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863 "Semiconductor Lighting Project" made significant progress

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August 2006, Ministry of Science and LM2904P datasheet and in the "fifth" National Semiconductor Lighting Project implementation based on the "Long-term Scientific and LM2904P price and Technological Development (2006-2020)" priority themes of industrial energy-saving "research and LM2904P suppliers and development of energy efficient, long-life semiconductor lighting products, "the deployment and the" Eleventh Five-Year "development plan, launched the" Eleventh Five-Year "Plan 863 field of new materials," Semiconductor Lighting Project "major projects, arrange funding 3.5 billion, on the whole industry, semiconductor lighting chain core technology breakthroughs and industry, the key technologies supporting a comprehensive plan. "Eleventh Five-Year" strategic objective is: through the creative, white light illumination part of the core patents, to solve the semiconductor industry lighting market key technologies needed to build a sound technical innovation system with the characteristics of industrial clusters and improve the semiconductor lighting industry chain, the formation of international competitiveness of Chinas semiconductor lighting new industries.

Its main task as shown below:

Figure 1 "Eleventh Five-Year" strategic goal of semiconductor lighting Schematic
(Source: Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance)

National Semiconductor Lighting Project started and the "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 Since the implementation of major projects, our LED epitaxial materials, chip manufacturing, device packaging, phosphor and other aspects of technology with independent property rights have been shown the cell technique, part of the core technology is originality, initially formed from the upstream material, middle chip preparation, the downstream device packaging and integration more complete application of R & D and industrial system, for the LED industry in China to some extent, bigger and stronger foundation. At present 863 units to undertake the project has applied for 241 patents, including 152 invention patents, 17 foreign patents.

In the exploration, pioneering research on material growth and devices, China has developed a 280 nm UV LED devices, 20 mA output power up to mW order of magnitude, the international leading level; non-polar GaN epitaxial growth, X-ray diffraction FWHM decreased from 780 to 559 arc seconds, arc seconds, this value is currently the best results reported in the international one; the use of innovative renewable tunnel developed a GaN-based structure of blue, green Preparation of two-color LED light of the three primary colors of light single-chip white LED power reaches 4.18 mW; the first time the class international full-spectrum sunlight, white light LED devices range from 400-650 nm extended to 360-900 nm, completely cover the visible range; all phosphorescent white OLED light-emitting type of efficiency has reached 45 lumens / watt.

In the industry has made great breakthroughs in key technologies, power-based chips from scratch, homemade chips increasing year by year the proportion of import substitution, as now reached 46%. Power-type white LED package close to the international advanced level, has become an important base for LED packages. Enterprises as the mainstay of the 100 lm / W LED manufacturing technology advances quickly, the better industry to complete the results of the online close to 70 lumens / watt. With independent intellectual property rights of power type silicon substrate after the white LED chip packaging efficiency of over 50 lumens / watt. 2007, 1.5 billion domestic chip output, LED packaging production value of 16.8 billion.

Figure 2 Localization of LED chips trends

Scale system integration technology research and significant applications smoothly. Type and size of application products at the international forefront, has become a global full-color LED display, solar LED, landscape lighting and other applications, the largest producer and exporter. The end of 2007 a total LED company in China two thousand, most of the applications in the packaging and application product output has more than 300 billion yuan. July 2008 Hisenses first ultra-thin 42-inch LED-backlit LCD TV officially listed, indicating that 40% of the worlds total output of consumer electronics products in China started large-scale use of LED technology. In 2010 the output value of Chinas semiconductor lighting industry will be over 1000 billion yuan.

The Olympic demonstration project as the representative of large-scale implementation of system integration technology, promote innovation and product demonstration and application integration, display of energy-saving, environmental protection, the effect of increased awareness of the international community. This year in August, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the venues used in LED landscape lighting, full-color displays and other products, created Olympic history on the large-scale use LED lighting technology precedent. It is estimated that only 5 million square meters of the Water Cube, LED landscape lighting, fluorescent lamps compared with the year can save 745 thousand degrees, saving 70%. Energy saving, environmental protection, long life LED serve as the supporting green Olympics, a major force. Power type LED (chip package with up to 80-90 foreign lm / W) has begun in the sub-trunk lights, parking lots, gas stations and other lighting applications, can save 30-50% the cost of purchasing and operating comprehensive 3 flat around with traditional light sources, and the luminous efficiency increased by about 30% a year, prices fell 40%, with the municipal power type LED energy saving lighting has become possible, and in some cities has been a model application.

Public platform through the conditions of the construction project lead, made progress. Chinese Academy of Sciences developed semiconductor lighting R & D center and related graphics epitaxial substrate technology successfully transferred to enterprises, research and development of power type LED luminous efficiency of 80 lumens / watt. Initially built by industrial equipment, industrial technology development can be carried out "soft" process line, the establishment of a Council under the leadership of director responsibility system, is establishing an interactive and industrial R & D funds, enterprise operations management.

Union through the establishment of industrial R & D funds, a major demonstration project organized the Olympic Games, held in Innovation Competition, the establishment of patent pools, etc., set up a Research Platform to improve the efficiency and level of technological innovation, promote the implementation of major projects.

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