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Radio and television career to focus CCBN2009 Availink

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Seventeenth session of the China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN2009) recently in Beijing China International Exhibition Center was held. CCBN is the Asia-Pacific regions largest radio and MC34072D datasheet and television technology and MC34072D price and equipment exhibition, the worlds top-ranked show digital TV and MC34072D suppliers and broadband networks; is the largest annual gathering the industrys first radio and television industry platform. Following the successful exhibition

CCBN2007, CCBN2008 after Availink around this CCBN "Application HD / converged network / welcome media, sharing the digital age," the theme of the booth to visit customers, partners and other industry shows, including chip and its reference design, including the overall solution and with the cooperation of many product manufacturers to develop and conduct a standard based on China Direct Broadcast Satellite ABS-S SD / HD programming, based on international standards for direct broadcast satellite second generation high-definition DVB-S2 reception system and digital TV GB DTMB receiver system demonstration. Diverse types of products, competitive product performance and stability of the real-time systems demonstrated by digital TV operators from home and abroad, terminal manufacturers, vendors and consumer attention.

2008 years of Chinese fast track broadcast satellite market took a year, for the 2008 radio and television broadcast industry, a hot Chinese standard ABS-S satellite project has attracted the attention of many participants guests. In addition to Availink and direct broadcast satellite industry, dozens of manufacturers to develop digital television set-top box receiving equipment products, including the use of Availink ABS-S-chip program works machine, monitoring machines, finder, digital TV integrated machine a variety of forms, including the ABS-S products debut, demonstrating Chinas direct broadcast satellite industry, the gradual improvement of the situation and Availink broadcast satellite industry to promote Chinas efforts and contributions made. In addition, including industrial customers, including many guest stars Jiu Hao of real-time broadcast in standard definition programs receiving system also showed strong interest, many customers came to stand watch live satellite industry chain in China the latest progress and industrialization of readiness . Availink stand as direct broadcast satellite industry, we understand the overall industry results and information aggregation platform, but also for promoting industrial development and expansion of cooperation has opened up a new space.

Stand in Availink also shows Chinas first compliant DVB-S and DSS, and DIRECTV AMC standard DVB-S2 demodulator chip AVL2108, along with featured are the adoption of internationally renowned receiver module AVL2108 developed complete solutions. DVB-S2 is an international second-generation direct broadcast satellite digital TV technology platform, is gradually being widely used in foreign television operators. In Availink booth, there are still a lot of foreign companies and export capacity to understand the domestic set-top box manufacturers stopped Availink been introduced as early as the end of the 07 high-performance DVB-S2 chip.

National standard for terrestrial digital TV receiver chip market, Availink launched in the late 08 GB DTMB digital TV demodulator chip, full-mode receiver. Stand, Availink carrying the chips to show the latest industry research and development results and make real-time dynamic presentation, many manufacturers expressed strong interest in this and consulted a large number of the technical and business information. They hope that a chip can and Availink other products have been introduced, as in performance, power to lead the industry trend for terrestrial digital TV industry to flourish.

Availink has focused on the digital television field, is committed to the development of radio and television. The company reached 150 square meters exhibition area, the results stand in exhibition venues heart of digital television. Through this exhibition, the company leadership to the government, cooperation customers, industry partners and other visitors to show a very large number of exemplary and leading the development of digital television industry, the core of corporate image, and through CCBN further reinforces good communication between the customer and platform and then explore in-depth business cooperation.

CCBN period, the company also participated in the afternoon of March 22 live broadcast hosted by the star wide ASTRI Seminar. As the first direct broadcast satellite standards in the formulation and development of the core business, Availink market prospects invited to direct broadcast satellite and radio and television coverage in a bid to do the theme of the implementation of wonderful speech, and with Haier, the same continent, and the Divine, SVA, Hisense and other enterprises as well as Film and Television Radio and Television Testing Center of Canton ASTRI responsible person at the meeting exchanged views on technical issues.

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