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Tycoon heavily impact the Middle East conflict into four major semiconductor foundry pattern

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Future global semiconductor foundry industry, and MIC5800BM datasheet and perhaps there will be such a situation: four Asians and MIC5800BM price and one round of fighting Middle Eastern oil barons.

You must know the top four semiconductor foundries in the world, namely TSMC, UMC, SMIC, Chartered, which are derived from Asia.

The Middle East oil barons, the national capital Abu Dhabi in the Middle East controls the global foundry upstart Global Foundries. The name may be unfamiliar

. However, if you know it is born out of the processor giant AMDs manufacturing sector, then you may find it responded with surprise.

The newcomers do not seem to fear competition from the existing situation. It is an aggressive momentum, tried to break up the "big four" companies created in the order: winkle TSMC, UMC, Chartered acquisition.

"If the Middle East, people are not playing one vote, I think, the future pattern of the semiconductor foundry industry will change." Kang semiconductor industry a great expert on the CBN, told reporters.

Grab the Middle East tycoon OEM

Global Foundries from AMD. The latter due to a 5.4 billion merger, resulting in debt, under the influence of the global financial crisis, last year, the company spun off its semiconductor manufacturing helpless, the introduction of a Middle Eastern countrys capital.

Taken over by the UAE state-owned venture of two companies, "Advanced Technology", "Mubadala." Them as a new company named Global Foundries, the Chinese, literally translated as "global foundry business," a broad meaning, the really little tolerance around the world.

The Middle East because of its wealth. In fact, as early as 2007, Mubadala already acquired 622 million out of roughly 8.1% stake in AMD. This time, they promised the new company will initially invest 2.1 billion, of which $ 700,000,000 paid directly to AMD, the next 5 years, will continue to invest 3.6 to 6 billion U.S. dollars, in particular the completion of the technological transformation of the German factory, and MIC5800BM suppliers and as soon as possible Construction of the New York plant. Currently, AMD is waiting for New York State capital subsidy.

Intention to reverse the Middle East were previous orders AMD manufacturing model, that is no longer only serve the AMD itself, but rather to a new foundry model.

"The birth of oil dollars based businesses can be said that the global semiconductor industry, a landmark event." Kang said great, it shows that on behalf of the industry has replaced the earlier domination of the IDM model (vertically integrated production), a leading force in the .

This event to rival Intel I am truly "interdependent." Because, AMD from external forces and it will continue with PC processors, "two-person show" the. Thus, almost the first time, Intel tried to prevent the birth of this new enterprise, which immediately issued a warning against AMD, claiming that if it is to go from Intels Technology Licensing Global Foundies hand, will see its color. Intel does not take effect

obstruction. This year in March, Global Foundies officially settled in Silicon Valley, California. It is still the chairman of rival Intel executives - physically strong, cold face of the former AMD chairman Hector Ruiz.

Aggressive talent Assault

Really aggressive in the Middle East oil barons. Set up a few days, it on the current market leader TSMC uncomfortable, some personnel directly launched surprise attacks.

Last month, the company first TSMC Design Center San Jose, director of the United States Subramani Kengeris move to, then luring the TSMC foundry technology is responsible for major clients Altera vice president of operations Curtis Mojy Chian.

Kengeri TSMC and Intel recently, but the platform of collaborative online go-between who now seek refuge with the Middle East rivals, TSMC and Intel collaboration will probably have some impact. The Chian is famous, he is among TSMC and Altera big customer service person in charge of the latest technology.

UMCs poaching has already begun. Global Foundries worldwide senior vice president of marketing and business will have a general manager of UMCs North American operations.

The tone of the Middle East a great tycoon, the chief executive Doug Grose announced that AMD, a company will not just be satisfied with services in the future to dominate the global semiconductor foundry, and lock the 45-nanometer to 32 nanometer advanced orders.

Great health, said poaching from TSMC, Global Foundries open salary must not low. Of course, this new technological strength of those no doubt. Over the years, AMD processors continue to produce this product category is considered the top global semiconductor foundry in the symbol. Up to now, TSMC, UMC, SMIC, had never had OEM PC processors.

There are more terrible things to happen. The oil tycoon, is currently operating the worlds fourth largest semiconductor foundry acquired companies - Singapore license. Chinas Dragon Boat Festival, Singapore Temasek Holdings came news that the Middle East Abu Dhabi Investment Company is evaluating the proposed offer, which intend to 2.50 Singapore dollars per share to acquire 60% stake in its concession. Abu Dhabi valued in terms of the license is about 2.35 billion Singapore dollars, or about 11 billion yuan.

Singapore media reported that the two sides are in close contact. Chartered obviously very cautious. The Asia Pacific Marketing Director PROCEEDINGS of the CBN said that "knowledge." Global Foundries newspaper interview given problem, but also were not returned.

However, sources said, China Datang, but also contacts with Temasek, the same is expected to become strategic partners. Chinese enterprises


TSMC chairman Morris Chang, chairman Hu Guoqiang UMC, SMIC CEO Richard Chang, Chartered CEO Chia Song Hwee panic it?

They have not openly and directly about the matter. However, CBN press barons of the Middle East scene have experienced the shock of their companies. Last year, when the Middle East who announced the acquisition of AMD after the factory and entered on behalf of the industry, TSMC in the third quarter earnings conference, company CEO Rick Tsai three times, "escape" this topic.

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