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500 companies of the regular army stormed the Internet secret army against cottage

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Statement by Liu Xiaodong, this year there will be more than 500 enterprises to enter the field, then the rest of next year may be 50, 10 or even the year after that for the rest 5, a large number of enterprises will become victims.

If you want to inventory to the 2008 annual event, then the "cottage" will indisputably be one. From mobile phones to notebooks, "cottage"s rise is causing concern of all parties.

3 8, "Chinas first Internet Forum cum-cottage industry," opening in Shenzhen, is a large interest is, it was not a "cottage Army", while the IT industry, mostly "regular": such as chip Intel field, AMD, NVIDIA; production areas of Asus, MSI; sales in the field Hongtusanbao, Hengchang IT; whole field of Lenovo, DELL; stores Bainaohui field, Cyber Digital, etc.. They have only one purpose - 2009 onslaught, "the Internet", do not let such a cake is the "cottage" by eroded.

Venue: hard to find a "cottage Army" trace

The Internet first appeared in late 2007, the first product manufactured from ASUS, which is characterized by small size, light weight, low price, do not need cable to access to the Internet, ranging from mobile phones and AD707JR datasheet and laptop belonging to one between kinds of new generation products. With the popularity of 3G networks, the Internet highlights the value will follow.

From December 2007 to Asus and AD707JR price and Acer, to December 2008, only one year, the country has 15 companies in the production of the Internet. It is estimated that by the end of June this year, the country will have more than 500 Internet solution provider. Last year, shipments of netbooks, a staggering 20 million units, the industry estimates that this figure will double again in 2009.

This cake is too tempting, so many businesses committed to cottage manufacturing industry in the first smell to the breath, not to enter the top makers in many cases in this area, fishing has been a harsh one pen, which is why the "Internet" always and AD707JR suppliers and the "cottage" linked to the cause.

Said Liu Xiaodong, chairman of the Zhongguancun Online, "according to IDG data, the Internet this year, there will be 100% of the growth, but in my opinion, if the 500 companies in, the fact is that 500% of the growth."

"We are not cottage, a real cottage now all in the hall outside, they do not come." Many participants that despite the appearance of the cottage was disrupting the market, but the points of view, but also is not all bad, at least the birth of a large number of cottage enterprises have brought a sense of crisis line manufacturers.

Support: the full onslaught of the Internet ViewSonic

general manager of China has made it clear at the meeting Shu-Fang, 2009, ViewSonic will increase spending on the Internet, "This is a chance to return to the field notebook." Zeng Shu-Fang said, ViewSonic has been committed DIY LCD R & D field, the Internet does not mean that the investment company will give up the advantages of the previous product, but is really a pity to give up this opportunity.

Hongtusanbao also at the meeting said Gu Xiaoming, vice president, "the Internet will be the Black Swan in 2009, has decided this year Hongtusanbao distribution points across the country invested 30 million units." Accordance with the existing Internet a rough calculation of the price, this investment will be 400 million yuan, and 6 billion.

Teng Chong, general manager, the former vice president of Lenovo is also very supportive of the Internet ZHANG Hui, Zhang Hui said that the cottage model in an efficient, fast, but at the inadequacy of the innovation, which also gives a good first-tier suppliers opportunities.

Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences, said music is "used to say a few months of leading the trend, and now only the leading position for five seconds, five seconds is a cottage industry to sell their products to many of the signs. < / P>

"Was released at the meeting is rhetoric:" If the Internet is a cottage, then we need to do cottage king. "

Objection: a large number of companies at the expense

Although most companies are optimistic about the prospects for the Internet, but there are industry experts believe that the prospects for the Internet is still quite rough, Topstar Chief Technology Officer Wu Xiaobo is one of them.

Wu Xiaobo calculations at the meeting: Generally speaking, the Chinese market this year, online sales of 250 million units, the maximum not more than 3.5 million units, sales of 5.0 billion and 70 billion , the profits are meager. Price war has been fought for many years in the IT field, if the number of businesses are joining the Internet this year in the field, then yet another price war is inevitable, perhaps even the last 5% of the profits of the total. Such a calculation, if calculated at 50 million dollars, profit is only 2.5 billion yuan. If by Liu Xiaodong said, this year there will be more than 500 enterprises to enter the field, then the rest of next year might be 50, 10 or even the year after that for the rest 5, a large number of enterprises will become victims. Deep Blue Zhitong

also in favor of this view, general manager of He Xinying, in his view, the Internet is a kind of transitional product, and its existence is between between mobile phones and laptops, this is not a mature product, "If one day the LCD screen can be folded, then this area will be significant growth."

Way: Only innovation can live R & D, general manager of Haier Computer

Majiang Wei believes that if the brands involved in the Internet field, the situation will be different, such as home appliances, among them many of the Internet.

DELL SMEs in China, mountain, said Wang, deputy general manager, if the quality, brand enterprises with innovation, these brands will still be recognized. At the same time, only innovation can allow enterprises to survive.

Survey, the Internet consumer groups are 3 kinds: One is the relative lack of funding young people; the second is ready to buy a second computer in the middle-aged; third female fashion. Therefore, the Internet market position in the future must also be clear on your goal. Yi Tan, general manager of the ridge information

States, said: "As the meeting time is too short, can not talk in a few minutes a clear direction, as far as I know, the mobile phone industry, some employers have begun to enter the Internet business, but due to the current that the prospect of an industry is not yet clear, many of the original mobile phone industry to do now to start learning R & D notebook technology, the industry also reflects how hot. "

Industry watchers

What kind of access we need the

The Internet may be embarked on a wrong path. Whose fault is it? Microprocessor manufacturers fault? Is the operating system vendors fault? Or the OEMs fault? Perhaps, they are probably wrong. But one thing, consumers are not wrong, no one can mislead consumers to buy is not the Internet of the so-called netbooks.

How people in the end need a netbook?

Defined by Intel, the Internet is to use the Intel Atom (Atom) processor, wireless Internet access equipment, with the Internet, send and receive e-mail and instant messaging (IM) and other functions, and can achieve smooth playback of streaming media and music functions. If we follow this standards, now the country is almost no one with the Internet.

Secondly, people need to meet the basic instinct of the function of the Internet - is the above-mentioned simple music and streaming media player, instant messaging, e-mail and simple document processing. Why is the first Atom MID attached but did not want to amount to anything, the rise of the Internet down here? Is because in looking for "laptop and smart phone integration" when, MID go too far, it will lose its reason for people most in need.

There is a more important - power, a netbook 8 to 10 hours standby or even longer, although not as mobile, but at least no one than it is now to be strong in many laptop computers. Because of the advantages of the Internet

be the consumers, then, as if manufacturers are all counting on making money through the Internet.

Atom processor, Intels sense of self Needless to say, the volume of the N-fold last year Lianfan. ASUS, Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard last year by the Internet or slow the breath, or shaking up.

This is in fact a PC manufacturer then their wish, in their view, what is the Internet, Internet instinct is not surfing the Internet and consequently the talented point is not important. Importantly, Atom processors and Centrino Core2 platform than the price to be cheaper. This is why people now see the Internet more and more of this size, and general notebook computer, not much difference in price reasons.

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