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Op-round lead China into the LED lighting times

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The LED lamp

1W, 2W of the LED book light, 2W of the LED wall lamp, 2W of the LED floor lamp ... ... LED power consumption is only 10% of incandescent, fluorescent, 50%, so low energy lighting products sure to make your unbelievable. In fact, since the LED in the mobile phone and N82802AB datasheet and LCD background light shine after the application has started light of our life in general lighting, automotive lighting and N82802AB price and flashlights, and N82802AB suppliers and many other fields emerge. This reporter recently that Chinas lighting industry leader Op lighting huge amounts of money to be rebuked 20 million advance LED industry, leading China into the LED lighting, full time.

Energy saving environmental protection model

LED most praiseworthy is its energy efficiency. According to an authoritative study confirmed that, under the same lighting, LED fluorescent light-emitting brightness 30% higher than the average -50%, while energy consumption is only 10% of incandescent, fluorescent, 50%. Electricity for lighting by 2009, Chinas estimated 360 billion degrees, if places are to spend all of the light LED, the State will save more than 2000 billion a year of electricity, equivalent to three years of the Three Gorges power plant generating capacity. Domestic and foreign experts agree that, compared with fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause environmental pollution, LED lighting is the current energy shortage and environment pressure, the lighting industrys only green light a new generation of sustainable development.

Longevity champion durable

Long life LED lighting is the second big advantage. Data show, LED light source to reach 100,000 hours average life, LED lamp life of up to 5 to 10 years, 100 times the ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 5 times, significantly reducing lamp maintenance costs, but also to avoid the consumer Always put the pain of light. In addition, LED light, small size, light weight, which is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, high strength to withstand mechanical shock and vibration, with the traditional incandescent and fluorescent tube is more than strong, more durable, and easily broken.

Those colorful charm of Light

If the "energy saving, environmental protection, durable," LED lighting is the biggest advantage in functionality, then the "Charm of Light who" is the most impressive LED light show and feel. Olympic Games in Beijing, you remember: the magnificent Birds Nest picture, photo flashing countdown Fou, the night such as sapphire crystal translucent "Water Cube" ... ... This is the magic of LED light effects to create come out. All this in the future can also be applied to your home lighting design, lighting your home becomes colorful. LED the light soft, colorful, easy to implement dynamic data controls, as long as you gently press the switch inside the room can change the color of the light and strength. In other words, you do not replace the light bulb to a bright white light can be turned into the living room a peaceful or romantic red light blue.

Miracle come to dominate the light

According to "Chinas LED Lighting Industry Report 2008" shows that in 2007 Chinas LED industry market reached 4.85 billion, an increase of 43.5% over the previous year, mainly used in the field of landscape lighting and traffic lights, still in the field of lighting in the home infancy. Op lighting Chairman Wang Yaohai told reporters, following the incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, after, LED lighting will become an important pole, and eventually become a replacement for traditional light sources. In this regard, the United States and other Western countries have developed a LED lighting development, Japan is to replace the traditional LED according explicitly mentioned on the agenda, planned in 2015 to achieve full replacement. LED Op

advance to seize "pyramid"

"Restricting the rapid development of LED lighting, the biggest bottleneck is the talent and skills!" Wang Yaohai told reporters. It is reported that the first phase of investment in 20 million Op lighting to create a world-class product development lab and the LED light environment simulation lab, independent research on the most current market shortage of LED products, covering home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, roads and outdoor lighting, and other fields. At the same time seize the technological high ground, Op 300 in the existing core of professional, Dr. R & D team, based on the positive start LED talent recruitment program, further strengthen the optoelectronics industry with well-known national universities and research institutes of strategic cooperation.

Person in charge of China Association of Lighting, LED lighting market is already dominated by the future trend. Op over the years always able to maintain industry leadership, relying on a strong brand competitiveness, product competitiveness and the industrys leading channel sales competitiveness. The LED industry is not only to enter the industry leader Op maintain an important strategic move, it is the national policy of energy conservation Op positive response to industry serve the country.

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