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Guide to declare plans to accelerate the introduction of solar roofs

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Local subsidy programs will be launched soonChong Fenghao

heard as soldiers, but do not know how to charge, which was worked in a Soviet foreign solar manufacturers in distress in the past month. March 26, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and MT8981DE datasheet and Urban-Rural Development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Construction) jointly launched the "Solar Roofs Plan", the program hopes to energy saving point of view, to promote the building integrated solar energy, effectively promote the development of solar energy industry .

However, it has been further progress. April 20, Foreign Ministry of Finance issued a "solar photovoltaic building demonstration project application guidelines" (the "reporting guide"), clearly will have three types of solar photovoltaic demonstration projects to subsidize construction applications, the maximum subsidy standard is divided into 20 per watt and MT8981DE price and 15 per-watt two grades.

4 Yue 24 evening, Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Managing Director YANGLI told reporters that they are doing to modify and MT8981DE suppliers and adjust the work. "Prior to the declaration submitted to the government program is only a general idea of doing it," declared Guide "came out to clear all the more." YANGLI told reporters, as the specific details yet to be introduced, the first project application deadline has changed from the original given April 30 postponed until May 15.

"All current standards do not exist for any photovoltaic business challenges, we can meet the requirement." Housing and living environment of the State Engineering Research Center miniature flat told reporters that they had to the Government relevant departments to report the "civil norms of solar photovoltaic system applications," "but the specific date yet to see the Government introduced arrangements."

The Governments proposal: to set up the application of Industrial Alliance

4 On 10 April, the National Federation of the Ministry of Construction has commissioned more than 20 new energy trade associations and enterprises to Beijing held a closed-door meeting.

To participate in the closed meetings of the miniature flat, said the closed meetings of the goals clear: to further refine the PV subsidies, of technical standards.

It is understood that many in attendance that day was a leader in the field of PV include: Shi Zhengrong, Suntechs chairman, general manager of Baoding Tianwei Ma photovoltaic thin film literature, YANGLI, Oerlikon, general manager of Sun Haiyan, etc. .

And because the Ministry of Construction Liangjun Qiang, deputy director of building energy efficiency, energy saving, Deputy Director of Industry Development Centre Haobin Deng led the participation of several departments, more than 20 PV companies are the veterans is very encouraging.

"For less than 4 hours, and the opportunity to communicate with the officials are not many, but officials say will be very informative, we know where to go next efforts, and there Hentai harvest. "Yang told reporters that the Soviets, at the meeting, Liang Junqiang promote BIPV is currently referred to the existence of four shortcomings: some of the core technology has not yet mastered; such as project design, construction, installation, technology and other standard system has not been established; PV The combination of the use and construction standards to be improved; the lack of compound talents, Jidong building and very few people understand the PV.

At the meeting, Liang Junqiang recommended the establishment of a "solar and building applications Industry Alliance", the Union is to set industry, academia and research elements of the three recent major work is the development of standards, research policy, the new policy provide the basis for the introduction.

However, the miniature flat that the advance in the solar roofs program, enterprises need to change the angle of thinking, "Do not separate the solar and architectural point of view, they are not alone, but to form a continuous chain - provide the conditions for solar building design support; PV as a building component, it is necessary to protect the buildings functional requirements, but also a power function, to be safe, it also made of photovoltaic products, higher demand. "miniature flat said.The main problem

single enterprise

"We want to consider the Ministry of Construction and certainly not the same, we want to be successful is how to declare, where the risk of future.

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