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Data: LED lights high pressure sodium loss is not yet stable performance

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Current street system in the domestic LED lights loud voice: Shanghai to bring in 20,000, Changzhou to the introduction of 15,000 ~ 20,000. LED light promotion, said while the cost to buy than ordinary lamps high, but it can saving money.

Philips Lighting January 8 held in Nanjing, "harmonious cities, lighting future," invited seminar at Nanjing city management staff, designers and EPM1270F256C5 datasheet and urban landscape architects designers and EPM1270F256C5 price and planners, and EPM1270F256C5 suppliers and Philips Lighting to explore the city, people and the harmonious relations among the three lights on how to build, create more attractive urban environment vision. Promote energy-efficient lighting in the urban construction applications.

However, in January 8th seminar, Deputy Chief Engineer of Nanjing street management office said Liu Lei, real: Nanjing in August 2008 started in the west side of Mount Vanke light the way the city installed six different manufacturers LED lights do test results not only in the performance of each very different light, and a lamp with the performance of different periods are different. This six light power ranges from 120W-168W, and some mark-power 168W 120W lamp brightness is not as light. Even more surprising is that after a period of time, the two brightness increased, four decreased brightness, life span is different.

In addition, the fact that Liu Lei: LED lights currently no uniform standard of products to produce, there is no way the streetlights maintenance; manufacturers to provide replacement lamps tested products made and very fast, but still some months to eliminate the original test products; the normal high pressure sodium street lights at least 5-8 year cycle, so the existing street lamps of the staff was quick to judge on the high pressure sodium street lights and maintenance. Since the LED lights

performance is not stable, then how to achieve energy-saving system, Nanjing street do? In this regard, Liu Lei fact, the traditional street lamps can lower voltage and lower power, etc. to achieve energy conservation. Nanjing this year, all newly installed street lamps will use variable power of the ballast, 6 hours after the lights automatically reduces power: from 400W down to 250W, the 250W down to 150W, the 150W down to 100W. Lung Poon Road has been used to automatically reduce the voltage of the lamp, "This year will be used in all new projects that will reduce power facilities, and about 2,600 lights will transform the old lights."

Low voltage, low power, and will not affect the lighting? "If you do not see with the naked eye for the power of that moment, the feeling is not quite there." Liu Lei fact that the brightness control all lighting there is a lower limit to ensure the lighting effects.

Present, including warm white, lower power and a number of energy-saving technology has advanced lighting ring Mausoleum in Nanjing Road, the pilot Xuzhuang Software Park and other places, the old district, no street lights will also be a new area such as works together with transformation. According to Mr. Liu introduced Mausoleum in Nanjing road, Central, newly installed "warm white road lighting system" should be a ceramic metal halide lamp + HID electronic ballast combination of a new type of street lighting systems, improved street lighting can be a good environment for people to travel at night to bring more security and comfort, especially for business street, the square on the color index for high places. Therefore, Mr. Liu is currently on the market for LED street lamps advocating reservations!

Vice president of Illuminating Engineering Society of China, China Illuminating Engineering Society Committee of Zhao Jianping outdoor lighting workshop report also listed a number on the high-pressure sodium lamps with LED lights make the best available data comparison, the results show, LED lights are not yet the best road lighting products. Moreover, the current used for street lamps LED, in order to improve the effectiveness of light in the 8000K color temperature are the LED, the color temperature is obviously too high. The newly installed Central Mausoleum in Nanjing road, "warm white road lighting system," its color temperature is 2800K, the color temperature is more satisfactory in the road. High illumination requires high color temperature, low light requiring low color temperature; present, the countrys new standards out of the road lighting, road lighting on the fast track is in fact as long as 20 ~ 30LX, color-rendering index requirements are not so high; but in the square, commercial Street, the color index is very important, and high-pressure sodium lamps in this area to significantly lower, so they recommended COSMO products, that is, newly installed road tomb in Nanjing Centrals "warm white road lighting system."

In addition, the square carpet lights (light the whole layout of the glass in the ground, the whole as carpets), warm white (whiter than the regular lights, but I feel some of the color bright and clear) and a number of new city lights are in discussion appearance at the meeting.

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