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The benefits of home appliances MediaTek mobile phone chips sold out

Taiwans "Economic Times" reported that the purchased home appliances inspired wave of mainland and Taiwan, "MediaTek" mobile phone chip out of stock, 3, announced an increase in first quarter earnings expectations, the company originally forecast first-quarter revenue quarter fell 8% to 16%, changed for the quarter increased 8% raised to 13%, a difference of nearly 30 percentage points. Taiwan "MediaTek" is the continents largest supplier of mobile phone chips, is the worlds third-largest mobile phone chip manufacturers. Analysts said that the mainland sales better than expected, "a thousand fragrant meat", and its downstream partners, foundry TSMC, UMC, packaging and testing companies such as ASE, is expected to simultaneously benefit. ...
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Suntech Chairman: domestic photovoltaic industry or the shuffle in 2010

PV industry in China in recent years the rapid development of emerging industries. However, because of its raw materials, markets and even devices are heavily dependent on the international market, making it the hardest hit by the financial crisis. Investment Advisor in the Ministry of Industry of the latest data show that, up to now China has 350 photovoltaic industry components business failures out of business, only about 50 survivors. Energy Deputy General Manager Xie Hong Chuan Investment, said first polysilicon whether it is sustainable, it can not judge. Present from around the world, it is still an emerging industry. As for the future can develop many years, with unpredictability. Shanghai Topsolar Zhuyuan Hao, general manager of Green Energy, said the current global financial turmoil on the domestic impact of photovoltaic bus...
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3G mobile devices to implement mandatory product certification next year

Reporters from the national commission was informed that since January 1, 2010 onwards, 3G mobile terminals must be mandatory product certification, and the compulsory certification mark, before the factory, sell, import or use of other business activities. 3G mobile terminal device is in the public service for the public mobile communication network used for communication functions TD-SCDMA, WCDMA or CDMA2000 mobile devices. As technology advances and products continue to mature, 3G (third generation mobile communications) license, has officially released, 3G mobile terminals has officially entered the consumers life. "The first implementation of a mandatory product certification catalog" contains the mobile user terminal (including the TDMA (GSM) and CDMA mobile terminal), 3G mobile terminals in the TDMA (GSM) and CDMA mobile terminal...
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Solar cell equipment and components of the two trends

2 25 ~ 27 at the "PVEXPO2009 Second International Exhibition of solar cells", the solar cell equipment and components, there are two significant trends, it is fully aware of the areas of solar cell industry wide. Trend is part of a vendor to expand the exhibition area, demonstrating the technology for the global business capabilities. For example, the Asahi Glass shows the formation of SnO2 on the glass floor of the TCO (transparent conductive oxide) film kind. Objectives through the use of a pyramid-shaped surface of the membrane sealing effect of light conversion efficiency will increase by 10 to 20%. TCO films with the CVD process was installed after the (offline) methods made of, according to the crystal growth conditions on the surface to form a pyramid shape variations. Future in the global thin film solar cells for sale. Kuraray...
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Xuzhou Construction 3.5 billion polysilicon production base has qualified products

Polysilicon is the most upstream of the photovoltaic industry, the core technology. As in the silicon industry the successful implementation of Phase III, to break the foreign monopoly in the quiet upper reaches of the long-core technology, Xuzhou, will become the largest polysilicon production base. It is understood, is currently under construction in the silicon industry polysilicon three total investment of 3.5 billion 21 months construction period. Currently, the third phase of the first production line has been qualified polysilicon output products, the second and third production line put into operation plans in March and April, the first half full of production. After the completion of all projects, in the silicon industry output will reach 1 million tons, becoming the first Asian leader in polysilicon production base, will great...
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Monash University has developed a thin flexible solar cells

Monash University (Monash University), researchers developed a thin flexible solar cells can be mass production, the technology can be used for printing polymer banknotes. First samples of polymer solar cells by the Securency International printing plant in Melbourne the company produced, the company responsible for producing Australias polymer banknotes and currency, and in 26 countries and regions worldwide distribution. Monash University researchers Dr Udo Bach and Professor Cheng Yibing Victorian Organic Solar Cell Association (Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium) member of the Association by a team of scientists and industry structure, collaborative R & D in low-cost polymer solar cells efficient development of the printing direction. "Substrate polymer film solar cells made almost as thin a sheet of paper. Our ultimate goal ...
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Taiwan set to sign 10 billion solar Acer large unit is expected to begin shipping in Q2

LED packaging factory - Li Acer Electronics (8111) recently signed a U.S. power plant will be officially labeled the case of solar modules is expected to begin shipping in Q2, preliminary estimates suggest that revenues will contribute 10 billion to 15 billion This is following the European customers, the first time in the U.S. market, Acer established standard case orders. Despite the financial turmoil, weak demand in solar market, but some U.S. state governments continue to promote green energy, Acer chairman Tong Yixing Li also actively to the United States for orders, and orders came in the recent good news, by the U.S. power plant about 300 million watts (MW) of solar module order, is expected to begin shipping in Q2, preliminary estimates suggest that revenue contribution of about 10 billion to 15 billion. Acer Li said that as th...
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4 / 8-bit RISC microcontroller technology providers attractive booth ten-speed

Approached the ten-speed technology, a booth was it a warm green and a large television screen to the hooked. TV screen in front of visitors there in the "dancing"! It turned out he was the person in and play interactive computer games. Ten-speed technology in Taiwan, established in 1997 for the design, manufacture and sales of various CMOS ICs professional IC design suppliers. The main products are 4 / 8-bit RISC microcontroller ( RISC MCU ), integrated non-volatile memory (Embedded NVM) and System on Chip (SoC), these products are widely used in telecommunications, OA, IA, Internet, Networks and computer peripherals and consumer products. Ten-speed with excellent design capability and advanced process technology, the competitiveness of their products enough to show disdain for the industry in Taiwan. Its competitive advantages include...
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Central Hall in the City Hall Peoples Network LED large screen set up Liard

For ease of representatives, members and two journalists to keep abreast of latest developments, comprehensive multi-platform show the Peoples Daily, Peoples live coverage capabilities, the PRC was established in the central hall of the City Hall LED big screen. The most spectacular big-screen size, image display sharp, crisp and full, wide attention and praise. In order to achieve security and stability of the screen and display the double effect of good security, the use of the Beijing Liard related equipment, the company that has successfully provided for the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony of the picture display, and so become the industry leader. PRC as the representative of the big screen by Riyadh to facilitate members ...
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LED industry access to all levels of government recognition and attention to prospects

2008, at the international and domestic economy is facing a severe test of an unprecedented situation, a new round of semiconductor lighting industry as the focus of the development of energy-saving high-tech industry, has been the strong support of governments at all levels and care, the State and the provinces, municipalities have strongly support the introduction of semiconductor lighting industrial development policy, while, LED industry, the broad prospects for investment in the industry also received a high degree of recognition and attention. 2008, LED industry will reach 6.8 billion LED solid state light source as a new concept, the process from the production process to use up scrap almost no pollution, but power consumption is only the traditional light bulb 1 / 10, life was extended several times and even 100 times, become i...
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