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Di source Photoelectric: missed opportunities for lighting revolution is condemned by history

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"I have been very concerned about the Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Project in the new action." Solid State Lighting Research and MAX7221CWG datasheet and Industrial Union experts, general manager of Wuhan optoelectronic across the Country Di source said.

Just this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government on the development of LED industry, issued a series of unprecedented policy of this newspaper reported that after the visit to Shenzhen across the Country immediately. By chance he comes deep, this reporter made on issues related to an exclusive interview.

Missed opportunities lighting revolution is condemned by history

"There is no doubt that the worldwide semiconductor lighting is causing a revolution in lighting. As a new and MAX7221CWG price and efficient solid light source, semiconductor lighting with long life, energy saving, rich colors, miniaturization, etc., will be yet another leap in the history of mankind lighting. "across the Country introduced the worlds semiconductor lighting (LED) of the latest developments.

Recent years, the United States, European Union, Japan, Korea and MAX7221CWG suppliers and other governments have introduced programs to step up legislation to encourage the use of semiconductor energy-saving light sources. Last year, the output value of the global semiconductor lighting industry of 9000 million yuan.

China is the worlds largest country lighting and lamps production, across the Country Analysis, Chinas main production is in the low-end products, only 18% of the world market, big but not strong. To this end, China in October 2003 launched the National Semiconductor Lighting Project, the establishment of National Semiconductor Lighting Project Management Office, through policy guidance and incentives to promote domestic industry and LED lighting industry.

According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Project a special survey of electricity for lighting in the 300 billion degrees per year, if 1 / 3 with the LED to replace its lighting electricity savings, equivalent to the total investment over 200 billion element of the annual power generation of Three Gorges Project.

Across the Country that, compared to traditional incandescent, semiconductor lighting efficiency of up to 90% energy saving, and can prolong life 100 times. If the National Semiconductor Lighting Project is completed, our all out of the existing incandescent and fluorescent lamps, then the annual electricity savings equivalent to 3 to build the Three Gorges Power Station.

"Government does not need to concentrate on building the Three Gorges Dam as a huge human, material and financial resources, but also do not need millions of immigrants, there is no environmental concern, as long as the policy guidance, public participation, we are at home 3 of the Three Gorges power plant can be built. "across the Country, said, LED is the century and new light source, the lighting revolution missed opportunities, we are condemned by history.

Alert someone elses field shortage of fertilizer has its own way

"Shenzhen is very sensitive to business-to-market, the Shenzhen municipal government is very sensitive to the industrial opportunities." Conjunction of two across the Country "is very sensitive "to evaluate Shenzhen. As the industry authority, he is very familiar with the Shenzhen LED industry.

Shenzhen and Shanghai, Xiamen, Dalian, Nanchang, together, is the first of five national semiconductor lighting industrial base. At present, Shenzhen, engaged in semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 700 enterprises, accounting for nearly half the number of enterprises, industrial scale of about 150 billion yuan. Shenzhen is the worlds largest solar LED lighting production and supply base, LED backlight, the worlds leading manufacturing and supply base, LED display Chinas largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting major domestic production areas.
Although the results were great, but, in the LED industry, Shenzhen is also inadequate. Evaluation across the Country, at present, the high end of the LED industry chain link, Shenzhen is still relatively weak, the relative lack of technological innovation, leading enterprises have not yet formed.

He said: "I noticed from the end of last year in Shenzhen, in the continuous development of LED industry, there are three big move."

Across the Country called "three big action" means December 22 last year, Mayor Xu held an emergency meeting of the night to promote the development of LED industry, this year Feb. 3 of the "Mayor Xu work for municipal government in 2009 to seek views of representatives of the public forum" on the LED industry, receive special attention in February 5, the first time, the Shenzhen municipal government executive, after the Spring Festival will be considered and approved in principle of "Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015)," a series of policies to support the development of LED industry documents.

He said the development of Shenzhen in the shortest time to the introduction of the six policy documents, in LED development planning, promotion of demonstration, public technology platform, industry development measures proposed industrial park and the LED together procurement center of international trade the lead and so directed at "international influence, Chinas LED industry to gather first-class," this goal, this unique in the country. As Mayor Xu said, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the previous industry does not have any missed an opportunity to support the development of LED may be a major industry. Across the Country that Shenzhen is to do something this historic event.

