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Dongguan: Within one year 20,000 LED lights fade

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Reporters yesterday from the Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, held high-power white LED street light popularization meeting was informed that next year in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, the total construction mileage of 1,500 kilometers, the scale of about 100,000 of the LED lights demonstration and EPC8QC100 datasheet and extension projects, which, Dongguan City, from December this year until December next year, will be transformed into a 22,100 LED street lights. Three years, Dongguan City, strive to complete the transformation of the citys street lamps LED lighting.

High power white LED lights, Guangdong Province promote the application on the spot by the provincial Science and EPC8QC100 price and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Construction, the city government organized, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Leng Xiaoming, Deputy Mayor Liang Guoying attended the site meetings. Within one year 20,000

street "fade" LED

Provincial Science and EPC8QC100 suppliers and Technology Department, said at the meeting the person in charge of the existing LED lights based on the pilot project, the Guangdong province plans to start the implementation of the next 2,3 months "thousand million" high-power LED lights to promote industrialization demonstration project In Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and other cities about 1,500 km total length of construction, the scale of about 100,000 of the LED lights demonstration and extension projects, and actively seek into the national investment plan. The estimated construction time of year. The official also said, to seize the new round of increased investment to expand domestic demand to promote stable and rapid economic development opportunities, organization and implementation of "green lighting project." Deputy Mayor Liang Guoying said

, Dongguan City, plans to next year from December this year in December, the implementation of LED street reconstruction project, the 22,100 LED lamps into high-pressure sodium lamps. Purchase of street light charges, and government subsidies by 30% and 70% by the construction of the main commitments. "We hope the relevant Zhenjie seize the opportunity to make good arrangements for next year." Liang Guoying said the time being, not to determine which sections of LED lights to transform, to other towns Street will report their plans and then decide.

LED lights on the whole province for electricity over 10 billion

It is reported that after the implementation of LED lights, Dongguan City, application and popularization of works in the urban East River Road, the test section for the LED lights to the town of Shilong Town and Shek Pai LED lights for the pilot project to transform the town. So far, Dongguan City, has been on more than 5,200 sets of lights were made, at the end, Dongguan City, the number of LED lights will reach 8700 sets. Have test results show that, LED lamps high pressure sodium than saving more than 60%, will make this year the city yuan GDP energy consumption has dropped significantly.

This, Dongguan City, specifically on the use of LED lights to replace the original high-pressure sodium lamp saving costs after a field investigation and accounting. To Shek Pai Town, for example, the original town and village roads is about 650 years of tariff million, priced electricity 0.825 yuan. After the installation of LED lights by 64% of the saving rate, the average annual savings of electricity the town about 420 million. At the same time, the data shows, Shilong Town, LED street reconstruction project for the town, about 180 million kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to saving 816 tons of standard coal, about 24 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 831 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If all of Dongguan city switch to LED lights, saving electricity costs each year will be over a billion dollars.

Learned, the Dongguan City to pilot first, and gradually roll out of the way, for three years to complete the transformation of the citys street lamps LED lighting. # Next #

Related News: 100,000 light "light" 6 billion market LED lamp manufacturers in Dongguan good

12 Yue 11 meeting of the provinces high-power white LED street light made the promotion spot, the province will promote the 100,000 LED lights, which, Dongguan City, to promote the 22,100 LED lights. Analysis of the industry, 100,000 LED lights behind the market of 6 billion, 1 billion in taxes. The financial tsunami has occurred in the context of 6 million "cake" will trigger a lighting technology and the market battle.

10 Wan lamp "light" 6 billion market LED lights native

manufacturers in Dongguan Kingsun Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province Chairman Li Xuliang LED Industry Alliance, said in an interview, the province plans to implement the construction of about 1,500 km, the scale of about 100,000 of the LED street lamp demonstration promotion projects, the provinces LED lights manufacturer and its upstream and downstream enterprises, it is a great good news. "Each set of LED lights at the current prices for 5000 yuan, about 100,000 LED lights behind the sales market of 6 billion, bringing taxes to the government about 100 million yuan." Lixu Liang said.

His view, LED lights the future of the market even more. Clearly this years State Council executive meeting to promote efforts to increase efficient lighting products, requiring large and medium cities next year, government agencies, city road lighting, and all-out inefficient lighting products, LED lights will usher in the market blowout. LED lighting market

lead the battle

Attended by Deputy Minister of Provincial Science and Technology does not deny plans to promote King leaves 100,000 LED lights, LED lighting technology will trigger a battle with the market, "We want through the promotion of LED lights to enhance the LED industry independent innovation capability and overall competitiveness. "

"We expect, thousand million, tender will be very intense." Lixu Liang said, when the LED lamp manufacturers in Dongguan, not only to face the competitive city, but also the face of the province, the domestic enterprises competition. Currently, the city on the scale of LED lights can be said that very few manufacturers, LED lights can produce dozens of companies that is, these companies can afford in the competition, "thousand million" project, are still unknown. But many do not own intellectual property rights, not the core competitiveness of enterprises, and will definitely lose out. Imagine, in the context of the financial tsunami, companies packed badly beaten for this cake. After all, the enterprise has undertaken government projects, not only to make money, but also become outreach card.

Union established companies to compete

Then 6 billion, Dongguan enterprises face cake, how a "knife"? LED industry experts, Foshan, Zhongshan University Institute Professor Wang Gang said that the current business through R & D, market development and other means to solve the price of LED lights the problem of high. Ordinary power of 250w high pressure sodium lamp, the price is 2000 yuan, but a set of LED lights are the same brightness of 5,000 yuan, a high-pressure sodium lamps 2 to 3 times.

The same time, the industry also LED lights as soon as possible standards. Wang Gang believes that the lack of standards, the threshold for enterprises to enter the industry is relatively low, leading to uneven product industry in the long run, affecting the development of the industry.

Enterprises in Dongguan plan "heating." Li Xuliang said LED Industry Alliance Plan of Guangdong Province jointly set up joint-stock energy companies to jointly explore the markets, commitments to improve the competitiveness of enterprises within the Union.

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