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OLED industry chain integration AMOLED promising urgent

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To different aspects of the same technology to engage them more than 10 patents, mainly to see the core, important companies in which the hands of patent control.

In the overall distribution of cases we found that some foreign donor differences, first of all most companies, including Energy Research Institute is the nature of certain businesses. We may see the domestic application and TIP120 datasheet and maintenance of Tsinghua University, CIGNA applications are numerous.

From different countries are concerned about the direction of technology development point of view, the direction of Koreas R & D concentrated in the manufacturing process methods, the United States more balanced, and TIP120 price and its technology, the display of the whole structural design, the number of patent applications, more balanced, close to in the average situation.

And our domestic situation is rather special, proprietary materials and TIP120 suppliers and processing technology is very high proportion of the total. Among them, 51 patents related materials, so our country is more invested in the material and more. Applicants from the domestic technology distribution, as the individual subject of patent applications, up in the applications, really important, like industry, driving method related to very little. Enterprises as the mainstay of the applicant, materials, displays, process equipment, drive methods, are his focus. From there you can see a variety of different identities of the applicants, in the development and protection of their intellectual property is different. It is worth noting, materials, driving method patents are valued by everyone, the patent is often followed by the establishment of a core of the patent, the results of these patents is relatively high gold content, all protection efforts are also important.

Patent for the way Chinese companies, I believe that knowledge of Chinas patent protection is a big cake, a lot of attention of foreign companies, Chinese companies face enormous challenges, it should be highly valued.

The one hand, large-size LCD panels, and other new technologies we are concerned that the research must be done after the protection of, or technical secrets, when disclosed, the real loss is our own. In addition, to find foreign markets ahead of the siege, the layout of the situation, targeted research and development.

The other hand, looking for technology gaps, to find a different route with others to achieve the same effect, within a reasonable and effective reconstruction. We should also call for increased cooperation, the establishment of patent pools are shared out of patent, a patent infringement lawsuit were the case, may get a very high compensation. If 10 of 10 companies to boycott the patent negotiations, then the final result will be much better.

In addition, we have to have reasonable access to basic patents and patent invalid, for example, three Kodak patents have been two failures. These patents have expired need careful study we do not even need to pay licensing fee to use it. Of course, after application compare with other people must have no conflict, the patent is invalid is very important, this is the result of others have formed.

Taiwan Jiaotong University professor Chen Jinxin Optical

AMOLED is a good opportunity for domestic enterprises

OLED the future trend will be in the following areas:

First, OLED showing the trend of high-definition, the customer panel display technology in our increasingly high demand. Future high-end OLED, must go the route of light distribution, light the following areas as small TFT, OLED materials caused by electron density is relatively high, if it is attracting a lot of no such restrictions. We all know that, if a translucent reflective glass with transparent application, you can use the principles of optics, to guide the light out. Although organic materials, making it difficult to have such a structure can be very pure color, but the principle of optical light can be required to radiation out unwanted light removed. As a result, blue light brightness can be increased by 1.6 times, 2.5 times the green light to increase the red light can be increased 2.2 times.

In addition, of which there is a very important issue is Tandem (Tandem technology), which is luminous efficiency of the technology, basically the OLED to string together.

String together words, the drive voltage is 3 times the original, its luminous efficiency is 3 times the original. Therefore, each light-emitting body is exposed to the same current density, thus leading to materials not shorten the life of the case, the luminous efficiency will increase.

Secondly, AMOLED is a great opportunity, because it is a mature technology. But if the TFT AMOLED placed inside it, its life will be some impact. The solution is the following into the OLED cathode, it will not affect the life of the. We are collectively referred to as the cause this type of OLED, previous step is the anode, cathode, reflection, packaging, and now the opposite, do first cathode, and then further to do, and finally made the anode and then package.

Done best in this respect is the LG. LG in 2008, invented a material called LG201. This material is called the predecessor of LG101, after one or two years after the adoption of the patent application, LG101 already produced. The LG201 this material is even more important because it is the electronic input, which is a very good electronic input materials. Why is it important electronic input material? Because all of the OLED is where the most energy-consuming electronic input that layer, which occupies the entire OLED drive voltage of 39.5%. So if we can invent a new material, this layer improved, it will have a very energy-efficient components to.

Therefore, our primary task is to invent a new electronic domestic input materials. As long as the input to the electronic enhancement, many questions naturally disappear.

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