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NAND Flash revenue in 2008 ranked brands

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The global DRAM market has experienced over the nearly two years of recession, the overall market with excess supply of the second half of the financial crisis hit last year, under the prices more cash from the profits all the way down to the cost of even the cost of materials. DRAM factories in Taiwan Department, since he has no proprietary technology, relationship, often the mother plant and DS5002FP-16 datasheet and the production technology in exchange for capital expenditures tend to be more far better than mother manufacturers, although the economic rise of their profits when each league, but the economy difficult to control the rate of decline in capital outflows, declining solvency, easy to make enterprises are now in crisis.

To capital expenditure analysis, the global DRAM industry in 2006, respectively, with the largest amount of investment in 2007, especially in 2007 as high as 21.4 billion U.S. dollars, of which Taiwan-based DRAM plant capital expenditure amounted to 9.7 billion, accounting for the global 45% of the amount of capital expenditure.

DRAM plant in Taiwan-some of the cash level, although the fourth quarter financial report has not been announced, one for the third quarter financial figures to observe the Taiwan-based DRAM factory remaining add up the sum of 31.5 billion Taiwan dollars less, and DS5002FP-16 price and frequently during the first half of 2007, a far cry from the scale of hundreds of billions. With the global DRAM factory

open the capital expenditures, the global DRAM production capacity has also climbed the peak in 2008, global investment in the second quarter of 2008 amounted to 1,530,000 pieces, Taiwan-based DRAM factory as high as 530,000, accounting for 35% of the proportion of global investment piece. After a year of eight-inch plant to plant in succession by September DRAM factory, the global rate cut of 32%. Although the price of DRAM particles

12 months from the beginning up $ 0.59 since 1.20, or up to double the cash cost to DRAM factory run between 1.2-1.5 U.S. dollars, DRAM factory is still in a state of cash outflow , just out of the continuing loss has slowed down. Therefore, the Taiwan-based DRAM factory whether to accept the government relief or are subject to ongoing industry consolidation continues, further integration or only some manufacturers have quit, to achieve balance between supply and DS5002FP-16 suppliers and demand can have on the overall DRAM market, positive help.

NANDFlash brands the fourth quarter of 2008 and 2008 full-year revenue ranking

2008 fourth quarter total revenue of the global brands NANDFlash 2.2 billion 2 thousand 7 million, compared with 2.7 billion the previous quarter 1 million 6 thousand dollar fell 19.3%. Fourth quarter 2008 revenue of NANDFlash brands showed a decline, due to continued weakness in the global impact of overall economic performance, global consumer confidence index continued to decline in the influence on the demand for consumer electronics and expenditure showed a decline, although the fourth quarter bitgrowth grew 18% QoQ, but then the overall average selling prices fell 32% QoQ.

For the fourth quarter 2008 revenue ranking of view NANDFlash brands, Samsung revenue of 9 million 8 thousand 700 million dollars, market share was 35.6%, maintaining the first; Toshiba revenue of 700 million three thousand eight million dollars to 33.1% market share ranks second; Hynix third revenue of 200 million 6 thousand 6 million dollars, market share 11.9%; Micron and Intel separated four, five, revenues were 200 million one thousand U.S. dollars and 100 million 4 million 5 million; Numonyx ranked sixth, on revenue of 7 million.

To Samsung is concerned, because the overall NANDFlash major applications, such as mobile phones and various consumer demand for electronic products are subject to global economic shocks, while the decline in unit growth fell to bits, while the average sales price fell by about 35% QoQ, also makes Samsungs revenue fell 30.7% QoQ, 4Q08 revenue of 9 million 8 thousand 700 million dollars, market share 41.2% the previous quarter fell to 35.6%, is still the first place.

Toshiba bit shipments continued to increase, but average selling prices fell by NANDFlash and appreciation of the yen, dragged down revenue still showed a slight decline 5.3% QoQ, 4Q08 revenues of 8 million 3 thousand 700 million dollars to market share rate of 33.1% ranks second, slightly higher than the previous quarter increase of 4.9%.

Hynix 200mm plant in the elimination of part of the property can be under the influence of the fourth quarter of bit shipments fell 37% QoQ, fourth quarter average selling price fell 18% QoQ, but benefit from the Won depreciated, 4Q08 revenue of 2 6 of 6 thousand million million, compared with the previous quarter, down 33%, Hynix 11.9% market share remained third, down 2.5% from the previous quarter. Although the bit

Micron and Intel shipped about 40%, but revenue has also been the impact of falling average selling prices were flat and showed the status of the fourth quarter, average selling price of Micron fell 24% QoQ, Micron4Q08 revenue 2 4 billion a thousand million dollars, Intel4Q08 revenue of 5 million dollars to 100 million, down slightly from the previous quarter by 3.2%, Micron and Intel market share in the fourth quarter were 9.6% and 6.7%, the fourth and fifth separated markets.

Numonyx new market entrants but also by the fourth quarter average selling prices of the impact of revenue decline in the previous quarter, fourth quarter revenue of 7 million U.S. dollars, market share was 3.1%.

Observed in 2007 and 2008 changes in the market NANDFlash brands, brands 2007 annual revenue of about 13.3 billion 8 million 6 thousand U.S. dollars, 11.4 billion in 2008, compared with 8 million 1 thousand dollars, annual revenue growth rate fell 14.6% in 2008 compared to 2007 average sales price fell by 63%.

For the 2008 full year revenue ranking of view NANDFlash brands, Samsung 4.6 billion in annual revenue for the 4 million 1 thousand dollars, market share was 40.4%, ranking first, to maintain market share in 2007; Toshiba annual revenue of 3.2 billion 5 million U.S. dollars to 28.1% market share ranks second in market share in 2007 increased by 3.1%; Hynix ranked third, on revenue of 1.7 billion 2 thousand 7 million, market share was 15.1%, compared with 2007 market share fell 4.1%; Micron ranks fourth in revenue of 800 million 7 million 9 thousand dollars, 7.9% market share, increase market share in 2007 by 1.8%; Intel ranks fifth in revenue of 600 million 6 million U.S. dollars, market share 5.8% market share in 2007 increased by 2.1%; Numonyx (STMicro) ranked sixth, on revenue of 2 5 million 9 thousand billion, 2.6% market share, maintaining the level of 2007.

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