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3G mobile phone battle day language of nirvana: 3G + Smart

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"2G times in the past, the smart phone is like running a small road in the gut, senior sports car, its performance and DS92LV1212AMSA datasheet and the wide range of mobile data applications, limited bandwidth and DS92LV1212AMSA price and the speed limit is immune to a performance, but means that bandwidth and DS92LV1212AMSA suppliers and 3G era a hundred times the speed of improvement is a real highway, which is popular smartphone to the civilian sectors of the foundation. "Recently, in the days of language phone, Qualcomm and Microsoft co-hosted the" wisdom of life and Receive 3G "activities, days Rong Xiuli, chairman of language phone day sentence speaks of language on the 3G smart phone mobile phone unlimited expectations. "Smart phones are not necessarily 3G phone, but is certainly the future of 3G mobile smart phones, to do the next day language promoter 3G smart phone."

3G accelerate the trend of the manufacturers to step up the pace of intelligent

Sino Market Through consumer surveys show that the expectations for 3G services, 54% of consumers want access to music through mobile phones, pictures, video, 42% of consumers want to communicate via cell phone to share with others, 46% Consumers want to know the status of friends, 28% of consumers want from mobile phones to obtain the desired program and software. 3G network operators will put more Internet applications to the phone up, and accelerate the development trend of intelligent mobile phones.

Fact, several years ago, the day on language development trend of the smart phone has been prepared to predict. Day language Rong Xiuli, chairman of mobile phone in early 2008 predicted, 3G, once started, the smart phone will quickly spread, and quickly became the main force in the market.

3G arrival of the first year, for the intelligent terminal market stocked with a new territory. Insiders made a vivid metaphor, 2G mobile phone era, like a smart phone can not access the computer, a lot of new experiences can not be interactive and share anywhere. The era of 3G mobile Internet access has greatly enhanced the speed, then the system does not support 3G smart phone, like a high-speed broadband computer link has not installed the appropriate software. In short, smart and 3G is a match. For this reason, 3G era, the demand also accelerated the development of intelligent.

In China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, the three operators in a big way to promote the stimulation of 3G services, smart phones are becoming all the cell phone manufacturers focused their attention on a piece of fat. Day language in the 2G mobile phone era of the once fast-growing dark horse to win it, in turn eyes locked him in a 3G smart phone. This time, the day introduced a breath language phone support 5 of the 3G CDMA EVDO smartphone, equipped with a Windows Mobile6.1 operating system and Qualcomm CDMA chips, including signature products, E61, E68, E608, E809 and other distinctive intelligence New phone.

But from a consumer perspective, the use of mobile phone habits of intelligent seamless is the inevitable demand. In addition to day language strike out 3G smart mobile phones, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and other phone giants are also lining up on smart phones and smart phones continue to build a whole ecosystem.

Wise survive the test of the competitiveness of enterprises

Microsofts deputy general manager of China Mobile Division, said Gao Yu, China has 690 million mobile phone users in the future, consumers will no longer meet the traditional phone call function, their life is full of desire for 3G, hoping to rely on mobile phone networks, to achieve more entertainment and consumption functions, which gives the development of 3G has brought new opportunities. Language for mobile phones with the cooperation of days, Gao Yu, said Microsoft expects to introduce more day language operating systems equipped with Windows Mobile 3G phone users in China can give more and better mobile services, and better mobile lifestyle.

Rapid development in the trend of intelligent machines, who can come out on top in the field of smart phones, both on the strength of a copy of R & D capacity, as is consumer demand and marketing strategies to grasp the challenge. It is reported that since last year, days of the phrase phone enhanced with China Telecom 3G phone customization efforts, R & D personnel rapidly from 300 to 400 people to nearly 600 people, 90% of people are put into the development of the 3G smart phone. Language in 3G mobile phones and day to take a "stand on the shoulders of giants" of the vertical and horizontal strategies, and Qualcomm, Microsoft and other vendors on the day of the upstream rapid growth of mobile language leading position in domestic mobile phone is also quite optimistic about It hit it off so that bilateral cooperation is also among the 3G smart phone day language forefront of the trend of protection.