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August launch of TD-LTE technology test: TD will not take food off

6 Yue 4 news, informed sources, China will be started in August this year, TD-LTE technology tests, including Datang, ZTE, Huawei, Putian, Ericsson and other major systems, including domestic and foreign equipment vendors are will participate. TD-LTE rate is expected next goal is to reach 100Mbps. It is reported that the Ministry of Industry has been established in China TD-LTE working group, the TD-LTE test validation will be divided into three stages. First stage is a proof of concept, including indoor and outdoor, this stage is mainly on TD-LTE technology validate the key. The second phase, called technology test, but it is divided into two sub-stages, technical testing stage, the single parts of the system estimated to begin in August this year, is the LTE test systems and terminals. Into the trial after the second stage of a sm...
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Dongguan: Within one year 20,000 LED lights fade

Reporters yesterday from the Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, held high-power white LED street light popularization meeting was informed that next year in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, the total construction mileage of 1,500 kilometers, the scale of about 100,000 of the LED lights demonstration and extension projects, which, Dongguan City, from December this year until December next year, will be transformed into a 22,100 LED street lights. Three years, Dongguan City, strive to complete the transformation of the citys street lamps LED lighting. High power white LED lights, Guangdong Province promote the application on the spot by the provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Construction, the city government organized, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Leng Xiaoming, Deputy Mayor Liang...
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Foxconn Wuhan LED production base in October the market optimistic about the street

6 Yue 4 news, Hon Hai, the tenth largest industrial areas in China ─ Wuhan East Lake high area, the first phase of the project will end in the near future, and mass production in October. Hon Hai Group, the future will be set at Wuhan "electromechanical" industrial area, the main optics, LED panel components and related industries, the industrial output value of the challenges the year after the completion of one hundred billion U.S. dollars. Hon Hai Group is currently sights Pei Xin LED semiconductor industry from the first attack, the group intends to mind the original creators LED market, but gradually turned to the development of touch panel, the panel related products. As you turn the light Pei Xin product development, and its chairman for the Hon Hai Group Cao governance Mesozoic figure was Acer Semiconductor (TSMC after the mer...
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For Philips Lumileds white LED according to redefine the classification of the color temperature

Philips LumiLEDs the companys marketing and communications director Steve Landau said, according to market demand, Lumileds has spent a year to the lighting manufacturers, architects and other lighting applications vendors for comments and suggestions . The company plans to redefine the classification of people for a variety of confusing the concept of LED, Landau hope that the future for different applications as defined under the color temperature. Landau said, "We want to have real change, a more profound understanding of market demand. Now call the cold white lighting industry, a bit like we call a neutral white, these are too abstract . " 2009 Nian , Lumileds Luxeon RebEL package for the introduction of technology, production for production of GaN-chip color temperature were 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K white LED. Philips Lumiled...
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The case of accumulation of LED product lines through private partner to be determined

Accumulation (3527) on June 3 meeting, the shareholders of 250 million shares by the amount passed in the case of private placement, the company said it would continue to look for strategic partners, is currently no identified object. The 2008 operating earnings distribution lists and, with that cash dividends per share of about 6 million, the board passed a resolution after the ex-dividend trading day June 23. 250 million shares in the amount of accumulated within the private case, planning to introduce LED product lines related to strategic partners. However, accumulation of said at least 5,6 or more objects to negotiate, but has not yet been formally identified partners. Accumulated 1.293 billion yuan in revenue last year, about 7.4% annual rate, after-tax net profit of 255 million yuan, 8.65 yuan per share after-tax earnings, share...
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NSC and Suntech solar photovoltaic power generation system to develop

Recently, National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) and Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd.) Signed a memorandum on technical cooperation. Under the MOU, Suntech will be National Semiconductors SolarMagic technology assessment, and hope to join hands to promote this technology through cooperation and development of next-generation solutions. National Semiconductors SolarMagic optimizer using discrete power components, electrical energy fed to the various components of solar power generation system, solar system, even if subject to shadows, and the debris shield panels mismatch of the physical environment factors, This circuit can save the greatest degree of loss of generating capacity. National Semiconductor important market and business development senior vice president Michael Polace...
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Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation ticketing system selected the NXP microcontroller IC Plus

NXP Semiconductors (NXP SemIConductors) today announced that the Los Angeles MTA (LA Metro) will become the worlds first NXP Plus non-contact technology used in automatic fare collection infrastructure, transport operating agencies. Los Angeles MTA is using the original system based on MIFARE Classic technology, is currently out on the traffic access card (referred to as the TAP card) upgrade, the upgraded card will contain the TAP Plus microcontroller smart card IC. MTA Los Angeles, the Los Angeles area * Pan-year carry about 4.8 billion passengers, the passengers can not only enjoy the "touch-pass" to experience the convenience of transportation, but also enjoy the Plus CPU chip technology with advanced non-contact safety ticketing system. Los Angeles MTA Jane Matsumoto, executive vice president, said: "The primary objective of the MT...
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Tycoon heavily impact the Middle East conflict into four major semiconductor foundry pattern

Future global semiconductor foundry industry, and perhaps there will be such a situation: four Asians and one round of fighting Middle Eastern oil barons. You must know the top four semiconductor foundries in the world, namely TSMC, UMC, SMIC, Chartered, which are derived from Asia. The Middle East oil barons, the national capital Abu Dhabi in the Middle East controls the global foundry upstart Global Foundries. The name may be unfamiliar . However, if you know it is born out of the processor giant AMDs manufacturing sector, then you may find it responded with surprise. The newcomers do not seem to fear competition from the existing situation. It is an aggressive momentum, tried to break up the "big four" companies created in the order: winkle TSMC, UMC, Chartered acquisition. "If the Middle East, people are not playing one vote, I t...
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NXP introduced in line with the latest JEDEC interface standards for high-speed converter

Recently, NXP Semiconductors (NXP) has announced the full launch to meet the latest JEDEC JESD204A high-speed serial interface standard data converters. NXP product portfolio from the upcoming new high-speed 16-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and digital to analog converter (DAC) components, this section of the data converter based on JEDEC will be the lead product in the same series. Emphasize its commitment to compliance with JEDEC interface standards, NXP will be held in Boston next week to participate in the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) / International Microwave Symposium (IMS), the NXP site to demonstrate compliance with JESD204A standard data converters. Exhibition will demonstrate NXP DAC1408D650 with Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA interoperability, the former is a dual-channel, four JESD204A data lines per se...
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Panasonic LED lighting targeting shops can be reduced by 75% of electricity consumption

Matsushita Electric in Tokyo "2009 Exhibition of electronic design industry", the display uses LED lighting in all the shops. In the show, Matsushita Electric simulated set up two grocery stores, one is lighting halogen downlights are used, one for all the lighting were replaced with LED lighting. The company said, LED lighting illumination was low, but the halogen light and a sense of considerable, and LED lighting could cut consumption. Replaced with LED lighting, can cut 75% of electricity consumption. Quantitative evaluation of the company in order to sense the brightness of space, self-set "Feu" indicators. "Feu" is based on the relative brightness of different indicators of development, although the illuminance and luminous flux smaller, but by improving Feu, would not feel dark. With the use of halogen shop 1000lx illumination co...
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