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45: The device LED solar energy value of many categories

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China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

forty-fifth Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as 45) is of special process equipment specializing in semiconductor research and MAX306CPI datasheet and development, manufacturing and MAX306CPI price and technical services, research and MAX306CPI suppliers and production of large institutions, the national "863" major research equipment, IC After the packaging equipment industry demonstration project undertaker. 45 With its years of technological accumulation and innovation, hard work silently in the semiconductor equipment.

10 4 door to a large class of the field of products and services

China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) is the 45th Institute of Technology in electronic equipment, machine systems and application technology research and development and manufacturing of specialized research and production units to machine vision, motion control technology, precision parts manufacturing and optimization technology, material handling systems technology, precision motion table system technology, special physical and chemical process research and system integration technology and machine technology as the main research directions, special equipment for the semiconductor and integrated circuits, new electronic equipment components electromechanical integration equipment and other research and development as the main object. IC has been formed to critical process equipment, "lithography" as a leader, wafer processing equipment, chip packaging equipment and a complete range of equipment, electronic components, complete series of products. 45 developed by the semiconductor material processing, lithography, electroplating, corrosion, cleaning, inspection systems, dicing, bonding equipment is a technology leader in the country and has been with the scale of production capacity.

45 products developed by 10 major areas involved in 4 door type, there are more than 100 varieties. 30 years, 45 were more than 500 achievements in scientific research, of which 200 received national, provincial (ministry) level and above reward; applied for and received over 50 patents; the 59 countries included in the special equipment was to replace imported products directory, and another 20 have been listed as national new products. 45 R & D by the more than 6,000 pieces (sets) of special equipment in Chinas IC manufacturing industry and other industries nearly 300 enterprises of the production line, research institutes and universities play an important role.

45 Suo major markets of products and services include micro-electronics, semiconductor lighting (LED), solar photovoltaic, semiconductor discrete devices and components, specialty materials, and other electronic components. Among them, the majority of microelectronics and discrete devices customers located in the Pearl, Yangtze River Delta region, mainly related to lithography, cleaning system, probe station, dicing machines, wire bonders and other products; semiconductor lighting products to customers (package + chips) are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region, mainly related to lithography, cleaning system, probe station, dicing machine, pasting machine, wire bonders and other products; solar photovoltaic (solar wafers and cells containing tablets) equipment products The customers are mainly located in the Yangtze River Delta region, involving multiple wire cutting, printing, cleaning system velvet systems, drying machines, dicing and other products. Other components, special materials, equipment, products, customers and other electronic components are distributed throughout the country, involving products, including slicing machine, washing machine, drying machine, scribing machine.

LED devices are widely favored

In market development, they focus on large domestic user, leading enterprises in the development, after the packaging equipment in the semiconductor, LED (light emitting diode) production equipment and solar production equipment has made great progress, the development of of some products and foreign companies have been able to match the products, especially LED devices is favored by many manufacturers.

Present, for the DB-8002LED automatic pasting machine they have a professional sales team, to complete the technical support from the pre to after-sale technical service and maintenance work, effectively ensure the equipment running in the user site. China LED manufacturing industry becoming more competitive, very low profit products, most of the manual production-based, product quality is difficult to guarantee. The automation equipment had to rely on imports, not only expensive, after-sales service are not guaranteed. In the current domestic demand for this type of equipment more than 500 pieces (sets), and 45 developed precisely to meet this part of the equipment needs of users, performance and quality in equipment and foreign equipment and a very, price and after-sales to become their advantage.

The same time, in pursuit of higher profits, many manufacturers have to produce some personalized LED application products, which also made for individual equipment requirements. Depth of 45 users can quickly understand the user process, putting forward solutions.

The future development of their ideas will be established, except in the technological content of products, reliability, manufacturing costs continue to do so outside of work, focusing on leading the development of domestic enterprises to stimulate the industry, market development, to seek greater market share. Actively following the development of production technology

45 Suo as the development and production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Chinas national team, always stand to compete with foreign equipment, cutting edge, adhere to the thought process of solar cells provide practical, cost-effective mission equipment to reduce the solar cell business investment and operating costs and enhance market competitiveness of solar cells as the goal, is dedicated to accelerating the entire line of equipment to improve the supply of domestic equipment and process technologies. As seen solar cells and semiconductor lighting industry, the rapid development momentum, 45 for the use of its technology and features of the relevant products to improve and enhance the adaptive achieved good market response. Screen printing, wafer manufacturing wool, cleaning and drying equipment such as large-capacity washing into the country has been the main bulk of the solar cell manufacturer.

