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Microsofts strategy to push mobile phones Wphone Last Stand

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Giant Microsoft to lend Telstra Telstra (Telstra) an executive of a mobile phone, but then this phone was pick-pocketing. A small cell phone stolen, while filling the company into a rush of "panic", worried that this is the industry espionage.

This is the place in Feb. 16 opening of the MWC 2009 (2009 Mobile World Congress) during an episode. Lost the phone, install the latest version of Microsofts competitive weapon - not available in Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Many reporters from around the world move in Microsofts new strategy this phone conference, seen live, but was "No shooting" ordering.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is Microsoft facing Apple, Google, Nokias instrument, is Microsofts strategy of moving back a step to adjust competition. According to Microsoft, new ideas, it will not produce their own cell phone, but it is the users brain trying to carve "Windows Phones" imprinting, like iPhone, GPhone same Wphone, this is Microsofts mobile strategy after losing ground The Last Stand.

Jump to center stage

Microsoft has been seven years into the mobile space, but the market was not as dominant in this area of PC as easy to imagine. Seven years, Apple, Google and AD96687BQ datasheet and the rapid growth of new stars, while Microsoft has been reduced to supporting the market, even the old base has also eroded by others.

As the adjustment of the first key, Microsoft this day

(2 16) from the change slogan to Windows Mobile to Windows Phones, re-packaging the brand. In Microsofts view, Windows Phones spread more easily to individual users, like iPhone, GPhone to be remembered as.

"We plan to double the bet on the Windows brand." A Microsoft executive said Microsoft will spend heavily to promote the brand. "We will launch online promotion, on-demand supply and AD96687BQ price and advertising strategies. Not only our own, we will work with operators and AD96687BQ suppliers and OEM partners together to promote, and run the business, the store will be Windows Phones label in a prominent position , so the attention of Windows Phones will be greatly enhanced. "

Microsoft has been hiding cell phones, has now been reconciled to loneliness, to jump out of cell phone, so that more cognitive consumer users. Even the appearance of mobile phones in the future it will also directly labeled Windows Phones, even if the phone off, do not see the Windows interface, you can also a clear sign from the phone to see the Microsoft Office inside the phone.

Order to meet the new mobile strategy, Microsoft has produced a series of advertising. One of them is a boy struggling to jump to the Pentium torrent, Microsoft jumped into the mobile phone competition, which is a portrayal of rapids. Advertising is another piece of the following Windows Phone, a lot of fashionable men and women cheering, these men and women is the goal of Microsofts future users.

Three weapon

Microsoft has been trying to depict a world where users - PC users can PC, network and share information seamlessly between mobile phone. But to make this vision a reality, Microsoft has not made too little progress, at least for now the case. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits: "We want to do more. We must be Windows Mobile business to a higher level. We will start the full Windows experience into the phone." In addition to the re-packaging the brand

Microsoft products and services must also be made of revolutionary change, to meet the industry trends and consumer tastes. That the Department lost the phone, containing Microsofts Windows Mobile 6.5, which is a hope for Microsofts operating system. The phone at the press conference scene briefly met with reporters to stealth, and did not appear in the Microsoft booth luxury. Microsoft does not want to prematurely because of competition concerns arising.

Windows Mobile 6.5 with the previous version There is a big change and upgrade, Microsofts goal is designed for finger operation, and a more human-centered philosophy of operation, the operation of the navigation a better experience. The new interface has become fashionable and friendly to the fingers gently across among the mobile phone can do anything. Although the design has to follow Apples suspect, but it really is the industrys unstoppable trend, look to see who can do better, easier to use.

Compatible with the software changes, Microsoft to provide users with a 200MB space the size of the My Phone service, free My Phone service through automatic synchronization and backup, the user can ensure contacts, appointments, messages, photos and other information at any time updated, even if the phone is lost or upgrade, such information can easily be restored.

In addition, Microsoft follow the footsteps of the industry, also launched its own online store Marketplace. Apple App Store on-line for 6 months, downloads to more than 500 million times, type of software more than 15,000 species of billions of dollars in revenue. And software for mobile phones, mobile phone shops is undoubtedly the biggest point of interest, but also the users effective channel bundling.

Biggest enemy is time

"Our industry partners include more than 50 mobile phone manufacturers, more than 160 mobile phone operators, and nearly 500,000 software developers to write applications. In 2008, our partners to market more than 30 new models of Windows Mobile. partners in a variety of handsets have been launched, 11 models more than one million sales. Last years sales to more than 20 million. "While CEO Steve Ballmer from Microsoft, which pop out of his mouth figures may sound good, but opponents are even more optimistic. In 2008, Microsoft is the smart phone market share from 11% in 2007 to 13.3%. But at the same time, Apples market share grew

Tripled, from 3% to 9%.

Struggled for years in the mobile space, Microsoft found itself has not unified the world, but competition has become more complex situation, in addition to Nokia, can not shake this hard rock, new stars were constantly Chung: 2007 iPhone, OS X appears ; 2008, Googles Android appears; 2009, Palms WEB OS appears. Future becomes more uncertain. Microsoft needs quick success. Andy Rees, senior vice president

that: "the next 3 to 4 years will determine what happens the next 10 years or more the fate of a long time."

Brands, products, services, Microsoft also needs more market pull ridge "iron", stepped up to create its own ecosystem.

Microsofts booth at MWC 2009, not only to see almost all the major mobile phone brand manufacturers, it is surprising to see the other competitors Palm phones pre-installed Windows system. Meanwhile, the first foray into mobile phone system, ASUS, Acer, Dell, Acer in particular, (Acer) announced the new Acer Tempo series known as smart phones, all with Windows Mobile. Another important breakthrough

, Microsoft will LG for their faithful allies assimilation, LG will transfer its R & D and marketing focus will be Windows Mobile smart phone as their primary operating system. LG Mobile Communications Division, President and CEO Skott Ahn

: Said: "By 2012, LG will launch a variety of LG Windows Mobile 50."

Microsofts biggest enemy is time. The exhibition for the industry to see Microsofts determination and impulse, but still slightly regret. According to Microsoft Asia Pacific general manager of mobile business Yun Ching Kwan said, and now to experience the Windows Mobile 6.5 will be listed at the end of 2009. See the determination, but Microsofts move is still a bit slow.

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