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73rd Chinese electronic start gate spring

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As the country increase its infrastructure, urban construction, industrial upgrading and IRF610 datasheet and transformation, mechanical and IRF610 price and electrical products export tax rebate rate increase, home appliances, 3G mobile phone launched a series of policies to stimulate economic development in the introduction, the central government to increase manufacturing the support, making the international financial crisis will gradually ease in the Zhang Xian.

Ministry of Industry and IRF610 suppliers and Information Technology Coordinating Council to monitor the operation of high Su-mei, deputy inspector before the "2008 Economic Operation of Chinas electronic information industry and Chinas color TV industry research bulletin annual conference" on the analysis pointed out that Chinas electronic information industry in 2009 will continue to maintain steady development trend, the growth rate of about 13%, essentially flat with 2008, the scale of 7.4 trillion yuan. Which the software industry 900 billion yuan, an increase of 20%. The TV production will grow by 12%, 14% growth in computer, communication equipment increased by 9%, 5% growth in communication terminals, electronic components increased by 15%.

Feedback from the market data also showed that the components of digital and distributor of home appliance market and original reflection components market has increased from the end of 2008, January 2009 to continue this trend, showing a rebound Jedi in some areas and even a shortage situation, such as the chips used in LCD TV, some brand manufacturers demand. In 3G, Internet, home appliances and many other positive factors, stimulation, and Chinas digital, high definition television transition continues to grow, mobile phones and LCD TVs rebound quickly, TD, etc. on the card shipments increased significantly. Market research agencies WitsView market confidence index in November 2008 after a record low of 3606 points, in December the index above 4,000 points to re-stand back, showing confidence in the market finally warmed signs. ABI

advisory body in 2009 some areas of the global handset market is very optimistic, forecasting smart phones, WCDMA and CDMA2000 market will have a good performance. January 14, the State Council and other light industries and automobile and stimulate low-emission vehicle consumption, the benefits of new energy and independent brands. The latest U.S. media reports, Chinas auto industry sales of 790,000 in January, for the first time surpassed the United States. Chinas automotive electronics market demand is still a major attraction. As the worlds fastest urbanization process one of the countries, China LED lighting market is expected to more than 50% annually the high rate of growth.

In the new economic situation, the enterprise resources to promote more focused, results-oriented, so to participate in the brand exhibition, as e-business marketing, find business opportunities of choice. China Electronics Fair (CEF) 73 session of the Shenzhen Exhibition Exhibitors widely sought after investment is progressing smoothly, Exhibitor registration is drawing to a close, the exhibition area of seventy thousand square meters. In addition to consumer electronics applications such as 3C addition, LED lighting, energy-saving technology, environmental technology, automotive electronics, medical electronics, the new display technology to become the highlight of the show. Such as EPCOS, Guizhou Space Appliance, China Aviation Optical, welcomes the relay, the torch electronic components leader, as well as from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kongs key products, exhibitors have to carry their debut China Electronics Fair. The main work of the organizing committee is now turning to vigorously publicize the exhibition, the advance publicity for the participating exhibitors and services, organize the professional audience and so on. The few remaining stands of the exhibitors are also welcomed the intention of registration.

73 session of the China Electronics Fair will showcase high-tech enterprises at home and abroad in the electronic components, electronic materials, electronic equipment, instruments, optoelectronic, IC, IT, consumer electronics, screen and digital printing, etc. new technologies and products, to create a trade matching platform.

Is particularly worth mentioning is the 2008 "Chinese Institute of Electronics, Electronic Information Science and Technology Award," the awards ceremony will be at the 73 session of the China Electronics Fair & 2009 China International Digital Communications Exhibition was held the opening ceremony. The award is Chinas electronic information industry, the highest award for scientific and technological achievements (community standards, National Science Award [2002] No. 03-0053). At present, the award has been selected to complete, is publicity. There will then be more than 500 participating units in Chinas electronics industry leaders, industry and the leadership of the Ministry of Information Industry, Beijing University of Posts will come from, Aipulasi Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xian University of Electronic Science and Technology, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Xian Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Tsinghua University, ZTE Corporation, and other units fifty-three scientific and technological achievements awards. Results of the project related to wireless communications, medical, industrial, computer, multimedia, education, security and other fields. Winners of the high-tech products during the exhibition will be a grand display. As the authority of electronic information industry awards, the project will play a role in promoting the development of the electronics industry.

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