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2 trillion yuan photovoltaic industry will be dancing on the wire

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New Energy and SP3232EEY datasheet and Industrial Revitalization planning upcoming aroused widespread concern in the industry. "The current Energy Board for final approval, then submitted to the State Council. A total investment of about 2 trillion or more, renewable energy, to obtain a number of large investment projects, investment in wind and SP3232EEY price and solar energy will exceed the original plan." National Development and SP3232EEY suppliers and Reform Commission energy of the Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy Development of Wang Ying in the "China Joint Business Daily" reporters interview said. This or that high-risk, high input wire on the PV industry will continue to dance.

Only from the energy industries, since the end of 2008 Chinas capital market, the new energy photovoltaic industry sectors performance is astonishing. And the ratio of wind energy, solar energy in China has entered a rapid development track. Jiangsu province is Chinas photovoltaic industry is the worlds most important base for photovoltaic industry. League Secretary-General, Jiangsu Province, Professor Wei Qidong photovoltaic industry forecast, by 2010, Jiangsu crystalline silicon cells and modules will be increased 2.01 times compared to 2008 and 2.46 times increase in high-purity silicon material is 9.22 times the growth of thin film batteries a staggering rate of 154.7 times.

According to Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department of Statistics show the province in the photovoltaic industry enterprises above the scale of about 60 last year, production value of about 120 billion, more than 70% over the previous year, is expected to exceed 200 billion this year.

From 2006 to first half of 2008, Suntech, Zhejiang Yuhui under the influence of other listed companies, have invested in private capital in Zhejiang solar photovoltaic industry.

Today, the PV industry chain Zhejiang basic shape. In addition to mineral smelting of silicon, systems integration, but in the polysilicon, silicon rod production, wafer cutting, production of solar panels and components, photovoltaic cell applications and so on are involved. "Threshold of funds into the photovoltaic industry is relatively high, the general capacity of 100 MW scale enterprises started about 1 billion yuan of funds." Shen Zhejiang Fuxin Solar Energy Industry Association, said, want to get into this industry are still flocking to the capital, because the potential the profit is too tempting, "the average profit margin of more than 20%, some more than 30%."

Suntech CEO Zhengrong Shi Chairman of the Board in the "China Joint Business News" interview with reporters, said: "PV industry bubble has burst, as polysilicon prices will not return to the past. Photovoltaic industry in the next 2 to 5 years have a major reshuffle, will determine the fate of many companies. But this period, the PV industry will usher in a new round of breakout. He predicted that by 2020, the global photovoltaic market will have 20 trillion to 30 trillion yuan in 2050 to 100 trillion. many enterprises to enter the photovoltaic industry is valued short-term gains, but the industry with high investment and high risk, and need technical support, not blindly enter. "

He believes that the financial crisis on the PV industry is good. Currently polysilicon, cells, modules and other prices have fallen to reasonable levels, the market price of polysilicon per kg from a peak of 500 dollars 100 U.S. dollars per kilogram, down below, significantly reducing the cost of production is conducive to the application and promotion of solar power. SNEC

the just-concluded third (2009) International Photovoltaic Power Generation, by the state will soon introduce a "new energy industry revitalization and development planning" effect, showing great potential trend. China Renewable Energy Society, Vice Chairman, China Institute of Solar Renewable Energy Professional Committee of Zhao Yuwen, director of the newspaper, said: "National Development and Reform Commission is organizing staff development, which is a change in the main part of the solar energy industry development goals. Because of the development of the industry before planning, far from meeting the current pace of development of the domestic photovoltaic industry.

In the solar PV Conference, the largest solar power plant - 10 MW solar Dunhuang grid demonstration projects in the concession tender cast out of 0.69 yuan kilowatts.

Wang Zhongying said China solar power capacity by 2020 is expected to reach 10 million kilowatts or more, even up to 20 million kilowatts, or at least state the previously reported 1.8 million kilowatts Development Goals 5 times.

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