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NS announced that its new SolarMagic power optimizer has begun shipping in volume

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Recently, National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor) announced the companys new SolarMagic power optimizer has started volume production. This new product is that it can reduce the physical environment of the adverse effects of solar power systems to significantly improve system performance. The Power Optimizer has been launched in the U.S. and DG202CJ datasheet and European markets.

SolarMagic power optimizer full advantage of Nationals analog power management chip technology, its advantages are subject to even the shadow of solar power systems, solar panels aging debris and DG202CJ price and the actual operating environment, this can reduce the power optimizer power generation would decline. Field tests showed more than 57% SolarMagic chip Kewan Hui loss of generating capacity.

Retailers on the solar system, SolarMagic technology can bring the following benefits:
* make solar panels more flexibility in the design of solar photovoltaic
* comprehensively improve the stability of the system
* solar photovoltaic system for the existing value-added features to add
* promote the market development of solar photovoltaic systems (SolarMagic technology makes it suitable for a place to install solar photovoltaic systems increased by 25%)

National Semiconductor in the past 50 years has been dedicated to the development of advanced analog power management technology, continuously improving the energy efficiency of electronic systems. As the market leader, National Semiconductors products have been known for a stable and DG202CJ suppliers and reliable. SolarMagic power optimizer warranty as long as 20 years.

AEE Solar CEO David Katz, said: "National Semiconductor chip SolarMagic there not only solved the shadow, irregular problems such as solar panels solar photovoltaic system design problem, but also eliminates many families install solar energy systems concerns, greatly expand the market for solar PV systems. using SolarMagic technology, solar energy systems retailers do not need to stay in the rut, you can be more flexible system design, but also can improve the efficiency of solar power generation system. SolarMagic advantage of the chip also to attract those who have installed solar systems to customers using this new technology to improve the existing system performance. Therefore, dealers should consider the solar system in the existing chip embedded in this new order to improve system performance and meet customer requirements . "

HaWi Hans Wimmer, CEO, said: "Since the launch from the solar power technology, solar panels mismatch problem has been troubled by the development of solar energy systems company, SolarMagic power optimizer provide the industry with an innovative solution. This unique in that it models the circuit can be easily integrated into system design. Our solar system in Europe, retailers can easily in any new or existing solar power systems embedded SolarMagic chip. "

Background information

Problem: small obstacles can lead to electricity generation dropped

The current structure of the existing solar photovoltaic systems are vulnerable to the impact of the actual operating environment. For example, as long as a few panels or leaves a shadow mask, the entire system of generating capacity will be greatly decreased. Specifically, only 10% of the solar panel area to be covered, the systems total generating capacity will fall 50%.

Newly installed solar system may be only a small part of the solar panels will be obscured problems, but as time goes on, the shaded area will be more and more solar panels, solar energy efficiency of the system will be seriously affected. For example, if the house next to a tree planted, shade, deciduous, falling from time to time various types of debris and bird droppings are blocking the solar panels, small solar systems and gradually reducing the total generating capacity. Technology can be used to restore SolarMagic 57% of the power loss.

Performance: SolarMagic technology for the aging of solar panels to provide compensation

Although the new system will not have to install solar panels mismatch problem. But as time goes by, the solar panels will continue to age, within the inevitable imbalance of solar energy systems. Using SolarMagic technology in the solar system, the user can easily install the system after years of upgrades, significantly improve power generation.

Flexibility: SolarMagic technology can improve solar panel design flexibility

SolarMagic technology can reduce the solar energy system in addition to power generation would decline, but also a high degree of flexibility, retailers in the idea of solar energy systems design new systems have more space to play. All along, the system design engineers to ensure that the battery configuration and system board power generation from the impact of shadowing, resulting in reduced solar panels have neglected appearance design aesthetics, and the whole design process is extremely time-consuming and money. If using SolarMagic technology, system engineers can not only improve the system power generation efficiency, but also beautify the exterior design more flexible, for example: use panels of different lengths, different brands of battery plate mix together, and even irregular shapes can be used battery plates.

Practical: SolarMagic technology so that more people can enjoy the solar

By environmental factors to restore the result of generating the actual loss, SolarMagic technology available so that more solar energy systems can be installed anywhere. Many are considered not suitable for the installation of solar systems where technology can help SolarMagic enjoy solar energy. In other words, SolarMagic technology greatly expands the usefulness of the potential market for solar energy systems.

Reliability: SolarMagic technology can improve overall system reliability and performance

National Semiconductor has been focused on the design and production of analog and power management ICs, and its wealth of experience and technical strength sufficient to guarantee the stability of SolarMagic products. National Semiconductor

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