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Inland heat domestic electronic enterprises have

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Sun, it was the electronics industry also suffered endless winter. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta in the labor force, land resources, and LT1468CS8 datasheet and cost the electronics giant had to consider the reality. As a result, Intel, Foxconn, TPV and LT1468CS8 price and other electronics companies have started a "move into." In this opportunity, the domestic electronics industry cluster pattern may be a change.

Intel: From Shanghai to Chengdu

2009 Nian 2 month, Intel announced a move into project. Intel will close in the packaging and LT1468CS8 suppliers and testing plant in Pudong, Shanghai, and integrated into the factory in Chengdu, integration plan is expected to last 12 months, may involve approximately 2,000 staff adjustments. Intel admits that the adjustment of production and operation plan is due to the current economy, and that the future will strengthen in Dalian, Chengdu plant investment and production.

Based on Intels earnings announcement, Intels fourth quarter operating income of 8.2 billion, down 23%; net profit of about 234 million, up 90% of sharp decline. Intel said demand remained weak and the PC manufacturer customers to reduce inventory have greatly affected the results of the previous year. Pratt & Whitney Credit Rating Co., Ltd. Guangdong

ENCHNOLOGY analysts yesterday to the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that, compared to toys and textile industry, electronic industry on the upstream and downstream supply chain and greater dependence on industrial clusters, "the eastern absorb the electronics industry certainly has more advantages, and not only the human cost and transportation cost of simple game. recent focus group of leading electronics industry move inland cities, indicating that they have an urgent need to lower the costs. "

Foxconn: from Shenzhen to Wuhan

2008 end electronics tycoon Terry Gous Hon Hai Group, announced the news, ready to Foxconns Longhua plant 16 million people, Shenzhen, Wuhan and transferred to the inland province of Shanxi Jincheng factory, and as the worlds largest production base of Hon Hai The Shenzhen factory to retain only 10 million people. Foxconn Wuhan an investment of $ 1,000,000,000, production of computers, digital cameras and other electronic products.

"The face of adverse global economic environment, Hon Hai had already started two years ago, factories in the Mainland and re-distribution of manpower." Hon Hai spokesman Edmund Ding said the factory move into this. However, analysts believe that large-scale move into Terry Gou choice is keen to cut manufacturing costs. In addition to human costs, is the coal in Shanxi province, Hubei province hydropower in energy than the coastal areas of tight power advantage.

In addition, the worlds largest monitor manufacturer TPV Group also came off the Ningbo plant, part of the order is expected to move to Wuhan message.


Move into the transfer market demand is the result

By the financial crisis, global recession, demand slowed, the domestic electronics companies operating conditions deteriorating, prompting accelerated move into the electronics industry.

Major cities to move to the Midwest Ministry of Industry announced

electronics manufacturing operation in 2008 data show that large-scale industrial added value growth rate from July 2008s 16.5% monthly decline beginning in 2008, the first 11 months, the electronics manufacturing industry profits 123.2 billion yuan over the previous year increased by only 1.1%.

Cold snap export electronics companies in trouble is one of the reasons. Data show that 1 to 11 months, export growth of electronic information products fall than last year, and lower than the national foreign trade increase. 1 to 11 months, total import and export volume of electronic information products last year fell 10.3 percent. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Secretary-General

Lu Ren Bo that the implementation of the transfer are some labor-intensive enterprises, mainly in services, manufacturing-based, and some R & D-oriented enterprises migrate to the west is unlikely. Since taking into account the local population, logistics, radiation and other practical problems, the focus might move into the transfer will be concentrated in Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei, central and western urban centers.

Lu Ren Bo said pattern for the electronic manufacturing industry, the development of more balanced, is likely to break the original coastal areas focus on the electronic manufacturing industry status quo, and this transfer of national industrial policy and the adjustment is consistent .

Inland favorable conditions is a major incentive

Most analysts believe that the Hon Hai Group, the factory moved north and inland areas more related to tax incentives.

Third-tier cities in the Midwest tax, utilities, etc. have very favorable conditions, so the main attraction Hon Hai Group, the factory moved westward. It is reported that Wuhan will invest 2.8 billion yuan for the Foxconn provide road, water, electricity and other facilities, including the investment of 400 million yuan of Foxconn Technology Industrial Park of Wuhan railway line, which is the East Lake development zone project commitments Foxconn supporting 17 one of the key infrastructure supporting projects.

Lu Ren Bo that the eastern coastal areas with rapid economic development, primitive accumulation has been completed, the request of enterprises is also higher. Inland companies will save a lot of the cost of labor and land resources.

Addition, Lu Ren Bo that electronics companies move into the transfer market demand is the result. The eastern region has been relatively saturated markets, the Midwest market with greater market potential and space, the market demand has been transferred to the Midwest from the eastern coastal areas.


Move into industrial clusters caused by the transfer

Currently, the east coast of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai region of Chinas electronic information products remains an important base for import and export trade, industry cluster effect is obvious. But industry insiders believe that with the move into e-business will drive the move to the development of upstream and downstream industries, the formation of new industrial clusters and market structure, the development will become more balanced.

It is understood that, in Wuhan, with the industry, supporting projects around the Foxconn project introduction, some packaging, parts manufacturing and other enterprises have followed them into the upstream and downstream industry chain cluster effect has begun to emerge.

In addition, the end of December last year, Hewlett-Packard Company is located in the West Wing Microelectronics Industrial Park in Chongqing in the computer production base started construction. HP will create an area of 20,000 square meters of Chongqings computer production base, mainly for Chongqing and western markets. The scale of the bases in accordance with the design, production will reach 400 million computers will be officially put into operation in October this year.

"With the HP computer production base under construction, is expected to attract LCD monitors, hard drives, a large number of ancillary businesses such as follow-up to form the whole + supporting integrated, complete industrial chain clusters." Chongqing City Council is responsible for producing the letter in a groundbreaking ceremony on the introduction, then, will lead a group of computers into the foundry business, will form a 500 billion computer industry clusters, thus recreating a Chongqing Information Industry.

Settled in Chongqing, HP West Wing after the ASE Group, Taiwans 10 billion yuan in the construction of Chongqing Investment projects of electronic components, the main production including computer motherboards, including the high-end consumer communications electronic components, trying to become the emerging PC industry in Chongqing key suppliers. It is understood that the Chongqing municipal government will also accelerate the introduction of the computer matching of parts suppliers, supporting parts in 13 categories in the computer, and strive to have 30% of the major categories of items in this contract.

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