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60 companies competing for the largest grid-connected photovoltaic power station

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Including Huaneng, the countrys five major power, including electricity, Suntech, Changzhou Trina, solar, etc., of Connaught were gathered well-known enterprises located in the Xuanwu District of Beijing in the building, called "10 megawatts in Dunhuang, Gansu grid-connected photovoltaic power generation franchises "to attract businesses and LT1354CS8 datasheet and photovoltaic power generation industry, the participation of hundreds of top executives. Two days later, Chinas first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation base price will soon be born.

"More than 60 enterprises to participate in the opening ceremony." 20, a bidding company executives told reporters that PV, as many companies bid, opening ceremony, tenor until half past three p.m. end, "marked the end of singing , we know too much, which of several companies formed a basic judgments about winning. " Dunhuang, Gansu

10 MW grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project 13 km away from Dunhuang City, covering 100 million square meters, total investment of about 5 billion yuan, generating 16.37 million kwh. As the project for the state photovoltaic demonstration projects, meaning extremely important, therefore responsible for the tender organized by the National Development and LT1354CS8 price and Reform Commission.

Gansu Province, according to informed sources, the bid from December 12, 2008 began in mid-January to the location of 33 companies conducted a field observation base, February briefing in Beijing attracted 50 tender enterprises to participate, "now can have more than 60 enterprises to participate in really caught us by surprise."

The enterprises to participate in competitive bidding are not the same part of the companies to participate in an independent bid, and LT1354CS8 suppliers and some enterprises and other enterprises to participate in the joint bid, but more powerful companies choose the former. Wuxi Suntech, for example, their participation in the tender is a subsidiary of Suntech Energy Engineering Co., Ltd..

"According to the National Energy Board requirements, participation in the bidding companies responsible for power generation equipment and all auxiliary facilities, a manufacturer of the product difficult to meet the needs of the project." Innovative energy companies in Jiangsu White Rabbit Branch (hereinafter referred to as the White Rabbit Division record) Yi Qian, vice president, said. According to the National Energy Board

Dunhuang 10MW of grid-connected PV power generation projects reply (National Bureau of mechanized letter to (2008) 70) (hereinafter referred to as the "reply"), the construction and operation of the project management and implementation of national Local large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power generation of various preferential policies, and said that in case of major national policy changes, to the benefit of investors caused serious losses, in accordance with preferential prices at the national tariff for the project reasonable adjustment.

The PV business executives said that a major disadvantage photovoltaic solar power plant is the actual output power with light intensity changes, the output power instability, and therefore not subject to the previous grid welcome, "because the government now support and network support, it means that profits can be guaranteed after winning. "

In the set, told reporters that the international community, "the result will come out in 23."

"So many enterprises to participate are encouraged by us, we are looking forward to the final results of the bidding out, and then move forward with the project." Opening will field in Dunhuang City, Zhang Xiaojun, deputy mayor, told reporters by telephone.

Basic price or less than 2 yuan / kWh

Statistics, as only the Chinese government approved a demonstration project of three solar power plants, with the exception of the Dunhuang project, there were a project of Chongming Island, Shanghai, MW, 255 MW project in Inner Mongolia Erdos. Chongming Island and the Erdos project is now completed and has received the Government 4 yuan / degree of power subsidies.

"Reply" requirements, bidding to be the winning side in 18 months this project is completed, while a 25-year franchise. Reply and requested the project to electricity price as the main evaluation criteria, project bidding tariff shall not exceed 4 yuan / kWh.

"The final price should be less than 2 yuan / kWh, close to international standards.

"PV above executives said the company bid tariff proposed by the majority less than 2 yuan / kWh," made a business of which is 1.88 yuan / kWh ".

, However, indicate the need for participation in the tender bid tariff, all enterprises were closely guarded secret.

"Chen Guojiang director has led the project team went to Beijing to participate the tender, as to our current electricity price in the tender can not be revealed." Factory in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Ed Solar, told reporters said. Chung Yi has euphemism

told reporters that at present are not located in Beijing, "Our current tariff is not easy to disclose to outsiders."

Reporters caught most of PV practitioners believe that the 10MW grid-connected photovoltaic projects Dunhuang final price will be less than 2 yuan / kWh, "although the price relative to the current level is relatively low, is not a rational offer, because the current cost of outstanding domestic solar companies are mostly in the 2.1-2.4 yuan / degrees, but the end result may still be the price. "

PV companies calculated that the cost of a lower cut into Chinas first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation concession tender, the bid of other photovoltaic power generation for future projects foreshadowed. "But we do not welcome the company to suicide at a cost to operate the project." Gansu Province, one person familiar with the January 33 enterprises in mid-field meeting, Gansu high-level position does not support the way enterprises operate at a loss of Dunhuang project, "guaranteed profit enterprises, will have a business motivation."

"The lowest winning bid price of enterprises, not necessarily the final successful bidder." PV above executives explained to reporters, the state bid requirements of the enterprise is "a reasonable technical solution, the lowest price," "program science, rationality is the first. "

Executives also told reporters that the aforementioned photovoltaic, Dunhuang and grid-connected photovoltaic power project derived from the tender price will be, will become the follow-up grid station in the benchmark price, including follow-up in Alis grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project also the standard of its bid, "the future price of PV power generation projects in the basic price is based on a declining and may reach 1 in 2012 yuan / kWh."

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