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TD bound to 3G market in 2009 to take the lead in the World War II

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With the official beginning of the Ministry of Industry issued three 3G licenses, marking Chinas 3G mobile communications will enter the era. Thus, in 2009 the industry was generally known as the home of the true "3G first year." In fact, as 3G in China with independent intellectual property rights of representatives of mobile operators in China TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) as early as last April 1 began a nationwide commercial trial, the end of 2008, the country has reached the number of 3G customers 41.9 million people. In Beijing during the Olympic Games, China Mobile is in the TD, based on a variety of services, so that more users to understand and LT1777CS datasheet and feel the 3G era rich applications for the 3G development in China draw a heavy sum.

With the gradual improvement of network and LT1777CS price and terminal services to further enhance Chinas TD mobile operators is bound to the 3G market in the 2009 battle to take the lead.

Prepare articles

Start "commercial trial", 80,000 test users and LT1777CS suppliers and full participation

For the development of 3G in China, the March 28, 2008 is definitely a landmark day. It is in this day, China Mobile Communications Corporation announced that to further promote the TD-SCDMA (referred to as TD) technology and industry maturity, will be held starting April 1 for Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Xiamen and Qinhuangdao 8 cities, officially launched the TD social service testing and test commercial. China Mobile first invited

twenty thousand different industries and sectors have a certain representation of clients involved in TD terminals, network, business and other full test. China Mobile has also commissioned research institutions of social authority, timely and accurate test to use to collect customer feedback process, feedback from the market through first-hand information for TD the technical and operational improvements and improved to accelerate industrial development. Meanwhile, China Mobile also launched the TD commercial trial, so that more people have access to experience the TD networks and services. Business customers can choose to test three TD data card packages and packages, voice tariff level than at the time slightly lower G network, and enjoy discount up to 5 fold.

6 Yue 5 day, China Mobile, through its official website to recruit 60,000 TD social and friendly customer service testing, the industry distribution of these users to participate in more extensive surface. The biggest difference with the first customers is the way this test is no longer involved in moving the company from the customer account manager directly, but rather to take customers through the website to enroll in application.

By expanding the scale of the test, China Mobile to further mobilize the active participation of users TD test, the full collection of customer comments and suggestions, in the TD networks, terminals and service platforms based on the comprehensive evaluation, continue to optimize the network quality to ensure that after during the Olympic Games in Beijing, TD to provide more quality services.

Sword chapter

Accelerate applications, improve the wireless data service

Compared with 2G, 3G is the biggest advantage of rich applications based on ultra-high bandwidth, and all you need to truly experience the user can only be felt. Because of deeply realize this, and China Mobile to "experience" as their trump card, just in the TD commercial trial run for 3 months on the occasion, they put in the application of a series of major initiatives.

Earlier, China Mobile for TD users open a total of 20 kinds of businesses, including video telephony and supplementary services, MMS, Monternet MMS, mobile news, WAP gateway, data access (data card), voice and Voice supplementary services, SMS, Monternet SMS, ringback tones, flight information and communication, caller display, call reminders, integrated information service 12580, 12586 Mobile Salon, 12590 Voice magazines.

Last July, China Mobile for TD social services to participate in testing and trial commercial users have opened the six value-added services, including two Olympic highlight of the business - Olympic video on demand, Olympic News, and four migration of 2G services - mobile search, wireless music club, flying letters and phone securities. These six business

new wireless data services exclusively, basic does not charge monthly fees, only a wireless music club to receive 5 yuan a senior member of the monthly fees. According to experts, 3Gs target user group should include a number of major mobile phone users to access the Internet, for these users, the data flow rates of the price is very important.

Actual articles

Initiatives in six markets, to protect the Olympic service

We all know, 3G network is the biggest advantage of high speed Internet access, high-bandwidth mobile TV, 3G video telephony and other new services specific to lay a solid foundation. Coincides with the Olympic dream come true a hundred years in China, China Mobile is also the machine just to take this rare, in practice, leading edge technology will be TD on its head.

Organized as early as the time of the Beijing Olympic Games, China Mobile has with Samsung Electronics to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were the only mobile communications service partner and the unique identity of the partner mobile terminal, common to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to deliver about 15,000 sets including the TD mobile phone cards, mobile terminals, nearly 300 million calls and related communications services, service packs, including TD. At this point, the Olympic officials, staff and even the Olympic Games volunteers are available through Samsungs TD mobile phone, China Mobile TD-based network access to various Olympic service, which first experience the phone intercom, Olympic News, Olympic mobile TV, video on demand Olympics, the Olympic multimedia ringback tones, wireless broadband Internet access and other special services TD for the Olympic Games to get first-hand information provides a more convenient, more intuitive, Chang Jie means.

