y-200 datasheet and Broadcom and DS1225Y-200 price and Qualcomm to become the most respected semiconductor three listed companies. Qualcomms CDMA patent monopoly by Broadcom WLAN by pioneers, are reasonable. FPGA alone is quite interesting, I think, to the success of Xilinx FPGA started, which means "Programmable imperative (the CEOMosheGavrielov Quotations: theprogrammableimperative.)", So the company did break through the low fog, like a guiding star.

Two reasons, FPGA features trend of the times. Xilinx Asia Pacific CEO Tang Liren February 6 this year, the conference concluded: programmable hardware features can be configured not only has the product differentiation and DS1225Y-200 suppliers and fast time to market and other traditional features, and when quantities of less than sufficient to support the development of When the cost of dedicated IC, you can also speed up the return on investment (ROI) rate. In the current economic and financial situation deteriorating conditions at the same time, risk management and the ability to adapt to the dynamic form has become increasingly critical for business survival, therefore, the hardware programmability is essential.

XilinxCEO (right) via video, to the Beijing Railway Station Xilinx25 Anniversary and 6 Series product launch speech, the left middle of the Tang Liren Xilinx

Three reasons, advanced process technology and the increasingly healthy environment for the application of programmable chips set the stage. Xilinx2008 from 65nm chips in popularity, and drying the 40/45nm the companys timetable for 6th generation FPGA market; Altera also announced that part of the 40nm chip production. The FPGA, while the higher performance, lower prices, it further into the broader markets provide favorable conditions. Looking back over the years made FPGA20 family history, has gone through three stages: before 2001, FPGA vendors focused on high-profit communications; the Internet bubble burst, FPGA manufacturers have found a wider area, the price further reduced. Currently, I believe that the FPGA into the third stage: the traditional ASIC to take drastic measures to enter the field, the latest FPGA and ASIC technology leveled the gap between.

FPGA can be everywhere! People can make personal innovative FPGA, can also FPGA (or HardCopy) into mass production. She can be applied to the most advanced 3G communications, can also be used for the most popular consumer electronics products, can be used for a wide range of industrial applications (automotive, medical and all sorts of business), can be applied to high reliability aerospace defense ... ... < / P>

Xilinxvs.Altera But I ask you to

, FPGA two companies, Xilinx does what the election, or Altera? I can not answer, I suggest you put yourself as an emperor, between the two aggressive selection of a Prince Edward Prince. Is not it? Two half (both from the FPGA mother, different father giving money) brother, a high emotional intelligence, a higher IQ. The total EQ elegant high-aid, the love of underappreciated high IQ, do you prefer?

Example, Xilinx said the company is leading 65nm FPGA market (December 2008 quotation), but talk about 40/45nm ideal, that in the current economic situation, Moores Law is actually pushed back a half a beat, the end of 2009 at the right time (February 2009 Quotations Consolidation).

Altera in December 2008 brought a Christmas gift for the industry - 40nm products available for the erection of a milestone in the FPGA industry, but like a Santa Claus only wish Altera provides a gift of fame do not seem to care. February of this year, Altera has launched the four hard 40nm products - for transceiver StratixIVGT and ArriaIIGXFPGA, so that the company fully upgraded transceiver family.

Also 40/45nm chip, Xilinx said the new series are 6 series, what Spartan-6 and Virtex-6. The Altera call themselves for StratixIV and ArriaII. 6vs.IV and II? Word games make people dizzy a little bit!

Altera2 10 January and showed off the 40nm family of products StratixIV ArriaII

But I used a "more", in fact, the two companies should be equally matched, and political rhetoric made you get lost. For example, 65nm process, only a product Xilinx, Alteras explanation is that the perspective from the process, 65nm and 90nm span is not big enough, from 90nm to 40/45nm is the real leap forward, so Altera over the 65nm. This sounds also reasonable, the industry has such a voice, for example, Freescale launched the company two days of PowerQUICCIII communications 45nm processors, is to jump directly to 45nm process from 90nm. However, Xilinxs "Moores Law belated" also seems good. Why not do 40nm

Alteras Cyclone? The answer: "low-end products have been smaller chip size is sufficient, no need to do 40nm, only higher-end of 40nm low-end product upgrade Arria." Why was announced 45nm Xilinxs Spartan grabbed? Xilinxs new slogan is "programmable technology is imperative. I understand: To achieve this ideal, in the past how to do technology products? Or 10 years ago, is the motto has been, and why today was a grand?

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