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LED lighting, LED plant winter heating business embolden

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Global economic slump, business opportunities in energy-saving applications are exposed in a haze of dawn, LED lighting industry, led by subject matter, often in focus, the shock in the stock market is still brisk out of the red disk performance, lighting seems to have become the panacea to save the life-saving LED industry, but an opportunity to turn what is the bottom? Or just the beauty of a short flash in the pan?

In an age of uncertainty, the weak light line may provoke an unlimited imagination and TOP221PN datasheet and hope, not to mention large-scale lighting market, LED lighting business playing halo, it will make the hard times LED factory shine. Lighting theme fever, LED crystal grain leading power plant recently came to collaborate with the Delta issue raised again, although the realism of this rumor remains to be seen, but buying from the market point of view, LED lighting, suction gold charm indeed to join in, but no matter how attractive the future, still return to the actual operational performance. Electrical current came from the crystal

January orders 200 million ~ 300 million yuan can be bak, Im afraid the pace of rejuvenation not yet arrived, compared with its January 2008 revenues of up to 8 million yuan, in the past when I had a record season monthly sales performance of over 1 billion yuan, 200 million to 3 million the amount of orders simply can not meet the huge grain production of electricity, it is no wonder that crystal power into effect from January unpaid leave on Friday, forcing workers to "Rest 3 Day "in order to save money, but the plant has been so front-line leader, how to spend the second winter grain plant, which will be decided announced its new LED photoelectric products division from January 15, 2009 suspension, the official exit tail survival LED market.

Undeniable, LED lighting application does gradually take off, Taiwan companies are also actively developing various sights on the market, however, the proportion of revenues accounted for lighting products based on the low side, consumer products, but also a serious recession, when the industry claimed that 2009 will be a beautiful the lighting for the main development, whether the effect of elixir elixir to turn the tide to fill the impact of existing products decline is still full of unknowns.

Taiwan luminous efficiency of production progressed to 80 ~ 90lm / W, with the development pace stride in 2009, is expected to reach 100lm / W milestone, a breakthrough technology in the LED luminous efficiency after the threshold has always been the low cost Taiwan companies have racked their brains are good at lower prices, LED lighting products to try to resolve the problem of high prices. The recently released Delta LED lighting new products, combined electricity use, the indoor lighting products used in the office cost recovery in 2 years, the general household use can also be recovered in three years, rising in the electricity trends, the future of LED lighting products, is bound to be more cost-recovery time shortened.

Despite the global economic uncertainty, but retains the industrys optimism for the LED industry is estimated that in 2009 the global LED output value will reach $ 8,577,000,000, the annual growth of 15.7%, while occupying the center for the world, LED, LED production value of annual growth in 2009 expected to reach 18.24%, higher than the global annual growth rate; But there are also reports pessimistic expectations of foreign capital, weak demand in the end, the global LED output from the original 9% growth revised down to 0.7% decline. Regardless of LED industry in 2009 will continue to grow or decline in output decline, mobile phones and TOP221PN price and other consumer products is saturated, the proportion of lighting products will be more gradual increase.

Fatigue in consumer demand, Taiwans LED industry has to sniff out the charm and TOP221PN suppliers and energy-efficient lighting market possibilities, but how in the existing niche on the development of LED industry will be truly transformed from a manufacturing LED green energy industry, channel and marketing integration will be more issues to face.

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