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Motorolas wireless broadband modules into the sale of the consumer electronics market

According to foreign media reports, Motorola will be held Tuesday morning (Beijing time Tuesday night) that the sale of wireless broadband module program, to enter the consumer electronics market. It is reported that consumer electronics manufacturers can push the Motorola wireless broadband modules to be embedded in consumer electronics or monitoring equipment to provide wireless broadband connectivity. According to reports, in particular, should be noted that, Motorola developed its own technology into the embedded wireless module for notebooks, netbooks, digital cameras and other products can connect using 3G HSPA and WiMax and LTE technologies used 4G network. Industry believes that Motorolas far-reaching into the consumer electronics market, as it marks the production of the famous Motorola mobile phone equipment manufacturers beg...
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3G mobile phone battle day language of nirvana: 3G + Smart

"2G times in the past, the smart phone is like running a small road in the gut, senior sports car, its performance and the wide range of mobile data applications, limited bandwidth and the speed limit is immune to a performance, but means that bandwidth and 3G era a hundred times the speed of improvement is a real highway, which is popular smartphone to the civilian sectors of the foundation. "Recently, in the days of language phone, Qualcomm and Microsoft co-hosted the" wisdom of life and Receive 3G "activities, days Rong Xiuli, chairman of language phone day sentence speaks of language on the 3G smart phone mobile phone unlimited expectations. "Smart phones are not necessarily 3G phone, but is certainly the future of 3G mobile smart phones, to do the next day language promoter 3G smart phone." 3G accelerate the trend of the manufactur...
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Intel introduced a new processor for ultra-thin notebook

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According to foreign media reports, on Monday, local time for Intel introduced a new ultra-thin notebook Pentium processor SU2700.

Acer and Asustek notebook has said it will launch ultra-thin notebooks to use this processor, Microsoft will ensure that the software support.

Intel is expected in the fourth quarter, the company shipped the average consumer to use one-fifth of the processor will be used for next-generation notebook that size is more light, more energy savings.

Intels director of product marketing, wireless platforms, especially on behalf of Marty (Uday Marty) said the company is optimistic about the ultra-thin notebook market, and is expected to "grow with the Internet, like the market, the market blowout this year."

Analysts said Intels CULV platform may provide more affordable,...
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Sheng LED lights hard Xinyuan mainland city of ten thousand ten year plan will be harvested in the

Sheng Technology Xinyuan quietly in mainland China for three years, continuous development of our clients and property owners to do education, recently last four trillion to expand domestic demand in China and the ten cities ten thousand plans to get feedback, and will come into operation in key areas in the mainland to meet future shipments. 2009 until early the German giant Osram Osram LED lights worldwide exclusive license to use Osram LOGOs Xinyuan Sheng, buttressed by three invention patents, 138 countries and high-cost LED lamp products, just a few months has been successfully complete Tucheng Industrial Zone, Tainan Science Park, Shandong, Jiangsu six prefecture-level cities and two cities in the mainland a few LED lights demonstration project, estimated at the end of July this year and the fiscal year after the introduction of...
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Ten City, ten thousand population prospects of LED light

Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Science Chengdu, Mianyang, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other large cities in 21 for the "city of ten thousand ten" policy approved by the city , will be the base for the development of LED lighting in the pilot project work. Mainland China news agency and predicted that next year will reach 1,500 mainland LED billion yuan output value. Domestic LED packaging factory billion light that a joint venture with Shanghai Yaming bulb factory on the solid-state lighting company Yaming will be through the LED lights on the mainland for business opportunities Yaming. Everlight vice president, said Liu Yan, China LED street lamp is the way to release a single standard of Eucalyptus, Taiwan businesses in cooperation with local industry, the higher probability of bid, billion light will be through ...
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Lili Ling: road lighting and LED lights standard

Energy is the worlds most concerned about the 21st century, the subject of energy saving lighting has even been listed as the first issue, the road from the lighting point of view is divided into four categories, namely, car special, general street shopping street and sidewalk, and street lighting is generally referred to car-specific lighting. Road lighting based on the importance of residential and commercial Industrial Technology Research Institute deputy director of energy-saving technologies at the conference Dr. Li Liling said the report, road lighting design considerations include adequate illumination, luminance uniformity, light color and pleasant, to avoid glare, induced traffic, energy and maintenance facilities, etc., so the lights must be of good, reliable and secure. Second, the lamps have high efficiency, excellent light...
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Taiwan BSMI LED lights set the standard requirements on efficiency is more difficult to achieve

Promote environment protection and energy trends accelerate the expansion of LED applications. Display and lighting application needs not only the growth potential of high-profile, consumer product applications such as toys, stationery, general lighting, etc., but also to the development of LED industry, space is full of long-term vitality. Which, LED lighting, because the cost difference with traditional light sources are still large, the general public in the general LED lighting is expected there gestation period of 2-3 years, but the lighting of public works, such as LED lights, energy saving policy advocate, has the first start. Taiwan "Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards test" has also recently completed standard-setting LED lights, but the time to be measured up to 4,000 hours, is expected to list of qualified vendor...
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Forum dossier LED: LED lights Standards and Key Technologies

2009 Nian 5 23, the second session of the LED industry topics Forum (summer 2009) in Shenzhen Citizen Center Function Room B, first floor of a grand organized. Forums are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xiamen, industry organizations, experts and leaders in the support and participation, has attracted more than 500 LED industry experts, academics, business executives, senior engineers and well-known media journalists and other professionals to participate. From Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School Research Associate, Semiconductor Lighting Lab Professor Qian Keyuan, deputy director of the forum, entitled LED street lamp standards and key technologies of the keynote speech, Qian Professor will be formally implemented in July of Guangdong Province were local standards DB44/T609-2009 interpretation, and to the devel...
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LED lamps cost of large-scale commercial standards to be three major problems to solve technical

LED (light emitting Aurora) applications can be everywhere. As a semiconductor light-emitting material, compared with other light-emitting materials, LED with its green, efficient, reliable, durable edge, making the other luminous materials eclipsed. With the high-power LED continuously reduce costs, and gradually replace the traditional lamps become possible. LED light source illumination of the road has become a hotspot in recent years, semiconductor lighting industry, LED products applied to the lamp on the device, the technology have any special requirements? LED street lights, compared with the current General What are the advantages? What deficiencies exist? How to solve? Industry experts give different aspects are described. Popularization of national standards is a powerful tool Min Jin, director of Semiconductors, Chinese Acad...
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Government to promote the "city of ten thousand ten" program attention LED lights

Recently, Ministry of Science held in Beijing, "Ten City, ten thousand," Application of the Model Cities program of semiconductor lighting seminar, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Heilongjiang, Hebei, 21 provinces and cities such as Science and Technology Department to attend. The launch of the "city of ten thousand ten" program, will set up large-scale LED lights, is expected to contract completed in 2009. 2009, the mainland market road lighting up 28 million lights, new and replacement street lights each year up to 300 ~ 4 million to create a large LED lights market. TRI estimates that LED lights in 2009 than in 2008 grew 178% to the average price per seat $ 65 LED lights estimates, estimated annual value of $ 1,625,000,000 in 2009 and is expected to watch in 2011 more than 800 million LED lights lamps, penetration rate of 8.5%. ...
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