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SVA LCD panel defeated gamble huge loss Implications

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"Japanese companies firmly in control of the global upstream LCD panel industry, the domestic enterprises in the accumulation of capital and L6562N datasheet and talent is not the case of fragmentation, resulting in the industry can not successfully use the advantage to catch up, into a collective dilemma."

LCD gamble defeated

4 13, SVA Group is headquartered at the gate, dressed in Japanese uniforms stepped out of the security personnel check. This architectural design also has a Japanese style, with the Japanese when the security guards will be out of a complex look at them.

Just a few years, this domestic flat panel display giant, once a "Chinese Sony" as the goal of Shanghais largest electronics companies, because of its Japanese joint venture in the SVA NECs huge losses, fell into the Shanghai Instrument and L6562N price and Electronics hosted dire straits. Security guards are required to prevent the recent uninvited journalists, or their jobs will not be secure.

In the moment of silence on the radio and L6562N suppliers and television, the industry has been rife - from the end of 2008, on radio and television begin layoffs, leaving the staff to be voluntary 20% pay cut, or leave, and began to consider giving some employees leave. Most banks are no longer to its loans, payment of staff salaries has become a problem. According to the Southern Weekend reporter

survey, at present, the SVA Group chief leadership position in 2009 20% pay cut, pay for performance in 2008 decreased by 50%; deputy leadership of the annual salary is also reduced by 10%. SVA launched the original investment of $ 1,000,000,000 Five lines, the main source of funding is the syndicated loans. Some of these funds has expired, the banks are in the grasp reminder.

From headquarters to the SVA Group SVA NEC, only the taxi fares starting the journey. April 13 is the day the office on Monday, the plant has almost no personnel access. Shanghai media reported that SVA NEC in October last year, up to 5,000 staff during peak periods, but only 3,000 people.

SVA NEC was founded in November 2003 of the Sino-Japanese joint venture, the Chinese side holding 75%, with Chinas first Five TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) production line, is the major mainland, one of the LCD panel production line . It appears the industry has been regarded as Chinas household electrical appliance enterprises into the upper reaches of the mark.

Joint project of the Chinese shareholders of Shanghai SVA Optronics Ltd. ", by the SVA SVA Group and its listed companies electronic, radio and television holdings information three parties, the ratio was 62.5%, 18.75%, 18.75%.

4 15, while SVA Electron and SVA Information announced that the SASAC Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Working Group set up the initial development of the Rebate program has been adopted and one month suspension.

The specific content of the program is still unclear. Capital market is expected, should ensure that the two listed companies in 2009, earnings results, to be stripped liquid assets.

Two listed companies, according to the disclosure of the 2008 Annual Report, SVA Information 900 million loss in 2008 is expected to -10 billion yuan; SVA Electron expected losses amounted to 900 million -11 billion. As for the huge loss is largely attributable to the financial crisis and the second half of 2008 sales of LCD panel prices and market demand, fell sharply.

Fact, appeared in 2007, huge losses on the radio and television, the group leadership is also in general this year, after new management took office, continued the transformation of the former strategy of the plate, and requested to take measures to stop the joint venture for the profit loss, but In addition to the first half of 2008 earnings, the rest of the time almost all at a loss.

This upstream procurement of key components and raw materials related to SVA NEC Corporation has been dependent on the previous and the relationship between material suppliers in Japan, in Japan, procurement, procurement costs are too high.

The financial crisis hit last year, the global LCD panel market, prices fell, suddenly made worse on the radio and television, into the red mud.


2003 years, LCD and plasma TVs in China continues to heat up, and in 2004 by the end of the flat-panel television on traditional TV market CPT reversed.

2003, Taiwan LCD panel industry in the region immediately following the worlds leading notebook computer and monitor manufacturing, access to the booming development. As Taiwans notebook computer and monitor business into the Mainland, Taiwan and other radio and television AUO LCD panel makers have also set up factories in the mainland following the customers.

In fact, SVA NEC projects with Taiwan companies with the Westward Movement launched in 2003, and in 2004, and Taiwan panel makers almost simultaneously put into operation. View

Southern Weekend reporter that SVA Electrons earnings in 2003, before the establishment of NEC, SVA, SVA has been smooth sailing the traditional field of display devices, until 2005 the company began to emerge in transition to flat-panel Pre-losing. Since 2005, the company had quickly stripped of the traditional display business, but the rapid development of LCD products, expanding production capacity, prices continued to fall, beginning in 2007, a serious loss.

