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IIC-China 2009 Hall Festival Highlights broadcast of electronic components

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Fourteenth International IC Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China2009) Spring Show was the end of February after another in Shenzhen, Xian, and MC145158P2 datasheet and Shanghai began. After consumer electronics, the power supplier is also optimistic about what new applications? There is no suspense in the miniaturization trend, who is expected to be the next star refinement of a passive component? HDMI and MC145158P2 price and DisplayPort meet again on the same stage, in turn given rise to what kind of cremation? Unexpected, 3G on the road with fire who? A lot of electronic components wonderful museum, the following one by one to you. Car

power suppliers and MC145158P2 suppliers and security applications favor White elephant exhibitors

Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was established in 2006, focused on switching power supply field, related product lines have exceeded 120 species of models and product types, the main products include mobile hard disk power, communications digital power supply, LCD TV power supply products. The company said that with the modern automobile industry and the rapid development of wireless networks, laptop car adapter and car adapter is also immediately increase the market demand, good prospects, so strongly put into a white elephant e-DC-DC power on board the R & D, and In this exhibition highlight a car laptop car adapter and 12V output adapter products. According to reports, this car laptop adapter supports the work of 65W and 90W notebook computer, you can in the car business, Internet, and the demand for access to data and information. 12V car adapter supports output of 24W, 36W of the use of power-down mode circuit, so that more stable 12V output.

In addition, the white elephant e also said that with the continuous development of storage areas, large-capacity storage has been gradually to replace the small-capacity storage, making the dual output of the HDD adapter supporting the use of good prospects. To this end, the company demonstrated a dual focus on the output HDD adapter, this product supports the use of 57WHDD adapter, and can drive multiple hard drives and USB work.

Another class exhibitors Power Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weiming Ming Wei of Taiwan enterprises in Shenzhen area vendors, distribution of their full range of switching power supply products. LED applications are mainly power, water power, constant current source, special lamps with PFC power supply; 24V power industrial applications; Communications Power; medical certification for power; low-power AC / DC converter module; laser device specific power supply.

According to reports, the new Ming Wei enterprise economy 60W AC / DC power supply substrate type PSC-60 series, in addition to the main output, while charging a small nominal output to meet security monitoring, power backup and other special applications markets. PSC-60 of the charge current increase by 6 times, can significantly reduce the time required for charging, remove the chassis and the miniaturization in the design, the very suitable housing without power, built-in security cheap chassis applications.

Order to meet the security system application, the product built-in sound warning signals, including automatic detection of mains power failure signal (ACOK), automatically switch when the mains power into the battery backup state may alert the user to first timely response; In addition, the battery low voltage warning signal function will always monitor the battery voltage, when the battery voltage is below 11V (12V battery) or 22V (24V battery) when the TTL signal will be sent to remind users of cell potential deficiencies, if continued use, In the cell potential below 10.5V or 21V battery backup when power off to extend battery life.

PSC-60 series also have full protection, the output side of the protection features include short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, battery side protection features include reverse polarity protection (fuse mode), the battery voltage is too low cut-off supply protection. The whole series has passed UL, TUV and other international safety certification for security systems, emergency lighting systems, uninterruptible power systems, central monitoring systems, automatic door systems.

DisplayPort destabilize HDMI Exhibitors

Wire Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Pu Xu is a professional design, production and sales of wire processing plant, the main products to high-frequency signal transmission lines such as HDMI and DisplayPort-based, for different levels of market demand for product design and production.

The company said, HDMI cable & HD content next two years by the trend of equipment becoming more popular, demand will increase, product price will enter the "flame" state. TypeC (miniHDMI) will be widely used in portable digital high-definition-related equipment (such as digital cameras, digital cameras, etc.), which is the next growth point of HDMI cable.

And exhibitors Chi, Shijie, Dongguan City Electronic Co., Ltd. expressed different views, they said, DisplayPort is the new generation of PC video interface areas of high-definition output, in addition to the advantages of free patent licensing fees, but it uses the industrys packet transmission standard ANSI8B10B micro architecture, based on DisplayPort1.3 up to 10.2Gb / S of bandwidth and can support WQXGA, QXGA resolution and every other color 10/12bit color depth, adequate bandwidth, the signal color depth with leading DisplayPort in the professional field characteristics for high resolution and high-precision operating environment is very popular, so will be widely used in PC, LCD monitors and high-definition video output automotive electronics field, and the future is likely to substitute HDMI cable.

Shi Jie Chi, founded in 1994, is a professional production of automotive wiring harness, motorcycle cable, computer peripherals and electronic products wire harness connector wire of private enterprises, research and development, design, manufacture and sales . Currently has three plants, its own plant area of over one hundred and twenty thousand square meters, more than 1,000 employees, various types of advanced production equipment and detection equipment available, and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system management, to ensure that every product to achieve customer requirements, has become more than the name brands of qualified suppliers. The company has obtained the German TUV Automotive ISO/TS16949 system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification, certification, products have been the United States UL, VDE in Europe and China CCC certification.

Coil or into a small hollow tool

A Reed Electronics is a professional manufacturer of precision air-core coils, the main production line of self-adhesive, flat lines and a variety of enameled wire wound air core coils of precision products are widely distributed in electronic information, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electrical control applications. The company is committed to sustainable development in China, Shenzhen in Guangdong and Jiangsu have established a fully automated chemical plant in Kunshan, products using lead-free production process. Company quality management system has passed ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 certification.

Is a hollow coil for use in high frequency inductors, its simple structure, performance, operating frequency up to 10GHz, wide range of wire size, the maximum allowable current of up to 50 amps, is widely used in television technology, audio-visual technology, communications transmitter, receiver and power supply filtering and other electronic products. Among them, self-adhesive wire coil has a hollow thin line, the appearance of smooth, orderly winding, inductors, stable performance, small size and so on. The flat coil in the same volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise characteristics under high pressure, in the same dimensions, can be more current, to adapt to higher frequencies, to obtain a higher Q value. Reed Electronics has said that with the electronics toward smaller, thinner and lighter the trend of development, as the passive components of the refined products, the application of hollow coil combination will develop faster and faster and bigger.

3G licenses issued, PTFE plate fire

With the three major 3G standards in China began to enter into a substantive stage of network construction business, 3G radio base station and mobile terminal solutions and test solutions will once again attract all eyes. Exhibitors Shaanxi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager of Health and Long Zhang Kai, said: "The board is expected in 2009 the amount of PTFE will be very large, mainly for communications, this and the issuance of 3G licenses has a direct relationship."

Lung Health Technology is a professional manufacturing single, double and multilayer circuit boards of high-tech enterprise, its products are widely used in instrumentation, industrial equipment, automobiles, communication products, household appliances, computers, semiconductors, microelectronics, LCD and LED, mobile phone camera modules and other fields. The company has passed ISO9001 certification in 2008 and U.S. UL safety certification.

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