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Domestic semiconductor material suppliers should trust local users

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People know that efficient supply chain management, a keen ability to grasp the market, mature and PCI2040PGE datasheet and fast hardware and PCI2040PGE price and software R & D capability is a guarantee the resilience of cottage products, excluding part of the cottage manufacturers using low-quality components, the low cost capacity without one can match. In semiconductor manufacturing, the domestic supply capacity has been a material element of the weak. After nearly two years of sustained efforts, the domestic suppliers of semiconductor materials, technical capability and PCI2040PGE suppliers and service capacity to quickly upgrade the plating solution in high purity CU, SOI wafer, CMP polishing, cleaning solution and high purity chemical reagents and other new materials, new technology has made gratifying progress. Currently, the local Chinese newcomers, who is a professional soldier ants-style attitude to oligarchs to the international market. Shanghai Xinyang

forward channel is actively expanding manufacturing applications. According to Yang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd. Shanghai New Chief Engineer Sun Jiangyan introduction of copper interconnect plating solution SYS201 is dedicated to the width of 90nm process in the following chip copper plating solution. Main features of high purity, ultra-cleanliness, did not add any organic matter. SYS201 use the advanced multi-stage electrolytic purification technology and reliable detection system, a fundamental guarantee for the product production process reliability of process conditions and product quality stability. And Singapore to start TSV (through-siliconvia through-silicon interconnect) porous plating technology development, Sun Jiangyan that its industrial prospects depend on the needs of the domestic IC design industry.

Anji products include integrated circuits, such as chemical mechanical polishing industry and solar energy industries such as pulp and related chemicals cutting solutions. At present, the security research and development and production of chemical mechanical polishing agent and cleaning fluid and other products have been doing with dozens of customers worldwide with the cooperation of the various stages, including many of the world famous chip companies and solar companies. Anji Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Yu Chang, president, said the emerging domestic specialty materials company co-localization can greatly reduce the corresponding test time. It is reported that security set polishing liquid products to meet the 300mm, 45nm process technology node requirements.

Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai New proud of the SOI material is the only production base, but also the four major world supplier of SOI materials is one of scale, with a SIMOX (separation of oxygen injection), Bonding (bonding) and Simbond (full independent development of SOI technology) three types of SOI wafer manufacturing technology, can provide 4-8 inch SOI wafer and SOI wafer. Pride executive vice president of new technology, according to Zhang Feng, currently more than 90% of new products sold proud of the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, and become Intel, Samsung, Infenion renowned international companies such as supplier providers. Proud of this new company will be from the U.S. introduction of an 8-inch IBIS SOI production line.

By the Shanghai Huayi Group and Taiwan Electronic Chemical Material Co., Ltd. Union official (AUECC) joint venture in Shanghai Huayi Microelectronic Material Co., Ltd. mainly produces quality to SEMIC12 (PPB Grade) standards required for large-scale IC manufacturing super-clean, high purity sulfuric acid and other major chemical products, fully meet the technological requirements of 8 inches or more chips. Huanglian Xin, general manager of Huayi Microelectronics, said the company purchases all raw materials are in the country based on the processing of industrial grade applications into electronic products, chemicals that change the microelectronics industry chain split between the state and improve the microelectronics industry chain of chemicals The overall operating efficiency.

As the semiconductor industrys first production base in Ningbo, sputtering targets Jiang Feng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., is a "863" major projects of new materials technology project "ultra-high purity aluminum target large-size manufacturing technology," the sub- project undertaking unit, the "ultra-large scale integrated circuit manufacturing process of aluminum and tantalum PVD sputtering target of the industry," the Ministry of Industry in 2008 to obtain electronic information industry development fund. Yao Lijun, general manager, said Jiang Feng Electronics, Chinas enterprises to provide high purity metal, but do not know how to cut into the semiconductor production process, e-Jiang Feng and west through the metal fab business cooperation to meet the needs of the east, to change the international target businesses domestic procurement of raw materials in the finished product will target a few times higher than the raw materials or even a hundred times the price to sell back home in the status quo.

Yao Lijun said, "Jiang Feng is to make the international target markets electronic oligarch was wolf!"

Progress for material suppliers, local semiconductor manufacturers are also given high expectations. SMIC CEO Richard Chang said SMIC received after the Spring Festival seven local consumer IC design company in chip orders, while international companies such as Telecom has increased the number of rush orders, SMICs stock, a foreign customers last December by a 2-week return to the current 8 weeks, more customers will run out of its inventory by the end of March. However, due to the constraints of wafer preparation, the handling of rush orders is more passive. Richard Chang believes that the market bottomed out in December last year, and the most difficult in the first quarter of this year, so I hope to grow up as quickly as possible local materials company, we work together to make a complete chain of Chinas semiconductor industry. In this regard, Yu Chang gave a positive response, "Chinas semiconductor materials business must be a help to get up the fools!"

Barack Obama in its economic revitalization program that included restrictions on procurement of local iron and steel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in its economic revitalization plan may not limit the conditions for production car outside France, compared to the old free market economy , free trade advocates, we are on a slight preference for local products why not have it? In particular, what our colleagues are in the production line.

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