He changed the subject, said of his worries. Promoting the application of LED in the same time, if you do not attach importance to the use of domestic LED chips and devices, will reverse the nation to promote enterprises abroad LED LED industry squeeze, this will be LED with China to upgrade their capability of independent innovation of enterprises, training emerging contrary to the original intention of the national industry.

He said, fix, the foreign enterprises Tuishang Qu, and to squeeze their own business collapsed. Fat someone elses land, shortage of its own land.

Short-sighted when the market corrected

journalists need the government response to the concerns across the Country, said the first batch will be implemented this year, Shenzhen LED lighting demonstration project, given by the citys enterprises must bear the demonstration project subsidies, and energy savings of 50% or more energy-efficient LED lighting products in the government centralized procurement. Across the Country are especially appreciated, he said, the Ministry of Science and vigorously promote the "city of ten thousand ten" LED application demonstration city projects, this way, social awareness LEDs landmark projects. LED city of Shenzhen, China, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in this series of actions will enable the public to truly realize the advantages of LED, and then change their spending habits, it will be a national industry growth opportunities.

He said: "The market is short-sighted. Currently, LED lamps more expensive, people may prefer to spend less money to buy power-hungry traditional lamps, and will not now accept the higher prices, reduce power consumption at least half of the new products. in market failure, it needs to play a role in government. "

role of government, he cited an example. They had a model way to a city installed the LED lights, the Government is very satisfied, ready to reward. However, the issue of who the award, the Government made difficult. If the extraction of money by saving power awarded to urban management department, urban management department only agreed to update the street lights, electricity, nor are they a bonus to them does not make sense; if awarded to the electricity sector, power sector feel that street lighting is peak power, should encourage more use of electricity did the bonuses they receive are not enthusiastic. Finally, something had to give up rewards. I do not know the power of money into whose pockets, the government issued money who do not know. Across the Country that this involves the governments management system, at a time when new products enter the market, the Government should clear the main administrative responsibility.

Things are not easy to reward, punishment is even harder. For ordinary citizens, with no LED energy saving lamps, lighting the issue of tariff is cold boiled frog - feel is not obvious. No accumulation of a year or so, the savings each month ten dollars, people do not see the amazing effects of energy conservation. Across the Country that the national semiconductor lighting project involves thousands of families, not just the problem the way a few demonstrations, which requires the government to play an active role, forced forward.

Introduced across the Country, is a global semiconductor lighting industry, the mainland has become the worlds most important production base for LED packaging. In the industrial chain, packaged in a downstream, is at the end.

It is understood that Di is a typical source of returnees optical start-ups. The United States across the Country was a chief scientist, the second-largest U.S. chip plant axt senior manager; Vice President, Chief Engineer Jin Caixia postdoctoral Texas Tech University in the United States. In 2006, Wuhan, came together across the Country and the Jin Caixia "Optical Valley" founded Di source, when the end of the year on the completion of the first LED production lines. In China, to manufacture LED chips, only five manufacturers, and to create high-power chips, only Di source one. Di source is the worlds three high-power LED chip manufacturing companies. At present, the source of the high-power chips Di in Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing and Shanghai, application, also joined the "Lighting Africa" program.

Di source involved in the upstream areas are LED, said position in the industry, for example, playing across the Country: Di source in the LED industry like the computer industry, Intel, specializing in semiconductor lighting LED epitaxial wafers, high-power chips R & D and production.

Di optical source has a number of patents in China and the United States, while the State Ministry of Science, "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan 863 major projects the field of new materials, "Semiconductor Lighting Project" industrial units is mainly responsible for the project.

Di source currently has five new LED production line. Across the Country said that a total investment of 800 million yuan in the second phase is completed, will form the largest production base of high-power chips, and promote the middle and lower reaches 300 billion package and application.

Introduced across the Country, Di source of high-power chips have been widely used in mobile phones, computers, cars, urban landscape lighting projects, and is to enter the field of general lighting. He explained that lighting is a semiconductor home to 150 yuan, he has one goal: Be sure to put LED lights in three years down to 20 yuan each, so that every family can spend LED lights.

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