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Chint finance $ 50,000,000 for the key figure behind Zhu Min

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By the global financial crisis, the market volume and EP1K100QC208-2 datasheet and price of solar down, currently nine solar companies listed in overseas market has shrunk dramatically, some enterprises crystalline silicon cells and EP1K100QC208-2 price and even down to negative product gross margin.

But a miserable occasion in the market, March 20, Chint Group, Chint Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Astronergy, hereinafter referred to Chint Solar) has successfully raised $ 50,000,000 PE investment, investors are Cerberus investment and EP1K100QC208-2 suppliers and Shanghai Alliance Investment.

"I have confidence in Chint Solar." Shihai out the financial crisis, "throwing money", March 22, led the investment in the investment Cerberus founder and chairman Zhu Min when interviewed in said. CEO YANGLI

Chint Solar, told reporters, 5,000 million U.S. dollars arrival, Chint Solar in international channel development, technological innovation, team building and promoting the building of the domestic solar industry chain, to increase investment. Mr. Zhu Min key

In fact, in the process of the birth of Chint Solar, Mr. Min Zhu is a key.

2000, the chairman of Chint Group, Nan Cunhui with a 20-person team to the Silicon Valley study, first, learn the operation of high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and second, high-tech companies to seek cooperation with the United States.

Time, Chint Group has 15 years of history, has been confined to the electrical industry, Nan Cunhui have an idea that the transition from manufacturing to high-tech field.

That is, that the inspection, Zhu Min Nan Cunhui know. Zhu Min then also Reuters (The company later sold to Cisco 3.2 billion U.S. dollars), the two sides did not produce any real cooperation, but became very good friends.

2005, the Nan Cunhui was named the top ten along with Zhu Min Zhejiang situation. At this time, Nan Cunhui want to do something in the idea of high-tech sector has become more intense, and intends to invest in the LED field. Zhu Min

have resigned at that time president of Reuters duties of the returning overseas, mainly to do two things: first, to do venture capital, investment company founded Cerberus; second, contributions, including contributions to 10 million U.S. dollars to the Zhejiang establishment of the International Institute of the University of innovation. Zhejiang University Innovation Institute

imitate International Innovation Institute at Stanford University. Zhu Min, said Yang Wei of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University to become a world-class universities, like Stanford, have the same technology can lead the trend, producing a large number of technology companies.

Donation Min Zhu Zhejiang University Innovation Institute International, the Chen Zhixun to visiting professor status as "occupation", and brings more than 20 professors at Stanford University, including two Nobel laureates BurtonRichter and DouglasOsheroff. Chen Zhixun Applied Physics at Stanford University and electrical engineering professor, and Steven Chu is the current U.S. Secretary of Energy colleagues and friends.

Zhu Min idea is that they have business experience, venture capital, Stanford have the technology, Zhejiang University, in all aspects of production and research have their own influence, coupled with Chinas entrepreneurial passion of local private enterprises, the Quartet together in bulk Cuisheng Silicon Valley companies.

Zhu Min that is consistent with this requirement Chint Group, a local private enterprises, which has four resources: First, as the benchmark for Chinas private enterprises, have a good government relations, South I, or National Peoples Congress; The second is the development of two decades of Chint Group, mastered the large-scale, low-cost manufacturing methods; three channels of the world, Chint Group has more than 50 offices around the world; Fourth, Chints financing capacity, Chinas technology companies getting loans However, lending 10 billion Chint come out no problem.

So, Zhu Min to their friends, Nan Cunhui fellow Chen Zhixun, introduced to Nan Cunhui. Shen Nan Cunhui tell: the world including the U.S. government are exploring solar energy development, Chint Group should be in high technology to the solar development. Chen Zhixun Nan Cunhui in the next generation of solar cells suggested that the thin film solar cells.

Silicon Valley Chint Group

solar cells for the project, Zhu Min, Chen Zhixun, Nan Cunhui three quickly agreed on the companys development model, that the introduction of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial team and technology, early investment by the Chint Group, to be developed to a certain stage of the company After Cerberus additional venture capital investment, and ultimately the market.

