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Xu asked the Navy to the people way to support LED industry suggestions

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15 districts from the city on behalf of all walks of life around the "government help companies tide over the crisis," the theme of the industrial development, human resources issues as well as intellectual property protection, environmental protection, social issues and DS2180AQ datasheet and had extensive discussion of the Mayor Xu . At the meeting, Shenzhen City Rui Rio, general manager of Road Lighting LED industry to speak on behalf of the Navy, offering great support, Shenzhen LED lighting industry.

Dialogue Xu

Road Navy: "Shenzhens LED industry is a little wall flower wall incense, our customers come often ask, since your product so well, why not use in Shenzhen? Answer this question we have not, well explains. "

Roads Naval suggestions: "LED semiconductor lighting application products, inadequate policy support, application and DS2180AQ price and promotion is not enough, the publics awareness level is very low. Propose to use the machine Universiade, Shenzhen enterprises to give more support."

Xu responded: "You raised an important question! Support the development of LED industry, the problems have been incorporated into the Government strategy, the relevant policy documents this week on the executive meeting will be discussed, we are still bright new area Anpai LED business cluster development, the provision of public R & D platform for the government, testing platform and DS2180AQ suppliers and service platform to support the industry bigger and stronger. "

Roads Naval speech

Dear Mayor Hsu, government leaders, distinguished guests:

Hello everybody!

Reform and opening up three decades, Shenzhen has made remarkable achievements, especially in recent years, industrial restructuring made brilliant achievements, but also make the world wonder! Today, thanks to the municipal government has provided us with such a chance to speak on behalf of a company, I am grateful!

I was in Shenzhen City Rui Lighting Co., Ltd general manager of Road Extension navy, engaged in the application of LED semiconductor industry has been ten years. LED display first major application in the information industry, such as securities displays. In recent years, LED lighting in general lighting applications and other city has made considerable progress, has been following the history of mankind lighting as incandescent, fluorescent, after yet another "revolution." The rapid rise of LED lighting, has developed into a world-recognized high light efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving "green light" in the next few years to gradually replace the incandescent, fluorescent lighting, as energy-saving environmental protection, promote the lighting industry "upgrading" of the mainstream technology and industry.

Especially our Shenzhen, the mayor and other city leaders promised the support of the Shenzhen City, semiconductor lighting industry has a very large scale, the city engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology has more than 700 enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the total number of semiconductor lighting company . Employing 12 million people, is present, Shenzhen has become the worlds leading LED backlight production and supply base, the largest LED display production and supply base.

2006 Nian 6 Yue 13 day, I participated in by your high-tech industrial park, Baoan District, cut the ribbon of light "National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base" Award cum-core projects under the World Epitech ceremony, you were spades earth foundation . The semiconductor industry last year, the municipal government also proposed to upgrade the industrial structure for the city to contribute to achieving new breakthroughs. Today, I would combine the semiconductor industry, we are engaged in the situation, assistance from the governments efforts to promote the efforts, publicity efforts to talk about three aspects of some personal suggestions:

A municipal government should strengthen the application of LED in support of specific policy efforts. Upstream infrastructure in the LED industry, government give great support, but the application of LED products, inadequate support of policy. Basic industries, especially in the upstream LED wafer semiconductor chip research and development production, investment, slow effect, a certain technical barriers. Shenzhen LED industry, our situation is now more than 98% of enterprises are engaged in applied LED packaging and product companies, our business is one of them.

LEDs efficiency, longevity, energy saving, environmental protection features in the urban lighting, urban landscape lighting, and has the advantage of other products can not be replaced, but also fully in line with the national energy saving requirements. However, many small and medium in Shenzhen lighting transformation, lighting engineering, and still use the inefficient, high energy consumption of other products.

Such as Hangzhou, Xiamen City, on the introduction of a series of preferential policies to encourage use of LED landscape lighting products. But we have no business of Shenzhen LED applications to support such a policy. Thus, the LED industry in Shenzhens industrial base compared to the other, showing no "Shenzhen characteristics." 2011 26th Universiade will be held in the city, LED products, will be a lot of use, I hope the Shenzhen municipal government will give us more support business and stimulate the citys rapid development of semiconductor industry applications.

Second, the government should strengthen efforts to promote LED applications. We accompany our customers in Shenzhen, the three east-west trunk road: Shennan Road, North Central Avenue, the coastal road to see night in Shenzhen, mainland customers lament is "not the mainland in Shenzhen night night beautiful." In addition to Shennan Avenue, you can see a small amount of some of the night to do with LED lighting, the other two along the roadside, almost invisible. Customers have asked us: your quality of products, a model project in China to enjoy popularity. However, in Shenzhen do not see a model project, the wall flower wall incense is a common phenomenon in Shenzhen LED industry. We tender in the mainland, often encountered something like this: local products in the local tender evaluation points to enjoy favorable policies. For example, as had been provided Xiamen, Dongguan City, the city is trying to promote enterprise LED lighting products in the transformation of the city. As Shenzhen LED business, we also look forward to the preferential policies of Shenzhen have introduced similar.

LED industry is the introduction of the early 90s the country was, in my ten years in the LED industry, feel the LED industry to take root in the development of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Stock Market and the early 90s development, when the stock market monitor in Shenzhen widely used, are attracted to Taiwans industrial investors, before they are hatched a large number of semiconductor companies, the Shenzhen became the five major industrial base in the semiconductor industry chain is the most complete and largest industrial base. I believe as long as the LED application products in the municipal government to strengthen efforts to promote the city, the semiconductor industry will continue to lead the country.

Third, government should strengthen the propaganda LED application products. I was most impressed by a few years ago, I went to visit Xiamen, LED products, application status, first in the city of Xiamen on the landscape lighting, LED product applications are very common; Secondly, the publics understanding of the very popular LED Even taxi drivers can tell most of the features and characteristics of LED. LED industry chain in Shenzhen City is the most comprehensive industrial base, but, in addition to the human chain, but no one on the LED to understand. Therefore, it should be under the municipal governments macro-control and step up publicity to make the application of high-tech industry in Shenzhen to promote the future play a role in the development of the real for the city to upgrade the industrial structure should be made to achieve new breakthroughs in some contribution. Mayor Hsu

Thank you!

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