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Wafer material hardship: Local businesses look forward to rescue the policy

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60 chip makers on behalf of more than a total of Commerce in Shanghais Pudong current predicament. IC industry materials in 2009, co-localization of the conference, President Richard Chang said SMIC, in response to industry in winter, wafer manufacturers are considering using more local materials.

This will effect the cancellation or duty-free imports of the same integrated circuit, a local material suppliers to exciting. However, the upstream and NC7WZ04P6X datasheet and downstream of the effort is clearly not unite into a short rope, this predicament is not so easy to break. Industry insiders believe that the same situation this year is not optimistic.

Party seeking cooperation in upstream and NC7WZ04P6X price and downstream wafer

"In the entire IC industry faces winter, we feel better advantage of local material suppliers, we hope to work upstream and NC7WZ04P6X suppliers and downstream, so that more complete industry chain, together out of the woods." SMIC CEO Richard Chang in IC manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials made before representatives of the above said.

Participating from SMIC, Hua Hong NEC, Grace Semiconductor, advanced more than 60 Yangtze River Delta region and other wafer fabrication business representatives, and the new Sun, Anji, China and a number of local raw material supply should be enterprises. Richard Chang is also a brief introduction to some of SMICs recent good news. He said anticipated SMIC will rebound in the second quarter of this year; Recently the company has received seven new products, domestic design companies are all rush orders.

Sharp decline in production capacity, plant closures, wage cuts attrition news reports of the "winter", more eager practitioners of integrated circuits some warm messages. Although some manufacturers in the second quarter of warmer SMIC does not necessarily agree with comments, but frankly have touched my heart.

The meeting or the number of the busiest local suppliers of raw materials, "finally an opportunity for us (the upstream support domestic industry) and the middle reaches of manufacturers face to face, material issues of localization, may lose about!" A representatives of the shuttle in the manufacturing of raw materials distributed to practitioners of business card case said. Local materials, lack of competitive advantage

According to "Daily News" reporter, currently several major semiconductor manufacturers for chemicals used by nearly 95% dependent on imports of raw materials, mainly from China Taiwan area and Japan, Korea, even the United States and Europe. Because the tax policies to support these large-scale domestic enterprises in the import of chemicals to enjoy exemption from customs duties and value-added tax preferential policies. Shanghai Semiconductor Materials

a person responsible for Mikky calculations, the general import of equipment must pay 5% tariff and 17% of the value-added tax, the domestic semiconductor manufacturers can be done away with some of these taxes and fees. The purchase of local raw materials can not avoid 17% of the value-added tax, no significant difference in the international prices of raw materials situation, imports of raw materials and freight competitive than the native material. Plus some other discount, local materials, at least 20% cheaper than the imported material, it has a price competitive advantage.

The technical requirements, raw material suppliers can not help but want to import some of the production, packaging equipment, but not removed from the high import taxes and fees. This adds to the local material suppliers of distress, on the one hand want to buy and import prices fell, on the other hand they fear lower purchase price of imported materials. In addition to the inevitable technology

competition and price competition, manufacturers of materials testing evaluation is a hurdle that the local material suppliers. According to Mikky introduction, if the semiconductor manufacturers consider new material cooperation, first of all suppliers of materials to ISO900 and other standardized evaluation; second step is to send sample material suppliers, if the manufacturers approval, agreed to set aside a line make dozens or even hundreds of road detection process, the manufacturers will issue a final assessment report, the period lasted at least 6 months. Mikky stressed that if the orders received after passing inspection, material suppliers and equipment package was busy preparing materials and so on.

Whole process to do down smoothly, at least one year, but some companies stuck in last link.

Called policy support to local enterprises

According to a company representative said late last year, a three departments by the state tax incentives related to import equipment to adjust the announcement that after 30 June this year, the state will remove the imported equipment used in integrated circuit manufacturing and materials duty-free preferential policies. If the policies are implemented, which means that local materials and imported materials to the same starting line station.

But the price problem is not the principal contradiction. One insider said SMIC, local material suppliers are in stock and real-time services, and other areas, but the domestic manufacturers consider using local raw materials less, security considerations are the main factors. Enterprises should ensure that their signs, they will tend to have a security vendor with the continued cooperation, and will not easily change.

This argument has also been Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, senior engineer Xue self identity, he said, in a material change in the semiconductor will have a major change, and how stable is the company replaced the original material have to seriously consider. He also disclosed that a number of local suppliers of raw materials and technological progress quickly, and now some companies already have the ability to provide replacement material, in order to encourage the development of local raw materials, enterprises, relevant departments are considering establishing similar "risk allowance" and other policy support.

Domestic manufacturers also have their difficulties, calling for more local policies. The current domestic market share of domestic IC accounted for less than 20%, a large number of high-end IC products rely on imports. Statistics show that in 2007 total sales of Chinas IC industry was 125.1 billion yuan, accounting for only 7.5% of the world about the semiconductor industry, and Intel or Samsung not a sales, but when the amount of imports of integrated circuits has reached 128.4 billion dollars, as the first major imports.

Several domestic manufacturers that are actively involved in national policies and measures related to research and development, hoping the recent introduction of the "Industry Promotion Plan" and the countrys "two major projects" on the slice.

Information: What is


Silicon wafer is the production of semiconductor integrated circuit silicon wafers used, because of its shape is round, it is called wafers, IC is to create the basic raw materials. The raw material is silicon wafer, and the inexhaustible silica surface crust. Silica ore extracted by the electric arc furnace, hydrochloric acid, chloride, and after distillation, made of high purity polysilicon, and its purity as high as 0.99999999999. This silicon wafer manufacturer

melting, and then mixed with a fluid in the pellets melt the silicon crystal seed, and then slowly pulled out to form a cylindrical ingot of monocrystalline silicon, silicon ingot and then After grinding, polishing, slicing, it becomes an integrated circuit factory in the basic raw material - silicon wafer, which is "wafers."

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