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Jiangmen: Use the "green light" will receive financial subsidies

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However, not all policies in the "gold" we can easily "dig" to, especially in recent times, in order to help businesses cope with the current international financial crisis, national, provincial and MAX1684EEE datasheet and the city issued a series of policy measures many "gold" terms have not been high that we fully understand. In order to implement policies better and MAX1684EEE price and faster, to make public more fully with good policy, with the full policy, this newspaper has set up special "policy which has gold" column to help large enterprises and MAX1684EEE suppliers and the people in our city " dig "to" gold ", and jointly resisting winter.

Policy Interpretation: 30% subsidies to bulk users, residents subsidizing 50%

2007 Nian 12 28, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "promotion of efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to fund Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), will take an indirect subsidies, to promote efficient lighting products to support alternative in the use of inefficient incandescent lamps and other lighting products, ie the unity of bidding to determine the promotion of efficient lighting products supplier companies and the price agreement, financial subsidies to fund replenishment successful business, then business by winning bid price minus the supply agreement, after the financial subsidies The price sold to end users.

"Approach" provides the bulk of each user efficient lighting products, the central government by winning 30% of the price supply agreements subsidies; urban and rural users each efficient lighting products, the central government by winning 50% of the price supply agreement subsidies, subsidized products are mainly used for general lighting Self-ballasted lamps, three-color double-ended straight tube fluorescent lamps (T8, T5 type) and metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium and other light source products, semiconductors (LED) lighting products, as well as necessary supporting ballast.

The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance issued the Fenpi financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting products to the task, the provincial energy conservation authorities together with the financial sector to develop specific implementation plans, the organization promoting the implementation of successful business tasks, ensure the realization of "Eleventh Five-Year" period through financial subsidies, to promote efficient lighting products 150 million. This is our increased efforts to promote efficient lighting products, and promote energy-saving emission reduction targets is another important step. Jiangmen

Status: This year plans to promote 100,000 energy-saving lamps

Reporter from the Economic and Trade Bureau of Economic Operation and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Division learned that because the city did not receive last year, issued by the provincial financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting products to the task, therefore, the promotion of our city will be officially launched this year. Li Yong, the chief of the war, told reporters that the citys electricity consumption based on last year and the circumstances surrounding the promotion of the city last year, submitted a report to the provincial plan, the city is expected this year to promote energy efficient lighting products 100,000.

Yong war, said the province has not yet received the work on specific methods of operation this year, but according to last years situation, to offer to buy energy-saving lamps are usually two ways, one is through Foshan Lighting Company (province only designated products) sales outlets to purchase, this approach is convenient for large users and the general population; the other is a one-time bulk purchase of over 300 users can apply directly to the Economic and Trade Bureau, and residential customers can purchase through community organizations.

Reporter learned that, according to the regulations, "financial subsidies to the users and beneficiaries, including large urban and rural residential users, residential users refers to the communities or villages for the purchase of units of the user," but, in the last year to promote the ground-level task City, a "factory hot two members of the public to promote the organization among the cold," the situation, maintaining the general public and to promote neighborhood organizations --- the carrier failed to arouse enthusiasm. In response, Li Yong war said that the current operation of the specific measures the province has not yet introduced, but is expected to be the province for the promotion of this phenomenon in a specific mode of operation to improve on, or related documents will be issued to allow the RC Chapter will be-based.

In addition, the reporter also learned that the situation in accordance with the promotion last year, when the application to the energy-saving lamps once sold out, on behalf of the completion of this years campaign, therefore, financial subsidies to promote the principles of efficient lighting products, is to first buy basis. Li Yong war, if the city applied to the provincial energy-efficient products have been sold out, and then those in need through the Economic and Trade Bureau will apply to the province.

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