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Out of CCFL LED-backlit LCD display What are the advantages

LED-backlit LCD display and has become the buzzword of LCD TVs. As with LED backlight LCD display and LCD TVs tend to have relatively higher prices, many users will be regarded as high-end models. However, many users still do not know the significance and advantages of LED backlighting, then, we proceed from the concept of LED backlighting, what good is it to understand it! LCD panel constituted From the LCD panel structure, we can see that the imaging principle of the LCD panel liquid crystal molecules are mainly reflected by the backlight light to render a different color, liquid crystal molecules themselves can not be light, mainly through the backlight irradiation to achieve, while the ordinary liquid crystal display or LCD TVs use a cold cathode ray tube, that is, we often say that the CCFL (principle similar to fluorescent tubes)...
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Taiwans DRAM industry consolidation camp calls the case a higher Micron

The Taiwan authorities will present the case of DRAM industry consolidation, Elpida and Micron, and the case in the whole camp who would win the initiative, their own interpretation of the market, divided into two camps of the South (5346), Inotera (3474 ), PSC (5346) were yesterdays stock price rose, the semiconductor industry more optimistic about the South and China belongs to the subfamily Micron camp. Semiconductor industry that the U.S. light camp and the case referred to the whole openness, willing to let all the DRAM industry, with new companies joining the ranks of the same group, and increased investment, technology transfer more than 2,500 free patents to the new company, all of which more in line with the industry or the needs of the Taiwan authorities, together with Nanya, Inotera is a strong background of the Formosa Plast...
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Number of academicians lack of high-end medical equipment directed at lack of domestic popularity

As a tool for saving lives, the price and quality of medical devices has been a topic of concern to patients, is also a Fellow of focus issues. Shanghai Academy of Sciences Center held the day before yesterday, "to promote science and technology innovation to help enterprises develop," Sharon on the topic, a number of academicians directed at the current medical device industry in Shanghai "missing." First "short" is the lack of domestic high-end products. Shanghai last year, the medical device industry output of about 120 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4%, but faced a lack of independent innovation products, excessive dependence on imported products, primary health care sector and other issues behind equipment. Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association Pan Mingrong introduced in the medical device one, two, three categories of prod...
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LED industry by the government concerned about the prospects

2008, at the international and domestic economy is facing a severe test of an unprecedented situation, a new round of semiconductor lighting industry as the focus of the development of energy-saving high-tech industry, has been the strong support of governments at all levels and care, the State and the provinces, municipalities have strongly support the introduction of semiconductor lighting industrial development policy, while, LED industry, the broad prospects for investment in the industry also received a high degree of recognition and attention. 2008, LED industry will reach 6.8 billion LED solid state light source as a new concept, the process from the production process to use up scrap almost no pollution, but power consumption is only the traditional light bulb 1 / 10, life was extended several times and even 100 times, become i...
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Merging the two brewing giants vertically integrated photovoltaic industry tide

Reporter learned yesterday from the industry, two world-class solar energy giant - the leading PV modules manufacturer Q-Cells and the worlds second-ranked manufacturer of photovoltaic wafers RenewableEnergyCorp (REC) is brewing merger. The two companies hope to achieve the vertical integration of solar energy supply chain, the industry is expected that this merger will result in the pattern of the global PV market changes. Understanding of the world photovoltaic industry, according to a person described the situation, REC and Q-Cells exists the potential merger, first, because both have a common shareholder GoodEnergy. In addition, the two companies also complement each other in an early stage, when Q-Cells lack of raw materials, the once strong support by REC, which jumped to 2008, the former worlds leading solar cell. Learned, Q-Cel...
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50 PV companies in China only: 350 have been closed down out of business

M & A wave of closures PV companies only 50 Present, China has 350 PV components businesses have closed out of business, some PV companies look to domestic market In the just concluded 24th World University Winter Games, in Harbin Yabuli stadium lights along the main road all the solar panels provide electricity. Recent years, solar energy technology in China has experienced rapid development process. Photovoltaic industry in particular, is the rapid development in China in recent years, emerging industries. However, because of its raw materials, markets and even devices are heavily dependent on the international market, making it the hardest hit by the financial crisis. Investment Advisor in the Ministry of Industry of the latest data show that until now China has 350 photovoltaic industry components business failures out of business...
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Suntech solar cell factory is expected to rank third in the baked

A time when well-known analysts, professional journals will soon be published in 2008 during the global solar cell manufacturers ranking, from various well-known solar cell manufacturers published output, in 2008 still is the first large German Q-Cells, second place for the film factory Firstsolar, Chinas Suntech (Suntech) is expected to rank third, while Yingli place among the top 10 have a chance. 2008 leading the global solar cell plant in Germany Q-Cells is still still on top, output of 574 megawatts (MWp), compared to the originals No. 2 ranked 5 cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film factory FirstSolar, production out for the 503MWp, No. 3 leading domestic solar cell plant much Suntech. Where, Q-Cells rapid growth and sit tight top spot, in addition to its rapid capacity expansion, the raw material control is an important factor, and...
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Zhenghui IIC connector components stand

Calendar IIC component connector is the highlight of the exhibition hall, one of the connector manufacturer in China should gradually get rid of the low-end products in the homogenization of the type of competition, and actively track the connector edge technology, learning new technologies and new connector technology, and constantly develop new products, expanding high-end product line. Top connector manufacturers Miller Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., two million new Great Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Yeung Steel Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Yi Yao Industrial Co., Ltd., Progressive Alliance Industry Co., Ltd., a limited e-letters company, Ningbo New Asia Electrical Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Cape Xu Wire Co., Ltd., Han Quan Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xin Sheng Hui Electronics Co., Ltd., gathered in IIC, setting off a new upsurge in the ...
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Smart phone market potential in 2009 will be beneficial to good news

Global mobile phone market since October and in November entered a rapid decline since, resulting in the fourth quarter, shipments dropped by nearly 5% year on year. Although the macroeconomic situation in 2009 is not optimistic, but will still be good news. ABI vice president of research institutions JakeSaunders Asia Pacific, said, "WCDMA and CDMA2000 handset sales in 2009 expected to grow 50%, the depth of the recession of the 2G product categories. WCDMA handset shipments are expected from 2008 The 258 million increase to 725 million in 2009. As of 2013, more than two-thirds of mobile phones with 3G or 3G will be more functional. " KevinBurden Executive Director added, "Another promising market is the smart phones. Smart phone has been occupied in 2008, a 14% market share, is expected to achieve further breakthroughs in 2009 to 2013...
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National policies to promote solar energy market needs incentives

Solar photovoltaic (PV) industry, refers to the conversion of sunlight into electricity through the solar cell industry. Solar energy as a great potential for development of new energy and renewable energy, has attracted wide attention around the world, China has also done a lot of research, unfortunately, many years later, solar power seems to have been in people is a distant concept, and symbols. The current electricity price of solar power generators is common about 10 times the purchase price, the cost so high, apparently did not spread possible. The global solar PV market is essentially a government policy driven market, the United States, Japan and the EU PV development plans are particularly emphasized that the cost of photovoltaic power generation and thermal power down to very end, before competitive . In recent years, the Euro...
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