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Taiwan BSMI LED lights set the standard requirements on efficiency is more difficult to achieve

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Promote environment protection and OP07AZ/883 datasheet and energy trends accelerate the expansion of LED applications. Display and OP07AZ/883 price and lighting application needs not only the growth potential of high-profile, consumer product applications such as toys, stationery, general lighting, etc., but also to the development of LED industry, space is full of long-term vitality. Which, LED lighting, because the cost difference with traditional light sources are still large, the general public in the general LED lighting is expected there gestation period of 2-3 years, but the lighting of public works, such as LED lights, energy saving policy advocate, has the first start. Taiwan "Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards test" has also recently completed standard-setting LED lights, but the time to be measured up to 4,000 hours, is expected to list of qualified vendors will be the fastest in the first quarter of 2009 released.

Between mainland China in 2008 launched demonstration projects in various LED energy-efficient lighting, LED lights potential business opportunities to shine. Taiwan "Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards test" to make the government and OP07AZ/883 suppliers and private procurement has been based on LED lights, also with special reference to the Energy Bureau of the research model set LED road lighting product specification, the LED lighting technology in power at the standard and quality of research and development applications integration plan announced by the five kinds of industry standards, related technical data and international, in industry, government, academia, research co-operation from all walks of life, in early December 2008, officially announced CNS15233 LED road lighting standards. LED lights

Although some manufacturers said that the "BSMI" criteria established in the requirements on the efficiency of LED lights is more difficult to place. LED lights which, after completion of litter of the lighting (1,000 hours), sustained in normal lighting, at 3000 hours, the beam maintain the rate of not less than 92%, and the luminous efficiency not less than "Bureau of Standards," the standard value. The characteristics of LED, it will produce light with time and temperature decline and, therefore, how the LED lights to light up 4000 hours, they still maintain a certain luminous efficiency, is where the difficulty lies.
The other hand, companies that test in the durability of LED lights, the product must be in the 50 ° C ± 2 ° C environment for 360 hours of continuous operation, after the end of the experiment to measure the luminous flux value. In the high temperature test the reliability of LED lights, and is also a major test for the vendors.

However, despite the manufacturers in product standards, there are many to be overcome, it nevertheless has taken the lead government agencies to promote energy conservation projects, energy saving LED lighting applications so that these opportunities officially come to the fore. Vendors are expected, with the clarification of business opportunities, manufacturers for product development will accelerate the improvement, learning by doing is equal to the amendment will promote the use of LED street lighting, barriers to be overcome to accelerate the product will spread faster.

Them, the Taipei City Government selected the park and surrounding roads in the 228 set 52 LED lamps will replace the original 250-watt mercury vapor lamp of 125 watts LED street lamp project has been completed by mid-December 2008. LED lights are standard equipment is produced by the ITRI counseling firms, and its brightness, illumination and standards are in compliance with regulations. Expected to be as high as 52% energy efficiency, cost about 250 million New Taiwan dollars. In addition, the Taipei City Government in 2009 a substantial replacement of the park garden lamp 200, a switch from LED lights are expected to spend six million yuan NT.

The premise of the government to expand domestic demand, and the remaining counties and cities in Taiwan, has recently also launched energy-efficient lighting projects, LED street light replacement program started. The current "Energy Board" has been included in 2009 annual budget of about 2 to 3 billion New Taiwan dollars, the "Legislative Yuan" passed in 2009, counties and cities will start laying action LED lights. By the local government for at least one light pole height of 8 meters below the secondary roads, for example promotion. Following the 2008 Taichung Citys 5000 LED standard case, the expected 2009 opening of each countys LED lights have been the project will add Note LED industry, more flowing water.

LEDinside that, although the LED lighting lighting market share of the global total of about only 3%, which is more LED street lighting market is limited. But the occasion of the economic recession, weak demand for consumer products, public spending is really light up the LED market, new opportunities. However, as the "BSMI" street set standards for more than 4,000 hours must be observed, so far, although many companies have sample test after another, but the earliest forecast in the first quarter of 2009, will have a standard list of vendors out.

More to look forward to, because LED lights standard in China has not yet been finalized, LEDinside said, the first in Taiwan to develop into a standard LED lamps, will be expected to become the standard in mainland China to develop LED lights of the reference object First, the time will help Taiwan manufacturers in mainland China LED street lamp market, inroads into business opportunities.

According to statistics, the road lighting standard required for every 25 meters to a street lamp, if you replaced all the LED, a number of Taiwan about the needs of one million the number of LED lights. Even considering the future LED luminaire efficiency will gradually improve, then reduce the cost factors are taken into account, Taiwan LED lamp market as a whole is still the potential scale of 400-500 billion Taiwan dollars.

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