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The economic crisis affecting IT investment of Chinese enterprises

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2009, by the global economic crisis, environmental degradation, Chinas market economy, business climate was reduced, but according to an IDC IT investment intentions for Chinese enterprises to market research - "Chinas IT market in the future scan (ChinaFutureScan)" results showed that the majority of Chinese enterprises as IT investment has not decreased as expected, there are still some industries due to the development of the Chinese market and GAL16V8D-25LJ datasheet and industry needs to increase in 2009 IT investment. However, securities, insurance and GAL16V8D-25LJ price and manufacturing industries affected by the economic crisis, a large industry in 2009 will reduce the IT investment. Through this survey found that business users in China under the economic crisis, the IT investment strategy was dumbbell-shaped distribution (see Figure 1).

These, 16.7% of the surveyed enterprise IT investments did not change; 40% by the visitors that in 2009 will increase IT investments, these respondents were mainly from the transport, education, health and GAL16V8D-25LJ suppliers and power, etc. industry. By the Chinese government since 2008, a series of investment promotion and trade promotion policy, transportation, electricity, education and health care industries will gradually start to change all kinds of new and expansion projects, the industry respondents considered the projects launched with , the corresponding supporting IT building will also gradually start, it will become a driving force in these industries the main driver of IT investment growth. The education industry, for example, 100 key universities IPv6 technology campus network upgrade completed in February 2009 bidding and purchasing of major equipment. In addition, the domestic rural and basic education in the Midwest construction and upgrading of IT infrastructure will also be 4 trillion as the government gradually put in place and expand investment, which will be directly driven education, the IT industry in 2009, investment growth.

The number of high-speed rail, regional aviation airports, subway and other civil engineering projects have started, the corresponding information technology will be gradually carried out, which will directly boost transport sectors IT investment. In addition, the Chinese government in 2009 to 2010 mainly used for improving medical facilities in rural and urban communities 85 million yuan in infrastructure construction investment, a considerable proportion of IT facilities will be allocated to the construction and renovation. These policies and investment good news, will become CIO of these industries generally optimistic about 2009, the main reason for IT investment.

36.7% of respondents believe that IT will reduce the investment in 2009, these respondents were mainly from the securities, insurance and manufacturing. And transport, education, health and electricity is not affected by the financial crisis than the industry, financial and manufacturing industries can be said to be affected by the crisis, the earliest and deepest level of the industry. As the international order and a significant reduction in domestic demand, combined with receivables and credit more difficult to raise the threshold caused by tight cash flow of some enterprises, some deterioration in manufacturing business conditions, IT investment is also substantially reduced, which led directly to the CIO are to the manufacturing industry IT investment in 2009 is expected to decrease. Despite the recent introduction of the Chinese governments policies, especially the top ten industrial revitalization plan for electronics, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, textile, petrochemical, light industry and other manufacturing industries have a number of positive measures, but it takes time to gradually put in place because of policy For manufacturing enterprises, especially SMEs, IT investments in 2009 and can not produce immediate impact of the strong impetus.

Similar to manufacturing, the domestic securities and insurance industry IT investment is expected in 2009 are mainly due to the decrease caused by the financial crisis the industry operating environment. As Chinas capital market is still in the down cycle, stock trading volume, the enterprise number of IPO and capital increase are substantially reduced, foreign investment has shrunk substantially, which directly affect the majority of brokers, fund companies, securities companies, resulting in a substantial investment in its IT reduction; and insurance companies by both the use of premium income and capital gains both significantly reduce the impact. From the current situation, the domestic insurance and securities industries operating in 2009 the situation was not a significant improvement in these companies on IT investments in 2009 will be more cautious.

Through the investigation found that the current economic crisis on Chinas future IT hardware investment companies greater impact on more than 55% of companies believe that IT investment in the next 1 year will reduce the hardware investment, especially securities, insurance, manufacturing, retail, etc. enterprises.

The contrary, the economic crisis for the future of software and IT services to relatively small investment, enterprises will be more rational in their investment. Meanwhile, companies in the annual IT investment of time distribution within the not too affected by the economic crisis.

Analysis of future market conditions as a study, "China IT market in the future scan (ChinaFutureScan)" is most concerned about the CIO of the future economic development of the judge, and the CIO on IT investments to promote economic recovery forecast. In this study, some 33.3% of the company CIO that the end of 2009 Chinas economic situation will improve and promote the growth of IT investments; but 53.3% of the CIO that until 2010 or 2010 after the economic situation will improve, This is now filled with the domestic recovery ahead of the Chinese economy will have a greater difference between optimism (see Figure 2). Therefore, we have carried out every month, "China IT market in the future scan (ChinaFutureScan)" will pay close attention to changes in the data. If the investigation the next few months that the economic situation at the end of 2009, an increasing proportion of the improvement, we are convinced that the Chinese government will launch a series of economic stimulus measures and the effect of investment plans began to surface, but also more confident that the IT investments of Chinese enterprises and overall economic development was positively related trends.

IDCs IT in the U.S. market next scan studies show that the U.S. CIO on IT investment and business executives the difference between the overall development trend and is closely associated. Figure 3 is the IDC market research data in each month based on the calculated index of IT investments, the base 1000 to be used for business executives and the CIO understand the business investment intentions (BuyerIntent). From January 2008 ~ January 2009 data show that although IT investment and corporate business executives to determine the overall trend of the same business, but in time will be slightly behind in the corporate business development. When rapid growth or decline in business when there, IT investment at a later time of 2 months to respond, IT investments will focus on changes in corporate business development rate, but the fluctuations will be slightly larger. This shows that U.S. companies IT investment and business development closely, and CIO for the effective management of IT investments. In Figure 3 the first time we put into the CIOs IT investment of Chinese enterprises index. See from Figure 3, in the context of economic crisis, Chinas CIO on IT investment is expected to be higher than the U.S. CIO. However, before the economic crisis, U.S. companies IT investment index, the Chinese companys IT investment is expected to present no great difference, indicating that the two countries IT investment enterprises in the difference was not significant. We look forward to a period of time for the "China IT market in the future scan (ChinaFutureScan)" Our investigation will enable Chinese enterprises to the development of IT investment and enterprise business interaction between the more clear understanding, and help develop better IT CIO investment strategy.

Scan on China IT market in the future (ChinaFutureScan)

ChinaFutureScan is the "IT manager of the World" magazine and a professional Chinese company IDC research team conducted continuous tracking of research projects. It will return every month to collect the questionnaire through the network for CIO and IT managers IT investment, market trends, hardware, software and services and the hot technology questions in-depth analysis, rapid reflect dramatic changes in the market trend of IT CIO investment decisions, and analyze the reasons for changes in the market to help CIO to develop and adjust the investment strategy. IDC has conducted in the U.S. market research and analysis for many years FutureScan.

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