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Solar wind power investment experience Bing Huo Liang Zhong Tian

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It Tencent reports, at present, the impact of the global financial crisis, the domestic solar photovoltaic companies overseas, a large number of sharp drop in orders. Bleak as the market expected, the risk investors are quietly away from the solar PV industry, especially in crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell industry. Experience with solar PV industry is different from the mature technology and MAX5480BCEE datasheet and optimistic about the prospects of domestic market, venture capitalists chasing the wind power industry has not diminished the momentum.

In the New York Stock Exchange-listed Chinese solar panel maker Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited recently announced Yingli sales and MAX5480BCEE price and fourth quarter of 2008 compared with third quarter net profit down 20% and MAX5480BCEE suppliers and 33%. The company said the decline in sales and profits in part because of the downturn in general economic conditions, as well as Spain and other countries to cancel the partial support of clean energy.

Present, the impact of the global financial crisis, the domestic solar photovoltaic companies overseas, a large number of sharp drop in orders. Bleak as the market expected, the risk investors are quietly away from the solar PV industry, especially in crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell industry. Because of the support of the domestic market, with the field of clean energy technologies at the wind power industry is still favored by venture capitalists.

There are signs that the field of clean energy technologies in China, solar PV industry and the investment in wind power industry, heat and cold conditions, can be described as Bing Huo Liang Zhong Tian . PV investment


2009 Nian 2 early Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group Chairman Xu Jinrong said that in 2009 the company re-investment of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells is very small possibility of the project.

Eve of Spring Festival, Jiangsu Hi-tech investment to 72 million yuan investment in Jiang Su Aikang solar equipment company. This is no small surprise to the industry as a bleak market conditions at present. In this regard, Xu Jinrong said Icahn components of solar energy production of solar cells, compared with the main parts, accessories areas he considers the impact of the global financial crisis suffered less. It is reported that decide to invest, Xu Jinrong tracked Icahn company for two years.

Icahn is currently the worlds 20 largest solar companies to provide products in 13, in the leading edge segments have, therefore, although the industry investment risk, it is expected that the growth of such enterprises are still parts better. Xu Jinrong said that in 2008 the companys profit growth remained at 50% level.

And Xu Jinrong have the same idea a few investors. Associate Director Zhang Aimin

Prax said the Fund, the current investment in solar energy projects in general are very cautious. He believes that the industry currently has capacity backlog, cost reduction mainly depends on the speed, if the price of polysilicon in the tens of dollars to stabilize, and perhaps investment opportunities.

The same time, Zhang Aimin said that unless the projects have some breakthrough technology or market performance, or will not vote in crystalline silicon cell project. The fund invests in Nanjing, China Sunergy Company, the production of a new type of solar cell energy conversion rate has exceeded 18%, higher than a few percentage points of crystalline silicon cells. Investment managers in todays capital

Ma appears, from the perspective of return on investment, solar energy projects over a period of high returns, future investment in this area is likely to return to the traditional industries, the project will be growth and decline in investment income . "At present, crystalline silicon cell project, we are directly PASS out."

In fact, since the NYSE listed Suntech, the domestic enterprises of crystalline silicon solar cells have emerged, and created a Solarfun Power, JA Solar, China Sunergy, more than 10 overseas listed companies, in 2008 the domestic The production capacity has more than 2000MW. Some industry analysts, the domestic surplus production capacity is expected to have one million kilowatts, will take a long time to digest, so investment in the short term high risk of expansion.

PV companies in trouble

The global financial crisis, the monopoly of foreign technology, such as multiple reasons, the domestic manufacturers of solar modules without a large number of orders to do, have to stop production or close down. Statistics show that, as of the end of 2008 the country has 350 solar module business failures, so far only about 50. The largest solar photovoltaic companies Suntech is difficult, "an exception", fell into financial difficulties.