"Services to the Olympic Games with a TD" is the commitment and the development of the Olympic industry, the common requirements of TD, TD for the effective protection services for the Olympic Games, China Mobile wholeheartedly, go all out, huge amounts of money for the terminal procurement, subsidies and marketing communications calls , in a short period of time to complete a series of TD Olympic products and business design and development, but also to unconventional methods introduced in the domestic market, "National massive discount promotions," "business and ten six Olympic Games Highlights Featured Business "," develop a series of Olympic products "," TD for the Olympic family to provide communications services "," TD for overseas clients hire services "and" to further strengthen communication with all levels of the media, "the six Olympic marketing initiatives. In the Olympics, these markets have achieved unprecedented success of initiatives, including the Olympic family has been at home and abroad customers and partners alike.

● Related Highlights

Phone to broadcast live, anywhere, anytime access to exciting

As the highlight of the Beijing Olympic Games help China Mobile Beijing Company and CCTV jointly launched the "Mobile TV Olympic Zone", by nearly 20 road almost all the matches live lines for seamless coverage, provides an anytime, anywhere viewing the Olympic Games platform.

Olympic zone, including "news", "Live," "Star", "collection", "focus group", "I covered my Olympic Games" (podcast) and "other recommended" 7 file section to provide CCTV- 1, CCTV-3 and other channels of content broadcast, basketball, volleyball, swimming and other Olympic information broadcast live, the Olympic facilities, the Olympic culture, the stage behind the scenes and other video content, a total of Nokia, Lenovo and other 204 mobile phones to support the business, to bring hundreds of millions of mobile phone users and exciting.

Mature articles

Released identification, the scale of 188 paragraphs in June Telephone Number

End of last year, China Mobile, the successful completion of the TD and the 2G core network convergence project, will soon implement the existing 2G customers to "not-for-number, not changing the card, no registration", as long as for a dual-mode mobile phone can easily use the 3G services. At the same time, TD-SCDMA the second phase of construction has been fully launched in June this year, 28 cities can be added TD network coverage.

According to the latest plan, by 2011, TD network will cover 100% of the country and city.

January 7 this year, the Ministry of Industry official release 3G licenses, China Mobile, China Mobile launched 3G sync logo - G3, which identifies the shape of the Chinese Tai Chi for justice, the middle point to the gradual development of outward rotation, meaning 3G life changing and exciting unlimited extension; its core visual elements from the most representative of Chinese traditional culture and the red seal ink Danqing to be simple and modern style design, the logo is also rich in color application and extension; and " G3, leading the 3G life "slogan spread more focus on customer experience and perception. G3 is the bearer network identification logos, will not exist as a separate brand to customers, but the full integration of China Mobiles three major brands to promote. Identifies the strategic launch of G3, which means China Mobile to support national independent innovation, set up a new communication platform, providing customers with excellent and efficient digital information life.

The same time, China Mobile also launched a dedicated section 188, Guangdong and Shanghai provinces and cities as a pilot first Telephone Number, now expanded to operate 3G networks have been 10 cities in 8 provinces. China Mobile has mobilized resources for a variety of advantages TD marketing. For the convenience of customers, TD, and GSM will be unified in terms of the standard tariff, business class and package rates are also consistent, shared system of channels, services, resources and marketing resources. Moreover, section 188 can also be launched exclusively in Chinas 3G mobile feature Beijing Internet package, 1 per month fee to use the included 200M of local Internet traffic, and the occasional open-3G and 2G networks.

Present, G3 are the characteristics of the business can support video telephony, video conferencing, mobile TV, movies, video on demand and other services. These businesses can create more colorful business environment, make the phone call not only for basic, high-speed Internet browsing and downloading of business needs, but also can watch high-definition TV programs anytime, anywhere.

June this year, 28 provincial 3G network construction is completed, section 188 would Telephone Number 38 cities across the country. As consumers are most concerned about TD-SCDMA mobile terminal problem, the mainstream domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced a number of fashionable, good quality performance G3 dual-mode handsets, for consumers to choose.

2009 Nian 3 19, China Mobile, "TD-SCDMA terminal special incentive fund joint research and development projects," the official award, the scale of funds invested about 6 billion. China Mobile terminal manufacturers research and development production "bill" is the first time, this is important to manufacturers through the financial support to accelerate development of TD mobile phones.

So far, China Mobiles TD run in the test the first anniversary, the community and consumers to produce a satisfactory answer, and for the future successful operation of the solid foundation.

● Related Highlights

"Convenient service satisfaction 100"

2009 Nian 3 12, China Mobile launched the "convenient service satisfaction 100" theme service activities, to provide customers with convenient from the perspective of services, launched a six convenient service initiatives. 3.15 during the launch of the six convenient service initiatives, including "tariff packages tailor-optimized", "remote payment anytime, anywhere", "to refer to means of electronic channels", "redeem homes", "G3 business Accessibility for, "" spam self-shielding ", etc., and be fully in place in 5.17.

Not only that, to give customers more quality and convenient services, China Mobile customer demand, will be convenient to carry out in-house services appraised, TD service skills competition and a series of activities.

