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Global Broadband Network report released Japan and South Korea most developed

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DIGITIMES Research released a new research report, Japan and TC74HC32AF datasheet and South Korea for the global development of the leading national broadband network technology, the current global fiber optic network deployment is the most mature countries. Statistics based on FTTH Council, Korea, the household penetration rate of fiber 37%, ranking the highest in the world, while Japan immediately after Hong Kong, ranked 3, fiber 24% household penetration.

In Japan and TC74HC32AF price and South Korea government promotes and TC74HC32AF suppliers and carriers actively promote, in accordance with Point Topic Statistics show that Japan and South Korea at the end of 2008 the overall number of broadband subscribers (including DSL, Cable Modem and FTTx) is living the Asia-Pacific region (excluding mainland China ) before the two countries with a high, were 2,968 million and 1,526 million; and DSL users have with Australia as the top 3 high, accounting for Asia-Pacific region (excluding the mainland) the total number of users to 39.5% and 12.6%.

Japanese broadband application service: image shift from the development of speech

Present in the distribution of the broadband market in Japan to look at the circuit provider, NTT East and NTT West, Japan was the largest industry in Japan, especially in the optical part of the total market share between the two reached 73.5%. And the ISP (Internet Service Provider) point of view, is based on OCN, Yahoo! BB, and au one net top. OCN in the fiber side top, ranked No. 2 in the ADSL is currently the leading ISP in Japan; and Yahoo! BB is a very good performance in terms of ADSL, the market share of 38.1%, substantially ahead of the OCN ranked No. 2, 2 times much.

2008 the number of broadband subscribers in Asia Pacific Distribution

The Japanese broadband market, user demand for bandwidth upgrade is the future trend. Broadband deployment in the next few mature, Japanese users on the network for applications in the broadband services are becoming increasingly dependent on, gradually from the voice application, turning to video applications. An obvious example is the video phone for the Japanese carriers to promote, make images of communication, has gradually become the users lifestyle trends in Japan.

Is also true in other applications, such as OCNs home monitoring service, via video transmission can be applied not only to take care of elderly Japanese home activities, but also used in monitoring the activities of life on the pet. In addition, KDDI launched the "au BOX", can also be found in reliance on Japan for the video service wore on, has been developed anywhere can watch movies, music, multimedia devices, to cope with user demand for portable audio and video services.

Korean broadband application service: IPTV Content diverse and rich

Korean broadband services provided mostly by the major carriers, such as the KT Group, SK Group and LG Group, the telecommunications group, operating under the Jieyou ISP business, and the original, another big South Korean carriers HanaroTelecom, the end of 2007 had been SKT the acquisition. Statistics to the end of 2008, top 3 Korean broadband market, carriers are KT (market share 43.4%), SK Broadband (22.9%) and LG Powercom (14.1%). One, KT as a tradition as the leading operator (Incumbent), privatization was changed in 2002, it remains the largest broadband market in Korea is currently the industry.

Broadband market in South Korea, it is vigorously promoted in the carrier, the formation of high bandwidth services, market trends, and the positive developments in the carrier under the application for more diverse and rich IPTV, TV is becoming the home networking terminal device, and no longer limited to PC.

In addition, the Korean IPTV service is also in line with other value-added services, such as online photo album application, and through television to online communication and SMS text messages. Furthermore, South Korean operators in IPTV applications, but also the TV into a home information center, the use of STB access the Internet, you can connect to the search engine traffic information, etc. In addition, users can also use the STB for online business such as online shopping, TV banking.

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