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-2009 Integrated in WiFi / WAPI chip development theme

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Chinese mobile phone industry has a strange phenomenon: whether, Department of famous international brands of doors, or native of the domestic brands, as long as is legally sold in Chinas mobile phone, remove the WiFi feature to get around all. Although this stopped the flow of domestic mainstream WiFi mobile phone, but up to 1,500 million units of mobile phones into WiFi Quxianjiuguo parallel one of the ways. In fact, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and CD4066 datasheet and other cities have already quietly become a "wireless city." Last year, I stay in Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan, travel, and CD4066 price and its broadband network over a hundred dollars one-day fee, but I will experience the convenience of wireless-enabled laptops.

WiFi blocked in China, mainly attributed to security issues. As a result of the main force in the wireless broadband network is a large enterprise, government agencies and CD4066 suppliers and other information-sensitive areas of high mobile phone penetration rate in these places is probably the corporate network vulnerabilities, as people with ulterior motives who intercepted the information by the media communication network. For security reasons, China developed its own wireless LAN standard WAPI. "WAPI Industry Alliance" launched one of the units UW senior marketing manager for e-blue days that: "WiFi is recognized in the security, and manageability of the poor, can not be large-scale operations. The WAPI is technically better security and manageability, so in the high security scenarios and scale of operations on the market, WAPI products have more advantages. "WAPI alliance vendors grow mainstream

Once rose to the "Sino-US trade dispute" Despite the high delays the enforcement of WAPI, but it has not been obstructed and stagnant development. "At present, WAPI Industry Alliance has grown to 52 members, covering the chip, products, services and other industrial chain across the board." WAPI Industry Alliance Zhang Lulu head of strategic planning to introduce the current development situation WAPI said, "more than 30 major manufacturers of domestic WAPI possess the typical products of the design, development, production, sales, deployment and service capabilities. At present, WAPI industry has entered the building industry market expansion and deepening of the thickness of phase. "

The same time, as the worldwide standard for WiFi security issues there is an increasingly serious unrest, and the Chinese government has not released WiFi phones signs of relenting, the face of Chinas 600 million mobile phone market, was originally opposed to the mainstream of WAPI, foreign manufacturers are quietly change of attitude. CSR, Atheros WLAN chip makers and other international joined the WAPI alliance, some have been launched to support WAPI WAPI products or ongoing product development. Pave the way for the WAPI


Face starting the first of the WiFi, WAPI how to catch up? WAPI camp from the sound do not think that WiFi is a competitor WAPI, on the contrary, they think the popularity of WiFi to promote WAPI in favor. Zhang Lulu said: "As with other communications technologies, WLAN technology is always being in the sustainable development, WAPI WLAN solution that has long puzzled the security, management and operation problems, in essence, help the WLAN technology can be more healthy and rapid development." Lan Day also holds the same view, he thought as the user Yewu from simple web browsing into the need for high security of the business, Congxiao covers into the operational phase of the scale, it will have more demand for WAPI.

"Operators using the existing WLAN network can build WAPI." Zhang Lulu words can eliminate the concerns of operators, investment, "WLAN equipment vendors to achieve WAPI approach is flexible, the procurement of equipment after 2005 As processing power has a strong, can be software upgraded to support WAPI. "WAPI seems to have WiFi as their paving stones, with the popularity of WiFi existing network to expand their coverage.

WiFi / WAPI stalemate, multi-mode chips baked

WiFi manufacturers release new products vigorously, but also noted that the strength of WAPI should not be underestimated, began the development of WAPI chips. Haihua

Taiwan, Ralink WAPI products are launched. Haihua WAPI technology for mobile phones launched wireless module AW-GH320/AW-GH380, can support WAPI, WAPI + WiFi, WAPI + WiFi + Bluetooth. Ralink full range of products to support WAPI, main broadband, laptop computers and printers, projectors, set-top boxes, digital photo frame, HDTV and other consumer electronics applications.

And WiFi chip makers develop WAPI Correspondingly, WAPI camp, manufacturers have developed multi-mode WiFi-compatible chips. According to Lan Tian description: "Chinas largest electronics chips are safe multi-mode, both support the WAPI security standard also supports WiFi, so it can compatible with all kinds of markets." Hua Tai Electronics is the only company in China to provide WLAN chips and smart card chip companies, as WAPI high security, its application is not limited to WLAN can also play a role in the smart card.

3G thunder overshadowed WiFi

3G license dated other people on WiFi / WAPI is not in terms of good news. "Because of the issuance of 3G licenses, China Telecom in the WLAN on the projected reduced a lot, so the growth needs of this market look this year." Comtech DENG Xiao-Kun, general manager of Broadband WLAN Chinas prospects of a conservative attitude.

3G operators launched the construction not only distract the mind WLAN, data traffic will be refreshed again, 3G mobile Internet rate will further increase, which is obviously and WiFi / WAPI eating one cup of soup. Ralink Technology Vice President Zhan be considered that, WiFi / WAPI and the most powerful thing than 3G data transfer rates, and the use of WiFi Internet access is no extra service fees, the need for searching for or transfer audio and video data users, saving There is not only time money. "DENG Xiao-Kun said, WLAN can significantly improve the 3G data bandwidth applications, to expand 3G network coverage, such as China Mobile advocated 3G Router (TD + WiFi), it quickly can be deployed in TDG3 cover any range, families, schools and enterprises can be of DSL access technologies replace the traditional.

Chip integrated into the general trend With the WiFi chip technology

mature, WiFi chip revealing the trend of multi-functional integration. Recently, Broadcom announced a highly integrated to global positioning system (GPS), Bluetooth, FM radio and WiFi single chip SoC. As a distributor of Broadcom, DENG Xiao-Kun predicted integrated WiFi chip will become the main theme of 2009, particularly in the use of battery products. "Mobile communication technology and related manufacturing technologies already exist to support a single multi-function mobile devices, users do not need to carry multiple devices to meet various needs." Cham given that the diversified needs of mobile devices will accelerate the integration of WiFi chip "With the increasing number of mobile services and content, the user will be looking to the emergence of integrated products, and would be happy to pay for it."

In chip integration, local business seems to grasp the logic of the "own standards" the idea of a road to go in the end. Lan Tian revealed that China is studying a large electronic integration of WAPI and CMMB. Wireless hand mobile TV, it seems that television and the Internet compete for eyeballs on the enemy from the battlefield shifted to the living room phone.

Chinas Ministry of Industry and grounded the first WiFi mobile phone, 3G stunts in the post-2009 WiFi phone may not be regularized, WAPI OTC the best time. Fortunately, extensive range of electronic products, mobile phones have WiFi vendors to avoid the limelight, but equally popular spot relative demand for wireless connectivity applications, such as PSP, PND and other markets.

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