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8-bit MCU market segment is still room for growth come face to face

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8 Wei MCU in the Chinese market is still half of the total MCU market, more vendors to participate, and 74HCT138D datasheet and product differentiation is difficult to avoid lowering the price war. Future competition will start in a more market segments.

16 two years ago, 32-bit MCU (microprocessor) was hot, people are 8-bit MCU, a perilous position, it seems that the former will be replaced. However, after a phase of development, is not the case. It is understood that 8-bit MCU MCU market is still the main force, although the increases have had some lower, but the market is still growing. The major manufacturers are all MCU 8-bit MCU market to strengthen efforts to promote, which makes the market competition more intense.

Market share steadily

ISuppli industry analysts Kong Xiaoming told the "China Electronics News," the reporter, 8-bit MCU market share is relatively stable in recent years the trend, 2008 has not declined, from a global point of view, 8-bit MCU market share to maintain 40%, while in the Chinese market is still half of the total MCU market. ST microcontroller and 74HCT138D price and memory products in Greater China General Manager of the Department of Applied Liangping expressed the same view, "because as the size of the overall market growth of MCU, 8-bit MCU market is growing at the same time, making it the overall sales in MCU sales to maintain a stable share. "MCU in charge of the industry, a senior product line manager of the distribution business FAE is that the next 8-bit MCU market share may be because 16-bit, 32-bit applications growing slightly decreased, but the absolute size of the market point of view, will continue to grow.

Reporter has learned that an 8-bit MCU market continues to grow, from its traditional application of market driven expansion and 74HCT138D suppliers and emerging applications. The heavyweight in the original application - home appliances, industrial applications, the 8-bit MCU due to higher cost, to meet the market requirements of performance and cost of the double, the size remained stable. In some specific product areas, demand is still rapidly growing, such as electronic power meter, the application of these products are becoming more common from the big cities to small cities, led to the 8-bit MCU more demand. The emerging application markets, it also adds a new opportunity, NEC Electronics China MCU market in Greater China, Senior Manager of Toru Matsui told reporters, 8-bit MCU will be quick access to some emerging areas, such as power tools, building control, intelligent home, security and lighting. ATMEL Baxter Hong Kong distributor of electronic marketing manager WANG San-hu said, the wireless module, touch control, the application of 8-bit MCU is a new hot spot, has been a lot of manufacturers attention.

Main service price war is inevitable card companies

The 8-bit MCU technology is mature, each product differentiation is very small, an engineer, told reporters the industry, some vendors are very close, similar not only architecture, or even assembly language compiler are the same , is similar in performance, so the price difference will naturally become one of the main factors to attract users. Toru Matsui of that with improved technology and management, vendor performance and price between the products is not so obvious differences, which led to a price war at some point need to end.

Complex market structure is one of the reasons led to fierce competition, it was introduced only in the 8-bit MCU market, there are more than 10 major manufacturers. In addition to international companies, there are many Chinese companies are to compete. The participation of many manufacturers even make 8-bit MCU market, the price war is inevitable.

Although competition is fierce, but the face of this enormous scale of the market have matured, MCU manufacturers continue to spare no effort to increase investment in the intensity. They continue to introduce new products to enhance their competitiveness, such as the ST in this month launched a new STM8S series MCU, allegedly ST7 series of new products than the older generation more competitive on price, but the performance is much higher. Innovation such as this 8-bit MCU market has become one of the means of competition.

Can imagine, the face of such fierce competition, to win in the marketplace, manufacturers need to come out all the stops. The reporters found that product differentiation in the case of smaller chip companies are playing the "service" card. The "service" includes two aspects, one is technical support, one is business services, and technical services is their main selling point.

Chip manufacturers trying to stronger technical support to help customers in the whole design implementation, product manufacturing cost, not only in the MCUs own costs. This has become a competitive edge chip companies to play a key card. Toru Matsui told reporters the, NEC Electronics more consideration is how to maximize the benefits for customers, such as through timely technical support and complete solutions to save clients the development of human resources. SiliconLabs RossBannatyne director of marketing, said the price is undoubtedly the most attractive advantage, however, SiliconLabs customers choose their products are usually a device because it can be used to replace many components of the system to help users save money.

Provide better development tools and establish a good development environment to help customers achieve naturally reduce total cost of the design goals, such as chip companies themselves or their partners to actively provide development tools to customers, these tools become increasingly comprehensive, more and more low cost, and some companies even provided free of charge to the customer. Liang Ping told reporters, ST STM8S for the new series offers a comprehensive localization development tools, easy to get started, and low cost. To promote new products, they will put in around May this year, 1,500 units for the Chinese market, Starter Kits STMCUStarterkit, free of charge to the customer. In addition to development tools support, to provide more close to the reference design solutions to customer needs is another direction, such as hot spots for the market, many manufacturers have launched high-profile now touch control solutions, these products include a comprehensive hardware design and software packages, very close to the customers practical needs.

Market segments more opportunities

Addition to providing more services, the good market positioning of products is also crucial for success. 8-bit MCU application market in view of the extensive and complex, it will be more segmentation of the competition, manufacturers in the market segments in the close combat. WANG San-hu told reporters on a similar view, 8-bit MCU market, he as a market segment. This concept has now broken down not only in home appliances, industrial, consumer and other categories on this division, but refined to a specific product markets, such as TV, toys, calculators and other specific products. We have seen some companies focus resources on several key market segments cut, often to be able to quickly gain market recognition, some businesses in this area go faster, such as Elan cooker on the good results achieved , Elan Planning Manager applications Xiaobing Yi told reporters: "Last year, the cooker and a co-maker dedicated MCU, Elans competitiveness and quality products have been recognized in the appliance market in 2008, shipped over ten million . "

And for new entrants, the concern is even more important market segment, more segments of the emerging applications may have more opportunities, because even though the traditional market is also growing, but the market is relatively stable, not easy to break.

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