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Nokia, Qualcomm fell in love with the wireless market prospects

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Mobile World Congress in a week so over. Now I want to summarize here, see, hear or learn of the most interesting, most surprising, the most significant, the most controversial and FDG6303N datasheet and the most bizarre thing.

Finally, I want to tell you, these are long-term evolution (LTE) or femtocells (femtocell) does not matter, at least not now. I hope you agree with my point of view.

The most interesting thing, is not long ago we had guessed before: Nokia will not actually purchase chips to Qualcomm? Although at the time may be two sides are and FDG6303N price and the respective lawyers in San Diego, Helsinki, Finland Aisi Bo or plotting how to win the intellectual property dispute.

This conference Qualcomm and FDG6303N suppliers and Nokia to shake hands, let the speculation became a reality. Nokia, Qualcomm plans to develop will use the latest high-end 3G baseband chip, mobile phone. The chip can handle data rates, and perhaps those of us who can not imagine the media, but they can in 3 years through HSPA, HSPA +, LTEDongle or smart phones become a reality.

In fact, Nokia and Qualcomm has not released details of the marriage, but perhaps because the lawyers insisted on a number of pre-marital manners. Nokia official wording of the message "We are pleased to discuss with the high-pass" on the part of its next-generation mobile phones using Qualcomm MSM8xxx and 7xxx series chipset issues. So now the wedding has been planned well and the flowers have been set, but this little point shy of the "Finnish bride" no final decision. Finland

Since this wedding the bride to open, naturally there will be a lot of guests along for the ride. Nokia has also expanded its cooperation with the Broadcom will use their 3G mobile phone baseband chip - Broadcom is the Nokia 2G mobile phone before a major supplier of baseband chips. Meanwhile, another alliance is just the composition of the new company ST-Ericsson, will also be involved in the development using a Nokia S60 platform for Symbian OS and the next generation of 3G mobile phones and smart phone application processor.

This contract ST-Ericsson is involved in a chip that uses the Nomadik application processor, and integrated ARMHoldings company Cortex-A9 processor, dual-core used in the symmetric multi-processing technology.

Love this event, but the most intriguing part of the Nokia and Qualcomm itself, or partnership. Over the years, Nokia and Qualcomm in every respect, the promoter of the mobile communications industry and competitors, so now I watch them fall in love it is a big change, but also a somewhat annoying thing. Two lawsuits in the past few years to pay legal fees, are enough to develop a complete smartphone platform, and this no doubt is a major reason they now shake hands.

This fierce struggle is only 6 months before the end, when Nokia has agreed to pay 1.7 billion euros (about 21 billion U.S. dollars) to obtain high-pass technology right to use the next 15 years.

Pragmatic principles

Finally, we can be attributed to pragmatism, and the phrase often heard this week, "the new reality of the wireless market." Nokia in the global market has made great success, but has been occupied in North America but only a small share, but the market is cooperation between Nokia and Qualcomm primary goal alignment.

Sources say Nokia is developing a carrier for U.S. consumers and (most likely AT & T), using Symbian platform phones. This is the Nokia to be taken.

The Mobile World Congress at a conference on the opening day, Nokia CEOOlli-PekkaKallasvuo, stressed that the cooperation of the mobile phone industry is imperative.

We all need to cooperate with the long-term partners and competitors, and to take and in the past in different ways.

But not everyone would like to see this result, because the mobile phone market, Nokia is the world leader and facilitator. No doubt some people for the cooperation between Nokia and Qualcomm fear.

This cooperation for the attempt to provide the traditional business of Texas Instruments baseband is undoubtedly worse, another important for the ST-Ericsson chip suppliers is not a good thing.

And now, with Nokias Symbian Foundation to become the leader, Android platform and operating system camps too are afraid, especially in the U.S. market.

This week at the Mobile World Congress, the display on the Android phone is disappointing and unexpected feeling. You know, in last years Mobile World Congress there are many demonstrations and publicity about it, it has also become the focus of that time. Samsung and Motorola have developed many products and even threatens Symbian smart phones in the area of dominance. However, when the new things the industrys concern for and interest is based on business growth and margin expansion on the expectations. In the "real world, the new wireless market", the situation is more inclined to have a successful manufacturer, and the cooperation between the parties.

Situation has been very clear. Nokia will retain their existing chip suppliers, and high pass into the camp, the old and new suppliers will be kept at close range can be controlled to take advantage of competition between these suppliers, access to its platform, the baseband , application processor, RF front-end and memory the best interests of the various devices.

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