Everything is ready, he sent a team of entrepreneurs. Chen Zhixun will YANGLI recommended to the Nan Cunhui and Zhu Min.

If four years ago did not know by Chen Zhixun Nan Cunhui, Chinese physicists YANGLI may also do their own research at Stanford. YANGLI the Nobel laureate Dr. Lees graduate students, for many years in the United States in the second-generation thin film solar cells, solar cells and other in the field of optoelectronic devices has 18 patents.

YANGLI told Zhu Min and Nan Cunhui: their technology is the worlds most advanced solar energy conversion rate of 9%. The scale of mass production, the unit price may be reduced to less than 1 yuan.

Zhu Min Nan Cunhui a very excited with the price of electricity can be reduced to 1 yuan / kWh less than the price of water, electricity, coal will have a competitive solar energy will supplement the current into alternative energy sources. As a result, several parties hit it off, in October 2006, Chint Solar was established in Hangzhou, YANGLI as the companys directors, CEO and CTO.

Zhu Min said, Chint Solar process not only in the business of Silicon Valley model to imitate, and its development in the solar industry chain will also help the Silicon Valley model.

According to reports, Cerberus investment will Chint Group, the local government jointly set up a photovoltaic fund focused on investing in PV-related industries, and when these companies do is invest a certain extent, they can sell Chint Solar. This is like the Cisco, the first is a Sequoia investment by the innovative small business, bigger, the acquisition of Silicon Valley, many small companies, including some only a dozen employees of small companies. In Silicon Valley or even the formation of such a phenomenon, some companies do it, is to sell Cisco.

For Chint Solar, these small companies come from? Zhu Min answer is Zhejiang University Innovation Institute International. International Institute of Zhejiang University of technology innovation can empower students, teachers, entrepreneurs, so that they do a certain stage, and then sold to Chint Solar or other companies. Cisco

photovoltaic industry

Zhu Min that the fusion of Internet and cable communication network, resulting in a like Cisco, Huawei, 3COM such a big company, power is greater than the Internet, a network, this network technology for 50 years there has not been changed, but with the the emergence of a new energy, this network is now facing technology upgrade, who seized the technology upgrade, power industry, who can become Cisco, Huawei, 3COM.

He further explained that Chinas current power grid is locked, is the center of management, like the IBM model computer age, this new solar power energy can not receive this online, this network should be reformed; other , the excess energy in western China, eastern power shortage, uneven regional distribution of electricity.

In Zhu Min, future power grid is a distributed management model, the Internet model, all regions, all types of energy can be readily uploaded to the Internet with a single, non-discriminatory access to any area in which not only match the production requirements, but also to solve the problems currently facing the energy security, this is called smart power grid, which currently include the United States, Europe, Japan and so invest in this.

Through new technology and equipment, solar, wind and other energy is lost to the same piece of power line, you can match the production requirements, the prospect of Chint Solar is to provide this new online technology and equipment needed, like the telecommunications industry Cisco revolution.

Example, he said, the future will be convergence between the network and communications, followed by fiber optic and wireless network, smart meters will partially replace television, telephone, computer fees paid into the window, but also with TV, telephone, computers become the same as kinds of Internet applications and services marketing window.

Chint Groups current products include control of electrical appliances, electrical power distribution, terminal electrical, electronic, power electrical appliances and other products, which is the power integrated solutions in the key products. Zhu Min that, with production capacity of solar film, Chint Group will be able to cut into the electrical manufacturing, integrated solution, the three aspects of power station construction, open up all aspects of the industry chain.

Zhu Min said the solar energy input to the Chint 5,000 million will be used in four areas: First, establish international channels, only the PV manufacturing power in China today, not the application of power, the short term need for international market support; Second, to jointly build a solar fund to support the development of the industrial chain; third is to promote local government construction and application of solar energy; fourth is to enhance the electrical and solar-related projects.

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