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Or netbook Netbook achievement achievements LED LED?

LED be an excellent fit with the netbook, LED for its light, the advantage of saving the industry and that is to promote the birth of popular netbook backstage. netbook of its small size, LED down the only application in the high altar of this, restricting the size and cost of LED technology content, netbook for the LED in the popularity of notebook computers has opened up a popular route. 1. LED with the Netbooks a perfect match 2008, the area of the field in the LED backlight is undoubtedly the most eye-catching Netbook, Taiwans Computex trade show, Intel Netbook to create a Chinese name "Internet", it was vividly called the "easy PC", its main Internet use is used to satisfy the consumers in the travel, meetings, business trips to the more portable, compact, lower energy consumption, and performance support to the Internet as the co...
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Opportunities for LED lighting market in 2009 show

Energy reduction has clearly become the common voice of the country and the world, and a new round of semiconductor lighting industry as the focus of the development of high-tech industry, known as the best chance of the world, the most sought after industry, the various countries and regions strongly support the introduction of a series of semiconductor lighting industrial development policies. The industry believes that by 2011, LED general lighting market was likely to occur in high-speed growth. But in 2009, LED lights are expected to increase 1 million, of which 50% came from Chinas market, LED street light LED growth will help boost the popularity of indoor lighting speed. Potential market According to the China Academy of Engineering, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow, Liang-Hui Chen estimates, as l...
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Wang said it would continue to seek opportunities for acquisitions of foreign telecom assets

China Mobile chairman and chief executive on Wednesday, Wang said China Mobiles current business focus is in Chinas domestic market, but also will continue to seek opportunities for acquisition of overseas telecommunications assets. Wang statement on the companys business focus has changed, he said several times recently, is currently overseas telecommunications assets look cheap, China Mobile will wait for an opportunity to invest overseas assets. Wang reiterated that he believed that overseas telecommunications assets currently very cheap. China Mobile in 2007 of 4.6 billion overall price of the acquisition of Paktel, and renamed it CMPak Ltd. Wang CPPCC meeting in space, told reporters that China Mobile is fortunate not to start the acquisition two years ago, when asset prices are high; Now that asset prices have fallen by 50% -60%...
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France Telecom said 2008 net profit fell 35% in the year lower than expected

France Telecom said today that the companys 2008 full year net profit fell 35% due to write-down of asset values and tax increases. France Telecom in 2008 full year net profit of 6.3 billion euros from last year fell to 40.7 billion euros (5.1 billion), revenues increased 1% to 53.49 billion euros. Bloomberg News survey, analysts had expected France Telecom 2008 net profit of 53.1 billion euros, sales of 534 million euros. France Telecom in France, the UK and other mature markets slowing down, the company is gradually establishing new services, such as pay-TV, to get more revenue from existing customers. The company also extended to Africa, to win more users. Tax reduction of France Telecom in 2007 by 8.5 billion euros, due in part confirmed in France related deferred income tax assets. France Telecom CFO Gewa Spey John Arne Riise (G...
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CNNIC China Mobile has recently received formal certification

3G Telephone Number to be more actively engaged in the Chinese mobile Internet company in transition. Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) the responsible person, CNNIC China Mobile recently received official certification, becoming Alibaba, Sina, Baidu has a CN domain name after registration services applied. China Mobile, a CN domain name applied after registration service will be operational for the launch of the brands new domain-based services provide users with more high-quality inter-network integration services. Currently, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 300 million, mobile phone users will reach 4.9 billion provider of telecom operators into the domain name services to the mobile Internet industry will bring many innovative services, mobile Internet and the traditional Internet to ac...
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Wang Xiaojie said not to consider Chinas mobile multimedia services, user fees

SARFT deputy director of Science and Technology yesterday said Wang Xiaojie, CMMB (China mobile multimedia) services will not consider the user charges. Previously, Shanghai Media Mobile Television Co., Ltd. in February was officially launched in Shanghai in the first CMMB mobile TV business services, the service free of charge in the first year, and brewing operations after the implementation of Shanghai CMMB monthly fee is 20 yuan / month, which CMMB is the first time disclosed the official operating agencies of the specific charges, which led to the industry standard for the discussion of the tariff. Wang Xiaojie expressed, CMMB as an extension of existing broadcast television network, has always insisted on the basic entertainment meet user needs, based on providing low-cost high-quality mobile TV. CMMB has formed a complete indust...
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China IC industry in capital, technology, markets, self-control

China Semiconductor Industry Association Yu Zhongyu Chinas semiconductor market in 2009 at the annual meeting that the industry downturn in this industry come from outside the macroeconomic factors, which broke the speed, extent of the strong beyond all expectation. As foreign investment in China IC industry as a whole the proportion of 55%, so in the global economic crisis on the investment-led nature of the Chinese IC industry have a greater impact. Domestic market from the impact of industry analysis in the IC industry structure, due to foreign investment only accounts for about 10% of the proportion of domestic IC design, so in 2008 remained more than 4% growth; foreign capital accounted for 38% of the wafer fabrication, 85% of IC packaging and testing industry will be hit by a negative growth year on year, and led to the development ...
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Car navigation systems into a "radiator" New regulation should be strengthened

Urban road network more complex, more and more newcomers on the road, car navigation systems has become in recent years, selling auto parts. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a car navigation system the quality of supervision and sampling, 40 batches of the product in 75% of inferior quality, batch pass rate was 25%. These issues are not allowed to car navigation systems not only positioning, navigation, and half of the excessive radiation, equivalent to a long time with a phone call in the side. Car navigation is a new electronic products, the first of its kind in the country checks. Experts point out that, due to strong market demand will make fame and fortune and shoddy illegal businesses, selling for such new products, government departments should strengthen supervision, setting standards, regu...
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The Government will announce this week the island of Taiwan chip industry restructuring plan

Taiwan government will announce this week the islands memory chip industry restructuring plan to help the islands survival is threatened chip makers out of a long period of products, the plight of oversupply and shortage of funds. Analysts said the Taiwan government may begin to form a DRAM of a new holding company, foreign companies may give the company into the newly formed advanced technology. In return, foreign companies will get the new companys shares. After the government may also seek to second-tier manufacturers in Taiwan with one or more foreign companies to merge to better memory chips with the worlds top two giants South Koreas Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) and South Koreas Hynix Semiconductor (HynixSemiconductor) to compete. 12 since late last year, Taiwans top three DRAM maker Powerchip Semiconductor (Powerchip...
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Zhu Jianmin: Start the PV market will enable millions of people employed

"From the point of view of stimulating domestic demand, Chinas PV market share of only 2% of battery production, the PV market fundamentals did not start the case, in 2006, sales of PV industry in China is 500 million, employment number 40000; 2007, sales of 1,000 billion yuan, 10 million employment; In 2008, sales of 2,000 billion yuan, 20 million in employment. If the PV market, once started, will create 1000000000000000 yuan in the domestic market, increase Millions of jobs. "CPPCC National Committee members, Liaoning Oak Group Chairman Zhu Jianmin, told reporters. Zhu Jianmin members that, at present, Chinas solar photovoltaic industry is booming, but the contrast between the industry and the market is huge. He said the end of 2007 Chinas photovoltaic cell production reached 1,088 MW, photovoltaic module production reached 1717 MW, ...
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