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IBM Innovation Center was established in Vietnam in order to promote technology development

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IBM for the first time in Vietnam, an IBM Innovation Center opened, a move to further expand the companys footprint in developing countries. The new center is designed to help local communities develop their skills and AD807A-155BR datasheet and develop new technologies to meet the banking, telecommunications, energy and AD807A-155BR price and government sectors of the digital infrastructure project needs.

Located in Ho Chi Minh Citys center that will face Vietnam, Cambodia and AD807A-155BR suppliers and Laos, entrepreneurs, business partners, venture capitalists and academics training seminars, and provide advisory services, extensive technical basis for agency and practical operational guidance to help bring new technologies to market.

Boost as IBM emerging technology industry development in Vietnam as part of the work, the company also announced a new collaboration between leading universities and enable more people to get a free developer resource:

- Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology under the (University of Technology, Vietnam National University (VNU) in Ho Chi Minh City) will join the IBM academic program, and IBM join forces to create a new University of cloud computing centers, and offer cloud computing curriculum;

- Hanoi National University under the University (College of Technology, Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi) will establish a Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) sector, and cooperation with the IBM courses;

- IBM will introduce the first Vietnamese version of the IBM developerWorks. developerWorks is the largest, most visited global website, designed to help IT professionals to improve the technical capacity.

Todays move is in response to the accelerated growth of the Vietnamese IT industry. With the rapid increase in Internet usage in Vietnam, the countrys IT industrys annual growth rate has exceeded 20%. Vietnam Internet Network Information Center data show that in 2000, only 20 million people use the Internet in Vietnam, and in 2005 to 2008, the countrys Internet users has doubled, now has more than 20 million Vietnamese people use the Internet. Vietnams Internet penetration rate among

first in developing countries. Made the country the full realization of 2020, the goal of industrialization, its extensive Internet usage will help to promote new business development, thereby improving the innovation to the industry.

Order to seize these opportunities, Vietnam, IBM Innovation Center will provide technical expertise and customized hands-on support to the user before the software technology available to test and verify. The center will provide training and emerging technologies based on open standards, such as cloud computing, Web 2.0 technologies, service oriented architecture (SOA), service management, and environmental benefits of energy and the calculation of design.

IBM ISV and developer relations, said general manager Jim Corgel: "IBM continued to make significant investment in global emerging markets to expand their business, while helping the local IT market development skills and innovation. With the IBM Innovation Center as well as University to establish a new partnership, we can make better use of IBMs technical resources and expertise to drive innovation and enhance local businesses and academic institutions worldwide competitiveness. "

Vietnam Center is the worlds growing network of IBM Innovation Centers in the new members, before that, worldwide IBM Innovation Center 43. The Innovation Center is to help the companys annual 100,000 business partners worldwide and 10 billion investment for a part of.

2008 Nian , IBM Innovation Centre, through workshops, seminars and counseling more than 22,000 business partners to help develop relevant skills to IBMs technology development solutions, has made 7000 a number of technical achievements.

This year, IBM Innovation Center will host a free series of IBM business partners the development of interactive seminars on IBM in a dynamic infrastructure, cloud computing and a leader in energy efficiency technologies, and details how IBM partners to the existing to maximize resources to strengthen its partnership with IBM, to help their time to market, reduce development costs and shorten the sales cycle.

In Ho Chi Minh City UNICOM Software President and CEO Alexander Grygoruk said: "As IBM Business Partner, our company is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through the IBM Innovation Center for free access to in-depth technical and consulting expertise, and benefit from. The Center allows us to maintain our excellent performance benefits, reduce porting and testing costs and enable us to more quickly introduce our banking software. The new IBM Innovation Center in Vietnam will provide first-class local resources to help companies acquire the necessary technology and introduce new skills to the regions business and innovation. "

New IBM Innovation Center will further strengthen IBMs commitment to the Vietnamese market, but also will serve as the local technology center, through IBM Vietnams Cloud Lab, Banking Center of Excellence (Banking Center of Excellence) and the Technical Exploration Center to IBMs business in the local partners together.

IBM Vietnam Vo Tan Long, General Manager, said: "As a developing country, Vietnam, local businesses, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and IT professionals to create a huge opportunity. Since 2000, IBM has been in Vietnam and other emerging countries have introduced more than a dozen IBM Innovation Centre to promote local IT technology and innovation. Vietnam has many talents, and IBM is committed to the development of local technology community to help. "

New academic relations and software development resources

Statement today, including IBM, respectively, and the Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi University of Technology University of Technology in order to establish new research projects and courses to develop two separate plans. These new studies and programs designed to develop to meet future employment needs of the technical and business skills.

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and IBM will work together to create a cloud computing laboratory, allowing the university to test, evaluate and develop various advanced cloud computing configuration. This will help the university to participate in world class research activities and to leading the industry in the region between the cooperation possible.

This cooperation will include the use of IBM software and hardware research, and with cloud computing technology-related educational programs and curriculum development. The University will also join IBM academic program. IBM academic program for teachers and students many free resources to help them to develop to develop the technology for the twenty-first century curriculum.

Hanoi University of Technology will work with IBM to establish new courses and research, the focus is to computer science, engineering and business strategy to a subject SSME (Service Science, Management and Engineering.) The university will set up a SSME sector, focusing on the new subject areas, students with dual business and technology skills to join at any time for the countrys economic growth and innovation to contribute to the force.

IBM is working with more than 20 scientific research institutes in Vietnam in close cooperation to help develop the cause of modernization and innovation in the country needs a large number of highly skilled professionals.

IBM today also introduced the Vietnamese developerWorks resources to the Vietnamese IT professionals to make greater use of software tools and code, IT standards and best practices, and skills training. These resources can / developerworks / vn found.

As the largest and also the most visited website worldwide technical skills, developerWorks has been the world used by millions of developers to help promote the open standards and emerging technologies, and ensures that IT companies have to support Java, Linux , XML and other aspects of cloud computing technology investment tools and skills.

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