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Lack of scale LED lighting for industrial upgrading

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Semiconductor lighting (LED lighting), is developed in the last century, a new generation of 90s cold light, with a long life, low maintenance costs, environmental protection and DS90LV019TM datasheet and energy saving. These technical advantages for the promotion of LED and DS90LV019TM price and laid a good foundation. People in the Olympic Games opening ceremony, the Spring Festival Gala on-site and DS90LV019TM suppliers and some great occasions, LED products can be found in the figure, it is cleverly technical staff to the stage in the plant, and program integration, showing a magnificent audience visual effects. In addition, a lot of infrastructure is also widely used LED product to use and more wide.

Policy support to speed up implementation

Lighting energy consumption in the larger proportion of electricity consumption, the U.S. Department of Energys survey data show that 22%% of the countrys electricity consumption in lighting. Lighting energy consumption in China is not optimistic, to Shanghai, for example, electricity for lighting the citys electricity consumption in Shanghai accounted for over 1 / 3, this figure still rising trend.

This end, countries have been carrying out a series of energy-saving measures: The United States plans in 12 years, the phasing out of incandescent light, switch to the new environment-friendly energy-saving lighting, new energy-saving light bulbs than the traditional 70%%; Australian Government announced a total ban by 2010 incandescent; January 21, 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "promotion of efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to fund Interim Measures", focusing on alternative energy efficient lighting products inefficient incandescent lamps and other lighting products, focus on supporting financial sector 5 categories lighting product: general lighting with self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (commonly known as energy-saving lamps), three-color double-ended straight tube fluorescent lamps (T8, T5 type), metal halide lamp , high pressure sodium and other light source products, semiconductor lighting products and the necessary supporting ballast. Under this policy, have started around the energy efficient product promotion.

Promising road twists and turns Despite the many advantages of LED products

, but the industry trend of their development have a different view. Some people think that LED lighting

cost and number of supporting technologies (heat, light distribution, etc.) and traditional lighting can not compete, the outlook is not optimistic; also suggested that the current LED lighting industry has matured in the near future to replace traditional lighting. These two views are biased, too much emphasis on the former is difficult to ignore the development of their lighting products; the latter is a bit blindly optimistic. Chen Yansheng said China Association of Lighting, LED lighting industry a bright future, but the industry by the media speculation in the domestic overheating, a large number of companies have invested in the production of LED industry. We also need a rational attitude towards its development, we must see a bright future, but also face difficulties in its development.

Career in the United States to install LED lighting products within the office, compared with traditional fluorescent lighting found the front desk using 8 LED ceiling lighting, environmental requirements according to the mediation of different brightness values, energy consumption from 15 W ~ 42 watts independent regulator, with an average saving of 21% to 71%. In the reception area to use new energy-saving lamps to replace 26 ceiling lamps, each lamp 12 watts, with an average saving of 77%. In addition, long-life LED (50,000 hours), greatly reducing product maintenance costs. In fact, these products do not contain mercury and other hazardous materials require special handling, in retirement, would not damage the surrounding environment. Mass production of LED products currently

power up to 80 lumens per watt, which means that as long as a lamp uses less than 100 of the LED lamps can replace the traditional use of long-life LED lights can reduce the maintenance costs of depreciation ; through the second optical design LED lamps, LED lamps to IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) standard type Ⅱ in the intensity distribution.

In lighting, LED applications will be the performance of its green energy, becoming open flame and incandescent lighting change after the third.

Industrial scale should be improved The field of the current LED patent

, especially white patent is still concentrated in Career, Osram and other worlds top five vendors in the hands. The main supplier of LED chips are also concentrated in these large international manufacturers. Japan is the largest market Nichia, TGs products, the largest North American market was undoubtedly appear Career products, and our power in Taiwan the largest market Zeyi crystal. Some packaging companies in Taiwan, such as the billion-ray, the East Bay and so on, mainly in the low-end market-oriented, they have some giants patents, is currently subject to certain restrictions, export to Japan, Europe and America there is the risk of litigation.

Contrast, manufacturers in mainland China started late, although government support, the development of faster, but less of the upstream patent applications and to external invention patents. Downstream applications of patent applications is great, most of them are utility model patents, with the chip and package to further expand production capacity, more and more mainland enterprises to participate in international competition, will face more patent issues, last years 337 Act case is a warning for mainland enterprises. Patent issues is that we have to face and problems to be solved.

Although mainland Chinas LED technology developed rapidly, but with the international level compared to a smaller scale, can not form a competitive advantage and brand. Currently, the mainland has more than ten epitaxial silicon vendors have equipped MOCVD (metal - organic chemical vapor deposition), the number of production a total of over 40. About another 150 in 2008 to install MOCVD gradually put into use, but MOVCD number of devices compared to other countries and regions, or less than normal. The development needs of the industry scale effects and reliable scale production technology, the smaller it will lead to higher production costs, loss of ability to compete with international companies.

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