Debut "two sessions" raised concerns

During the two sessions at the just concluded, with independent intellectual property rights of TD mobile phones and network card caused the concern of many participants (see {1}).

It is understood that many participated in the "two sessions" of the media have been equipped with a standard TDs on the card and cell phone. China Mobile Beijing has also set up a "two sessions" on behalf of the Office of service professionals, provide comprehensive service support, meeting service hotline in the "two sessions" with 7 × 24 hour service demand response. During the meeting, China Mobile Beijing company also offers prepaid card sales representatives, 2G and 3G mobile phone number card sales, free up card / standby machine and mobile phone repair services. In the mature technology and satisfactory service in front of many delegates and members have said he is also a strong supporter of TD.

3G "telescope" assisted 120

Recently, TD technology also boarded the 120 emergency vehicles in Beijing, the use of high-speed broadband wireless communication technology TD, first aid equipment for the car before the car traffic and car video in real time during the rescue command center in return. Some experts believe that the business application system called for medical aid fitted behind the commander of the "clairvoyant." This is the first time following the 2008 TD Technical Service Bus video surveillance national innovation after another, is the application of TD system expansion in the industry. The 3G communications technology in the 120 Command and Control System applications, but also the first time in the country.

TD Network-man law enforcement

Recently, Chinas independent intellectual property rights with international 3G standard TD-SCDMA technology was first used in turn the city industrial and commercial administration management industry, the use of TD broadband wireless high-speed communication technology, real-time status will return the scene behind the law enforcement command center.

East Branch of Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration of China Mobile TD-man law enforcement is the Beijing company launched earlier this year, "mobile security" part of the business, this business case can be a large number of on-site real-time transmission to the management and without the use of the high cost of satellite communications; use of TD network to realize the process of moving the man of law enforcement, with a convenient and flexible deployment of fast, low price and many other advantages. Professionals that the business in the public security, armed police, fire, civil defense, flood disaster, forest fire prevention and other public sector applications has great potential. This release author Shu Tong

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188 number answering

1.188 Number of ordinary GSM numbers differ?

Requirements under the Ministry of Industry, 188 numbers must be used for the development of China Mobiles 3G service is currently only in use on China Mobiles 3G terminals. If you do not China Mobile 3G terminals, network for 188 calls must also apply for the program for China Mobiles 3G handsets.

188 numbers are currently using USIM card, security and good.

188 number for the time being unable to support 17200,17201,17266,13800100166 other access number.

The 188 number dedicated to the development of China Mobiles 3G service, so being unable to implement number portability brand. In addition to these things, the business use of 188 numbers, account details of orders, payment methods, services and so on are available with the GSM requirements. Being unable to handle call waiting, voice mail, cell phone dial-up Internet access business.

2. How to handle the 188 number network?

188 number to complete the formalities and the general network of the GSM network the same, but if the user does not have China Mobile 3G terminal, network access is required for the same time for "calls for 3G mobile phone" option.

3. China Mobiles 3G network in the case of weak signals, the card can automatically switch to GSM network? USIM card prices?


USIM card and the existing GSM SIM price the same price, 50 yuan / Zhang.

4.188 number which is currently able to use 3G features business?

Now includes video telephony, video telephony call transfer, video telephony atresia, video phone displays, video messages, video conferencing and multimedia ringback tones, are the commercial products tested, the fees are pre-commercial rates. Commercial trial period, the video phone call minutes included 188 GSM customers selected number of minutes included in the package.

5. I am a pre-trial or test commercial customers, is to handle 188 network, but also matched the terminal it?

188 number is the 3G program after the formal business, you need to use China Mobiles 3G terminals, and if you have a TD terminal, the terminal can be held at the principal office of Beijing Mobile, most of the Office of the GSM network for 188, but a self- machine terminal can only handle a 188 number network.

Currently limited to the main business of the Office of suburban self-drive 188 for GSM network, Cooperation and website are not open.

6. Where can I buy a 188 number?

Can go to most of the main business hall of Beijing Mobile, and some co-operating room to buy 188 number. Existing individual customers of China Mobile Beijing Mobile also can log on the official website for booking. No need for 3G terminals support 188, handle 188 is required at the same time network for "calls for 3G mobile phone" program. Cooperation Office and the site can not handle 188 network-owned local business.

7.188 number of terminal service problems how to solve?

Can go to four business hall of Beijing Mobile, Beijing Mobile authorized service and maintenance network, and the intentions of China Mobiles TD Terminal manufacturers specify the after-sales service network solution. China Mobile, China Mobiles TD Terminal and enjoy the same mobile terminal three packs of 2G services.

8. I have been using ID card numbers of ordinary GSM, and can then apply for a 188 number? If your personal name

GSM numbers less than 5, you can normally apply; such as your name has 5 (including 5) GSM numbers, you can still enjoy the re-number for a GSM 188 network special services. Number of network clients for the 188 units, more than the approval process units in accordance with existing customers through a global network regulations.

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