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863 major projects, "Semiconductor Lighting Project" Application Guide

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One guide explains

As the "city of ten thousand ten," the smooth implementation of semiconductor lighting demonstration project to provide strong scientific support, according to early deployment of major projects and SN74F04DR datasheet and the overall task completion stage, three year project to deploy around the enhancement of application-oriented integration of technology research, application and SN74F04DR price and demonstration of semiconductor lighting to provide quality assurance; the second is around 100 lm / W industrialization of key technology, a breakthrough power-based Preparation and SN74F04DR suppliers and light-level chip module integration technology; third is the key to capturing the core of epitaxial material growth technology, made core patents for the "second five" further proved the direction of project deployment.

"High color Low color temperature of indoor lighting applications semiconductor industry technology", "track cars and ship critical technology development of semiconductor lighting system," the two issues is the 2009 "Semiconductor Lighting Project" issues of major projects are to take public mode selection guide released subject project undertaker.

Second, the Guide Content

Subjects 1, high-color low color temperature lighting applications in the semiconductor industry, technology indoor

Research objectives: development of classroom, hospital and other indoor general lighting with low color temperature of high power white LED color rendering industry, technology, development of large-scale production technology, the use of domestic chip and phosphor materials, development of low cost, high cost, wide range of chips for low-wavelength color Wen Baiguang LED, LED interior lighting breakthrough product design, manufacturing key technology to develop a high efficiency, high reliability, general lighting products, and use in practical projects, promote the application of semiconductor lighting demonstration.

Main content: Interior lighting with light, heat and structural optimization, improved luminous efficiency and service life; high reliability, high efficiency LED driver into a group and intelligent control technology, the integration of EMC design techniques lamps; phosphor wavelength matching with the chip technology; white LED production process of the consistency of color temperature and color coordinate research; color Wen Baiguang LED low attenuation and drift of color coordinates; direct chip package circuit board (COB) technology, LED lighting light source module technology; of the cost of general lighting control, speed up the speed to market.

Key indicators: the luminous efficiency white LED devices ≥ 100lm / W; warm white light of the overall light efficiency ≥ 65lm / W, the degree of light emitted in the 0.01 ~ 0.5lm/mm2, and the uniformity of ≥ 80%, color temperature of bulk products control of 3000K ± 300K, color rendering index Ra ≥ 80; lamps cost per thousand lumen

Eligibility: The business-oriented issues, to encourage research joint declaration. Applicants registered capital of not less than 300 million yuan, and the basis of previous research is better, with more than two years of functional LED lighting production, sales performance, have a certain profitability, a stable R & D team and R & D investment, with large-scale production conditions and the implementation of the matching funds available; called for cooperation in the research unit has a good research base, a stable research team and good equipment conditions. A provision of this topic

control of the country number 500 million, proposed to arrange a project to support the life of 2 years. Applicant matching funds no less than 1:2.

Issue 2, rail cars and ships with key technology development of semiconductor lighting system

Research objectives: functional LED lighting for the track (including subway, light rail) cars, the ships key technology research and system integration, functional LED lighting breakthrough in key technologies, development of high efficiency, high reliability features of lighting products, and track the use of engineering and ship items to promote the application of semiconductor lighting demonstration.

For overseas Chinese scientists, including acquiring a foreign nationality and permanent residence, to meet the above (Article 4) 2-5 entry conditions, as long as the subject of an official employed in the support unit and the appointment of topics covered implementation period, the annual working time in the project support unit for less than 6 months, based on units issued by the issue relevant certificates.

6. Project Leader and key participants limited the application shall not violate the provisions of the following:

To ensure high-quality scientific research personnel to carry out research work restrictions in National Plans of the number of applications and commitment to task requirements. Per person per year can only be presided over no more than a national major projects (including 863 plans, 973 plans, support plans) subject. Applicants should apply in accordance with the above requirements, and applications in the same group published guidelines only apply for a subject or project.

7. Applicants to submit applications for the national allocation of funding for the project shall not exceed the provisions of the State Guidelines for control of the amount of allocated funds, and should be in accordance with the requirements of the Guidelines for the project to provide the matching funds, otherwise inadmissible.

8. The applicant to abide by scientific ethics, the rigorous scientific attitude and scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts complete the project application, ensuring the authenticity of the project application to avoid exaggeration and inaccuracies. At the same time, research may not be the same or similar item multiple applications. 863 in the declaration on the application process for credit history, subject of the application for deliberately providing false information, the information, once verified, credited to the credit file, and the unit to cancel the declaration within two years, 863 eligible individuals in cancel the declaration within three years 863 eligible.

9. Application procedures and requirements: project application report to focus on the Internet. Declared through the "declaration of national science and technology center project" carried out at, the application process, requirements and other considerations see "" Eleventh Five-Year "National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) Application Guide. "

10. Issues deadline for accepting applications for July 5, 2009 24 pm.

11. Consulting Contacts and Contact

Contact: Geng Bo Cao Junsong

Tel :010-82512806 ,010-51626257

Fax :010-51727120


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