2000, the Shi specializing in polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cell technology as a doctoral returning from overseas, the founder of Suntech Power Co., 4 years after the successful listing on the NYSE Suntech, Dr. Shi was in 2006, "Forbes Sri Lanka "magazine as the richest man in China. Shi Zhengrong, became the classic story of entrepreneurship. July 2006 Shi and global supplier of large-scale silicon MEMC signed 5.0 billion -60 billion polysilicon contract, so that in many Suntech PV companies to fight for the material time "standing on the sidelines."

However, the passage of time, swept the global financial crisis, coupled with technological monopoly of foreign and domestic manufacturers of solar modules without a large number of orders to do, Suntech also not be an exception. Earlier media reports said, "Suntech stopped half of the production line and lay off 10%." In this regard, Shi said that the global financial crisis, Suntech major markets - European buyers, due to financing difficulties and other reasons, to defer part of the order. This makes the decision Suntech have to make cuts, so half of the production line in the fourth quarter of 2008 cut-off date.

China Renewable Energy Society, said the Secretary-General Meng Xiangan, China PV industry is the most prominent of the two major issues in foreign raw materials and markets. In the global financial crisis, prices of polysilicon and the monopoly of foreign technology under the influence of multiple factors, two out of the Chinese PV industry a bit helpless, and blind imitation of enterprises also contributed to the final cuts and even closure of the important reasons.

Crisis, more finance companies played cards, hopes to finance through this very moment. However, the current view, venture capitalists have production backlog of existing investment in the overall cooling of the PV industry, solar companies face a difficult live situation.

This regard, industry experts believe that focusing on the development of photovoltaic industry, started the practice of the domestic market, worthy of support. However, Chinas PV industry must face two major problems exist, one of leading enterprises and whether there who blindly follow the trend was the issue, the second is the lack of another way of innovation.

Enthusiastic investment in wind power

Experience with solar PV industry is different from the mature technology and optimistic about the prospects of domestic markets, venture capitalists chasing the momentum of wind power has not diminished.

Reason why Chinas wind power industry has been good, mainly the cost of domestic enterprises of great advantage, technology is not weak. In addition, the capacity expansion of domestic enterprises is fast, manufacturing capacity is not a problem.

According to a senior investment experts say, the past two years, the global investment in wind power, about 12% -15% of the funds to invest in China, and China has become the worlds largest wind power market. As Chinas wind power development in new energy technology is relatively mature technology, already has the scale of the development prospects of the development and commercialization of one of the ways of power generation, industry is entering a rising cycle. Some observers also believe that wind power, wind power equipment industry in China developed rapidly, some good companies have come to the fore, occupies an important position in the global market.

It is reported in the Chinese wind power equipment manufacturers and the forefront of Goldwind Sinovel have started a 3.0MW 5.0MW offshore wind turbines as well as research; Baoding Huayi leaves after 3 years of accumulation, to achieve the leaves independent R & D design; production of Bearing already covered the full range of 750kW to 3.0MW of wind power bearing and began to develop 5.0MW of bearing products.

Industry sources, these companies have been able to represent the highest level of wind power companies, while the wind power companies have also shown strong profitability. Sinovel investors, Chinas capital market Gangster level figures Han Zhidong that they in 2004 and 2005, the original cost of investment in 2006, when the dividend in 2007 to recover the. The reason why venture capitalists

identified broad prospects for Chinas wind power market, and is closely related to Chinas energy development strategy.

2007 Nian 9 Yue National Development and Reform Commission published the "Renewable Energy and long-term development plan," and proposed wind power installed capacity to 2010 to reach 5GW, only 3 months after the actual installed capacity reached 6GW.

According to statistics, in 2008 completed the first half of wind power lifting 2063MW. According to early planning, years of construction, completed by the end of the seasonal construction law, conservative estimate of annual new installed capacity in 2008 will exceed 5500MW. According to the developers of the planned program, 2009 and 2010, will add capacity of 6500MW and 8000MW, the average annual compound growth rate of more than 20%.

After the outbreak of the global financial crisis, Chinas response to changes in the international economic situation began to implement a proactive fiscal policy to support renewable energy once again become the focus. Recently, the industry passed a saying: the National Development and Reform Commission will total installed capacity of wind power by 2020 to increase from 30GW to 100GW.

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