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Lanhuakechuang new energy undercover vigorously Chongqing

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A-share market in the concept of a new energy surging, eager to share the occasion of the coal, the coal industrys leader in Shanxi Lanhuakechuang (600,123) have quietly vigorously silicon project in Chongqing. Yesterday, solar power companies in Chongqing orchids always told our reporter Li, Chongqing owned by the Lanhuakechuang orchid companys silicon solar power project is currently ranked the top ten in the country.

Possession of photovoltaic industry base in Wanzhou

New energy concept as a national economic stimulus plan as part of the most dazzling, from Tianwei change, extension of renewed energy, big A party to the CSG A, all the time recently in the frenzied speculation by the market. However, investors in the securities market in Chongqing, finding new energy sources around the concept of dark horse, the never once thought, there is a native of Chongqing ranked the forefront of the solar photovoltaic industry production base.

Yesterday, our reporter Wanzhou in Chongqing Chemical Industry Park of salt air found this to be Lanhuakechuang holding 40% of solar energy production companies. According to an official person in charge of the park, Chongqing Wanzhou orchids solar power companies will invest 490 million yuan, the new annual output of 1,000 tons of silicon rods, silicon slice 65 million project. Mainly production and MC10162L datasheet and marketing of silicon rods, casting ingots, wafers of solar power generation equipment and MC10162L price and related products.

It is understood that last year the project started construction on June 19, after nearly eight months of the building; recently, the silicon phase of the project, has started trial production. Meanwhile, Chongqing Li, general manager of solar power companies orchids in an interview said that if new energy projects all completed in silicon, the scale will rank the top ten in the country.

In addition, solar power companies, according to Chongqing orchid person in charge, in June this year, the company projects will be fully put into operation, when the annual sales income of 2.5 billion. On this basis, the investment will produce 100 megawatts of solar cell and MC10162L suppliers and battery components, the annual sales income will reach 50 billion yuan. Eventually, the company will build 3,000 tons of silicon and chip and 300 megawatts of solar cells and cell components, with annual sales income of up to 150 billion yuan.

Parent stock will be re-excavated

In fact, the earliest known Lanhuakechuang energy projects is not new, but its tradition of our coal industry. Shu Ling Hai Tong Securities analyst said Lanhuakechuang Coal has formed a series of products, set the coal, chemical fertilizer, refined coal, chemical, biological engineering, network information and other diverse industries in one of the company. From the companys 2008 Annual Report has been published to see last year under the influence in the international financial crisis continues to complete the net profit of 1.401 billion yuan, the main business income of 4.912 billion yuan, 2.45 yuan to maintain earnings per share, the current dynamic price-earnings ratio is only 11.4 times, compared A shares than the average PE ratio of 20 times lower by nearly half.

Has been lurking in the Lanhuakechuang for the new energy concept, Shu Ling pointed out that the silicon and polysilicon chips are downstream products that can be used to produce semiconductor materials and use of solar photovoltaic power generation, heating, etc., used in the manufacture vibration power converter, power transistors, solar cells and other components, with the decline in raw material prices, production costs will come down, so the market prospect is very broad. Shu Ling

analysis, if the solar year, the annual sales of orchids in Chongqing income of 2.5 billion, will create 400 million profit, then Lanhuakechuang will bring 160 million yuan of investment income, earnings per share will increase Tandao 0.28 yuan. However, its development trend, the end of this polysilicon project annual sales income is 150 billion, this may be the performance of its parent company, the new growth point.

The same time, a private equity sources, new energy concepts Lanhuakechuang hidden and not for investors to understand the issue, its really hit the newspapers of the incident on April 6 this year, its silicon products began off the assembly line. Well, this has been underestimated for Lanhuakechuang coal stocks, but also has new energy concept, the theme will be to explore the market again. Solar storms have been fried

leading earned 1 billion of CITIC all peace

Recent new trend of strong energy sector, solar energy is the concept of eye-catching performance in 2007, CSG A body has been floating additional profit is huge. As of yesterdays close, jumped CSG A 2.37%, to close at 20.71 yuan, CITIC Securities, Ping An Insurance are gobbled up more than 10 billion yuan. Since last October 30 since the bottom pick-up, CSG A hot money in the fund and record together again and again, driven by a rebound high, even big shareholders in the 13 to 16 yuan a large number also failed to block the reduction of 5,447.46 million shares of its rising pace. To yesterdays closing price, CSG A half a year longer than last year, the lowest 5.9 yuan has risen 2.5 times.

However, the biggest winner might not be fully pushed stock funds and hot money, CSG 2007 A private placement in CITIC Securities and Chinas Ping An has 8,000 shares, respectively, A, restricted shares of CSG, after the cost of ex-dividend about 8 million, have each floating profit of more than 10 million. As rally may

CSG and Penghua Fund of China can not be said for the good news, China Select Fund industry, China Advantage Growth Fund, Value Advantage Fund Penghua are in the rose before the flesh, the total loss 4 billion yuan, missed opportunities to turn around. CSG A Shares

now reached 20.71 yuan, to the majority of institutions previously estimated target price, not chase short-term high. Among them, the SW, and Guotai Junan have said it is estimated at 17-21.7 CSG A2009 yuan in share price.

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