45 independently developed by the solar photovoltaic equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and the number of patent applications, the key parts localization rate reached 80%. "Sunshine Procurement Project" for domestic and foreign outstanding supplier of raw materials and components to build a technology platform, in Beijing and its surrounding areas have formed a good production, supply chain supporting each other, promoting economic efficiency of enterprises in these areas have contributed to local economic development.

In product development strategy, they are targeting crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing equipment --- the most critical printing equipment, multi-Cutting Machine and automatic focus on the development, at present, the localization of the two devices has made significant progress.

In solar wafer preparation, 45 independent research and development, with more than 15 patents have been cutting out cutting machine has a thickness of 180μm standard 156mm × 156mm square wafers.

In the manufacture of solar cells, automatic screen printing concern developed automated system also achieved a major breakthrough, the device unit key technologies, such as visual alignment, automatic transmission system, turn pieces, debris-line detection system, Automatic flexible printing, sorting systems, the efficiency of detection of the practical development has been completed, the device will be in mass production by 2010.

45 Suo 60s from the 20th century began a round and cylindrical slicer internal research, and accumulated a wealth of technical experience. The face of solar energy raw material prices, growth in demand for multi Cut the trend of the market, timely development of the DXQ-601 Multi Cut, technical specifications, process performance and other parameters are close to or exceed the level of similar foreign equipment to fill the domestic gaps of these products. Slice with the traditional process compared to the inner circle, with a curved line cutting, warping is small, a good parallel, the discrete nature of the total thickness deviation is small, cutting edge loss, damage the surface layer of shallow, small chip surface roughness, cutting efficiency Higher significant advantages. Cashmere

system is to create solar cells a key technology, to improve cell conversion efficiency plays an important role, is currently in single crystal silicon solar cell manufacturing process, mainly trough system cashmere equipment. 45 developed by a SFQ-1508ZT automatic system for washing machine lint, SFQ-1504ZT to PSG automatic washing machine, SFQ-1506ZT automatic pre-washing machines and other equipment, the whole process automated. After loading the user manual mechanical transmission by 3 sets to complete the corrosion, cleaning and other processes, reducing manual intervention, with a high degree of automation, low running costs, high efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability.

In solar cell production process, the drying is to control the yield and reduce the fragmentation rate of the key steps.

In modern battery manufacturing process, the main spin drying using dry heat combined with the way the key to the technology embodied in the drying effect, fragmentation rates, operating costs and so on. 45 developed LXS-800 vertical rotary washing drying machine, in the current major solar cell production line (Nanjing electricity, Solarfun, Baoding Tianwei, etc.) have been on the users recognition.

Combination of solar technology in the printing process and internal process line test line and medium-sized production line requirements, 45 developed a semi-automatic printing equipment --- WY-159-type precision screen printing machine, WY-178 Automatic Precision Screen Printing and WY-216-type precision screen printing presses, with manual loading and unloading equipment, automated production of solar cells during the positive metal electrode, the back contact electrode, back drilling in the screen printing, but also for thick film circuits, printed circuit boards, LCD displays, surface mount electronic components such as high-precision graphics printing.

With the continuous development of solar cell industry, and 45 will continue to play the advantages in research and development institute, and actively track the development of production technology, and continuously improve and enhance the adaptability of the process equipment to meet the market development and technology requirements.

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45 Suo R & D achievements

1975, successfully developed Chinas first minified camera, the national scientific and technological progress award.

1978, successfully developed Chinas first graphics generator.

1984, successfully developed Chinas first step lithography machines, and access to the electronics industry and technological progress award.

1993, successfully developed Chinas first double-sided lithography, and access to state-level new products, the electronics industry science and technology prize.

1997, successfully developed Chinas first ultra-low temperature array probe sets, by the electronics industry scientific and technological progress second prize.

1997, successfully developed Chinas first fully automatic probe station.

2005 ACM undertook a national key research projects "SB-601-type double-sided lithography," stereotypes and acceptance by the design, the device is the first practical application of the 6-inch double-sided lithography, in the domestic advanced level.

2005 Nian diamond coated blade made of a round-type device technology, rotary washing equipment dedicated brushless motor drives, ink to print the first three patents by the fifteenth session of the National Invention Exhibition Award.

2005 Nian 8-inch wafer thinning machine through the national identification, resolution up to feed the device 0.1μm, with the world advanced level, on the basis of the film thinning out 60μm originated in China.

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