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ZTE has developed a full range of CDMA mobile communication system

ZTEs full range of independent R & D CDMA mobile communication system will be June 21 -24 at the 2000 China International Communications Exhibition and the fourteenth session of the National Communication Products on display at the show, which is first introduced domestic manufacturers full commercialization of CDMA mobile communication system. ZTE CDMA mobile communication system includes a full set of CDMA mobile base stations, mobile switching systems and CDMA mobile phones and other products. ZTE CDMA base station system to fully absorb the benefits of foreign existing CDMA systems, the fast power control algorithm, EVRC implementation, selector algorithm, soft-switching algorithm and other key technology, lead in the country, reached the world advanced level. Previously, ZTE CDMA mobile switching system has been successfully issued...
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Chinas mobile phone than fixed telephone traffic for the first time

News, according to Ministry of Information Industry, the first quarter of this year, China Mobiles business volume has exceeded fixed telephone traffic, although the calculation is used within the Ministry of Information Industry, the calculation method, but this is still a historic breakthrough history of the development of China Mobile for the first time, marking the mobile communication in China has entered a new stage of development. Statistics show that in March this year, Chinese mobile phone users has more than 50 million mobile telephone exchange capacity reached 86.57 million, ranking third in the world network size, network covering more than 93% of the county. China Electronic Industry Development Planning Research Institute Dong Yunting estimated that by 2005, Chinas mobile phone users will reach 300 million. This is almost ...
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Chinas IC design enterprises will be more preferential tax policies

Recently, the China National Science and Technology Policy Division of Science and Technology of China Shang Yong, innovation policy in talking about, said that China will use a variety of fiscal policies to help enterprises establish and improve mechanisms of internal innovation, but also requires high-tech enterprise in research and development costs of sales The ratio can not be less than 5%. Shang Yong said, following the VAT rate on software products from 17% to 6%, the relevant departments are still studying on the new medicine, design of integrated circuits give more favorable tax policy. A number of high-tech products will be zero VAT to encourage exports. Furthermore, the increase in research staff incentives, the State Council, proposed regulations issued not less than 20% of revenue extraction of Technology Transfer, and other ...
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PDF Solutions completed its chip design software makers acquisition aiss

PDF Solutions Limited completed the acquisition of aiss GmbH, which developed the SiCat-Core, OPTISSIMO and PROXECCO process simulation modeling and compensation of IC mask making peace in the physical effects of printing. Merger, PDF tools for the characterization and analysis software will be integrated aiss mask printing technology of peace, which is expected will greatly improve the diagnostic ability of PDF, PDF to better design and layout by modifying the process to eliminate the deep sub- micron manufacturing process constraints output factors. PDF products and technology, said Dave Joseph, vice president: "aiss ability to characterize the map mode technology features integrated PDF tools, will be able to provide the most accurate model of the layout and process interactions. With these models, we through the design module and p...
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DuPont will substantially increase the output of LCD LCP

DuPont Zenite As the market for liquid crystal polymer (LCP) of the continuing demand, DuPont will increase substantially the output of the basic materials. Divided into two stages of the project is estimated that the first phase will be completed in the third quarter of 2001, will be increased based in Chattanooga, Tenn 50% of the LCP plant production throughout the year up to 5,000 tons in 2002 The second phase is completed, annual output can be increased to 8,000 tons. Meanwhile, in order to further satisfy the needs of Asian markets Zenite, DuPont will also next year Utsunomiya factory in Japan to increase hybrid production of LCP. Zenite LCP DuPont global business manager Chris Murphy said: "The global connector, electrical and electronic components demand increased strongly, while the industry are also a number of new application...
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DPI Singapore branch is scheduled to officially put into operation in July

DuPontPhotomasksInc. (DPI), Singapore branch is scheduled to officially put into operation in July. DuPontPhotomasks Singapore branch of the two production lines with the most advanced high-speed e-beam laser system can produce a volume of 0.25 micron semiconductor devices. DPI in North America, Europe and Asia to build a 11 photo mask plant, four of them in Asia. In addition to Singapores one, the other three are in Taiwan, China and South Korea. ...
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ADD the new technology will help to develop new high-performance microprocessors

ADD California company (Asynchronous Digital Design) today announced that its technology will help develop a new high-performance microprocessors. And the difference is that most of the existing chips, the microprocessor will not need the timer. Present, because the chip timer controls the time, so most of these are synchronous microprocessors, and to the number of cycles per second, rotating the timer to indicate how fast the computer executes instructions. Although the chip is now faster than before, but the large energy-consuming than the original. In addition, the larger the chip, design, production and maintenance of the higher cost of the chip. As transistors on a chip connected to more and more heat out of the inevitable divergence increases, the development of the chip will be able to go beyond its own conditions. With improved ...
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CSR Bluetooth signed contracts with Japanese manufacturers

CSR (CambridgeSiliconRadio) won the ALPSElectricCo company BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution of the order, it is the Japanese manufacturers for Bluetooth module basis. ALPS new Class1 module similar products currently on the market than the small. It includes a complete antenna, Bluetooth standard in order to be fully identified in advance. The first applications for the module will be applied to PC manufacturers, will also be used in a wide range of electronic products, the Bluetooth application software. ...
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NS and the United States, South Korea Samsung Electronics to jointly develop LSI transceiver signals

U.S. National Semiconductor Corp. (NS) and South Koreas Samsung Electronics announced the two companies are jointly developing the signal transceiver LSI. The LSI uses a digital LCD interfaces RSDS (Reduced Swing Differential Signal). RSDS technology is developed by the NS as a way to send digital signals, the signal voltage amplitude lower, at 0.2V. As a result of differential transmission of the control of the radiation of electromagnetic noise generation, thus reducing power consumption. Samsung said, "The technology can greatly improve the size of the LCD module, improve quality and reduce costs." ...
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Shanghai Belling fuzzy control IC chip developed by experts

Recently, Shanghai Belling innovation and development, fuzzy control project-specific IC chip technology, has been appraised by experts. The fuzzy control IC chip is instruction-compatible with similar foreign products, but also has independent innovation micro controller chip, Fuzzy control chip can be successfully addressed the problem of electromagnetic compatibility. The success of this technology to get rid of the special chips used to fuzzy control of the situation were to rely on imports, and can be widely used in household appliances, industrial control and other fields. Shanghai Belling current fuzzy control already has a production capacity of ASIC. ...
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