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Chinas PC market is bottoming out trend adjustment period nearly

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Is no doubt that 2009 will be Chinas PC market is the most difficult year. IDC expects Chinas PC market in 2009 was 4,061 million units sold, the growth rate of only 3%. Decline is particularly evident where desktops, IDC expects 2009 sales of desktop computers around 2,480 million units, compared to last year fell by 6%. The growth in notebook sales will also be significant downward trend, IDC expects the market volume in 2009 was 1,580 million, an increase of 19%. Director of personal systems research at IDC China, Wang Jiping manager, said: "Chinas PC market in the second half of 2008 has been significantly affected by global financial turmoil, a sharp decline in Chinas PC market expected in 2009 would still be an adjustment phase, by 2010 Chinas PC market will see bottoming out trend, showing 16% of the rapid growth trend. "

IDC that the adjustment in Chinas PC market in 2009 with the following features:

1. Rapid changes in product form

2008 years ago when the Chinese customers to buy PC products, desktops and STPS20H100CT datasheet and laptops around the basic two products to choose, and STPS20H100CT price and that the diversification of products and STPS20H100CT suppliers and the application of the global market trend is clearly some difference. Second half of 2008, the Internets rapid growth in customer demand proof of the gradual maturation of China, and global customer demand trends is the gradual integration. IDC that Chinas PC market in 2009 will enter a phase of rapid changes in product form, the main popular products include:

Internet: IDC expects the Chinese market in 2009 online sales will reach 190 million units.

One machine: the upper panel, lower costs, and the ATOM series processors into one product. One product is expected in 2009 from the previous products of more than 8000 yuan RMB directly down to around 4000, IDC expects sales of one product in 2009 will exceed 40 million units.

Small chassis desktop: IDC expects the global small desktop chassis will maintain a rapid upward trend, and the Chinese PC market in 2009 was such a change. Especially in the SMB market, customer needs will become more apparent.

13-inch notebook: 14-inch notebook in 2008 accounted for more than 60% of Chinese traditional notebook market share.

IDC expects the notebook screen size gradually from 16:10 to 16:9 over the transfer, both from the 13-inch laptop costs and end-user ease of use are further demonstrates advantages. Expected 13-inch notebook market in 2009 will be the highlight.

2. DIY pattern with the brand name products to further tilted

The PC market, the decline in growth in 2009, the company will further increase the intensity of competition for DIY market. DIY IDC market share statistics in 2008 about 24% of Chinese PC market share, for the brands in terms of which undoubtedly means that a very large market space. IDC expects the brand vendors in 2009 will further reduce prices, while increasing in the rural market, Internet cafes and other advantages of industry input into DIY. In addition, IDC believes that Microsofts genuine will further enhance the brand of drive into the DIY market.

IDC advises vendors into the DIY market to note the following points:

Service changes: relative to the brand market, some DIY products, usage is relatively high, especially in Internet cafes and other industries. So companies need to adjust the existing service policies and strategies.

Products autonomous configuration: DIY products currently selected users are a large part of self-configuration in the hope of PC, thus abandoning the brand machines. IDC believes that vendors need to further open peripheral products and some accessories for the autonomy of the configuration, such as game players, etc. to meet customer demand.

3. Nurture new business opportunities for the rural market

Computer engineering will no doubt go to the countryside to promote Chinas IT information, especially in rural areas of information technology IT has played a role in acceleration. IDC estimates that home appliances in 2009 PC market will bring about 1.5 million new PC sales. Although Chinas annual 40 million compared to sales volume is also small, but this is about the Chinese PC market will begin to reverse the application and the situation of weak demand.

Computer to the countryside was resolved Lenovo, Founder, the same side, Haier and other domestic manufacturers selling pressure. Since 2009, Chinas PC market is a crucial period of economic crisis, so the various national brand manufacturers are trying to reduce its sales through the PC to the countryside pressure. DIY computer to the countryside will also cause significant impact on the market. Because the government will give 13% of the rural market subsidies, a significant reduction in computer and DIY computer brand price gap will further cause brand of DIY products on the market erosion.

4. Government 4 trillion of investment will boost medical care, transport, education, industry growth

IDC that the Chinese government to invest 4 trillion in 2009 will bring some business opportunities in Chinas PC market. Especially the medical, transportation, education and other industries will stimulate investment by 4 trillion, in addition to earthquake reconstruction will also be expected to lead the second half of 2009, PC market growth.

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