Both sides of the panel industry, almost simultaneously started, the outcome is totally different, in the end what is the reason, compared with trifoliate orange HEALTH INDUSTRY? SVA is the source of their own strength failing, although SVA is the vanguard of the LCD panel, but it was only the second tier of domestic appliances business, so did the Japanese call it "Chinas Sony," a laughing incurred by the industry.

Upgrading of an industry, must be opportune. While there are close on the broadcasting market will be China, but the lack of the LCD panel field technical personnel. In addition, a strong sense of state-owned radio and television on the market in corporate decision-making and speed of response, but also more slowly than many of its competitors.

2005, Taiwan, Korea, Japans sixth-generation LCD panel makers, seventh-generation production line one after another, the relative SVAs fifth-generation production line, and their cost advantage of the LCD panel is very obvious.

2006 year, on radio and television programming in Shanghai Xinzhuang base near the flat panel display to build a sixth-generation production line in Shanghai in 2007 be approved. Scheduled for the end of September 2008 to start the construction, but did not solve the funding problem. At this point, Japans Sharp and SVA also proposed to set up the first 7.5-generation production line, so he began negotiations with Sharp, the previous plan was shelved.

Even with the support of the local government, but on the radio and television have not been able to resolve sources of funding, after all, launched a production line need to invest hundreds of billions, making it only the Japanese sides lead.

2006 Nian 6, the Japanese Daiwa Securities SMBC Co., Ltd. SVA NEC inject up $ 25,000,000, representing 3.64% of the shares.

Exchange, Daiwa Securities served as the SVA Groups financial adviser, in return, Daiwa Securities pull to the complex structure of TFT-LCD project syndicated loans, which makes SVA Group to shoulder enormous financial pressure, in the sales decline After the debt crisis on the radio and television finally broke, and led the government had managed to take over the specified Shanghai Instrument and Electronics. Core technology

short board

"Panel industry is very sensitive to the economic crisis, industry volatility is particularly great. But the main problem is that does not grasp the core technology." Color TV industry, long-term focus of Xian Jiaotong University, Institute of Policy and Management Zhang Sheng, deputy director, told reporters.

Since 2003, SVA LCD gambling can be described as painstaking.

Consumption in the upstream and downstream components, terminal operations continuously shot around the SVA NEC layout.

Stall is quite substantial, bitter heart can not say bad, but the core technology with independent research and development BOE is different is that the development of SVA LCD panel, select the joint venture mode, so everywhere controlled by others. In fact, Japan has two major aspects of stuck, one key raw materials and equipment, and second, technology and capital.

Order to grasp the initiative in the joint venture and maximize profits, the Japanese side through mastery of key raw materials and parts of the joint ventures to strengthen the supply of actual control, SVA NEC, all key parts are imported, and its costs accounted for 70% of the total cost of -80%, while SVA NECs production technology and patents are all from the Mitsui - Sumitomo consortium introduction of NEC Corporation.

The LCD equipment, including cleaning equipment, imaging equipment, wet etching of resist stripping equipment and devices, a considerable part also lies in the hands of Japanese manufacturers.

SVA NEC support in their upstream components are also mainly with Mitsui - Sumitomo consortium of industrial companies matched.

LCD panel industry in the global chain, upstream control of Japanese companies, so that part out of the middle of the assembly to China Taiwan and the mainland, while domestic enterprises occupy the lower reaches of the post could have been gradually moving closer to the middle, but ultimately fail. Mitsui

worked in 12 years, "Mitsui empire in action," a book of the Southern Weekend reporter analysis Bai Yimin said on radio and television companies and other domestic LCD panel is the source of failure, we just want into a production line, accumulation of capital and talent in the absence of the premise, enterprise fragmentation, resulting in the industry can not be successfully exploited the advantage to catch up, into the collective predicament.

The face of the plight of Chinas LCD industry, in December 2006, SVA, IVO and the BOE announced that the 5th generation of its own LCD panel production line stripped out, combined to form the unity of the joint venture operations, but in the end because difficult to reconcile the interests of the local government failed.

Fortunately, shortly before the "Electronic Information Industry Promotion Plan" in the introduction, so that the LCD panel industry to see the light. But Zhang Sheng warned that plans to implement electronic information, the most important basic industries to solve the matching problem, which is invincible panel industry in Taiwan and the essence of Japan and South Korea.

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