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Put the motion on behalf of two: Legislative aspects of intellectual property protection LED

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Two of the country has officially opened two representatives gathered in Beijing to bring their experience and LM1084IS-ADJ datasheet and proposals for the outside world has also become the focus of attention. CPPCC National Committee and LM1084IS-ADJ price and deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao Shi Xiangpeng March 3 to the author said that this year two more attention than ever before, the two organizations will maintain growth, expand domestic demand, the economic structure adjustment and LM1084IS-ADJ suppliers and industrial restructuring, and other important economic issues to make in-depth discussion.

Asked to bring proposals, Shi Xiangpeng said he brought a high-tech property rights on the nurturing and protection proposal. Shi Xiangpeng proposals should be nurtured and protected by legislation and the compound semiconductor LED Chinas independent intellectual property rights.

Shi Xiangpeng said that Europe and the United States over the last technology in this area is the blockade of China, China in this regard can be described as a blank. Today, Chinas national enterprises began to develop this technology, the state should give more support and protection, especially protection from the legislation.

Public information, LED 90 of the last century developed a new generation of cold light source, with an unparalleled advantage in conventional light sources, such as saving energy, protecting the environment (no mercury and other harmful substances), long life (50,000 hours), reducing maintenance costs, provide better lighting quality, visual effects and lighting to improve safety, these are the LED technology in a number of infrastructure construction has been more and more applications.

Financial crisis, the growing global energy shortage. Since the energy crisis of the seventies, environmental protection and energy conservation consciousness in 1991, the EPA first proposed the implementation of green lighting and promotional programs, and by the United Nations, Britain, Germany, France, Japan and other advanced countries and developing countries concerned, for, with a 100lm / W of green light-emitting efficiency of LED lighting has become the protagonist.

Said Shi Xiangpeng, LED has a very wide range of applications, such as mobile phones, notebook computers, LCD phone light source is LED, the environment, life and long. In addition, LED can be used for street lighting, road traffic lights, neon lights. LED power-saving can be achieved with more than 60%, while very environmentally friendly. Now the high pressure sodium lamps are used in the release of sulfuric acid, at least over Beijing on tons of sulfuric acid, will produce acid rain when it rains corrosion buildings, is not environmentally friendly, with LED to solve the pollution problem, this is a revolution in human . Shi Xiangpeng calculations back to reporters: if the state can have a 30% year civil lighting using LED, you can save a year of the Three Gorges power station coal a year will be able to send one-third of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide pollution resolved.

Shi Xiangpeng also pointed out that China is now the main use of the LED components are imported. The surface with the international gap is not large, only three to five years, in fact, a large gap, because only a small packaging company in China, there is no large-scale upstream, there is no source, the lack of roots, trunk.

Learned that the only compound semiconductor industry bases and National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base in Shenzhen last month, has been put into production. The base of development from start to do to make wafer chips. Shi Xiangpeng said that this is a national independent innovation of the industry, just fill the roots, trunk upstream of this piece of core technology. "To help countries improve the roots and trunk, later to be flourishing, the." Shi Xiangpeng said.

Compound Semiconductor is the worlds latest technology. According to Shi Xiangpeng introduction, our country has all the chips are micro-electronics, silicon is represented by the first generation semiconductors. Compound semiconductors is the second-and third-generation semiconductor, is optoelectronics. This new technology developed in Europe and America have been 30 years, mainly for the military, is a powerful manifestation of the national economy. We are more familiar with his products is the laser. Lasers are widely used in communications, such as for 3G, 4G communications equipment. Such as the bandwidth is fast enough, they should also use the laser. For another example, infrared night vision, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the future high-speed railway to be used in monitoring the laser, the amount of very large civilian.

Shi Xiangpeng said, these high-tech technologies are controlled in the hands of European and American countries, China started relatively late, developed very slowly, now used only for civilian use. With Europe and the United States lags far behind. If we do not, and is also a passive beaten.

Shi Xiangpeng suggested that the state should pass legislation to protect the industry from the policy above, to support, from scientific research to help, such as the use of 863 plans to help enterprises to enhance their research capabilities.

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